The pro solution to frizz-free hair- Propylene Glycol free shampoo

The pro solution to frizz-free hair- Propylene Glycol free shampoo
The pro solution to frizz-free hair- Propylene Glycol free shampoo
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Propylene glycol turns out to be the chemically commonly added compound to shampoos. Over the years, it has built its reputation. But, the problem is that some people are still allergic to propylene glycol. So, it becomes necessary to pick the ones that are devoid of propylene glycol. An evidence-based approach suggests the evaluation of the signs and the risk of the humectants in the shampoo. Besides, it’s worth considering the alternative like the Propylene Glycol free shampoo for the people who are vulnerable to sensitivities.

In this article, you will get the vivid idea regarding how Propylene Glycol free shampoo can be beneficial for you. Besides, after spending a lot of time in researching the handpicked products in the present market, we have come up with the list of the best ones for your hair. Here’s a highlight.

The pro solution to frizz-free hair- Propylene Glycol free shampoo
The pro solution to frizz-free hair- Propylene Glycol free shampoo

A short note on propylene glycol

Propylene glycol of the propane 1 2 diols referred to the synthetic alcohol that works in the form of the humectants in the shampoos. It comes with a range of uses outside the cosmetic line. You can find propylene glycol mainly in the products in the Pharmaceutical line. The same goes with the case of propylene glycol-packed shampoos. The propylene glycol has a freezing point of approximately -60 degrees Celsius that is below water.

So, some manufacturers use it in the form of antifreeze products. Propylene glycol finds use as a part of the synthesis of the byproduct in the petroleum and natural gas refinery. The chemical process turns out to be Complex. The general use comes with the involvement of the high temperature over 150 degrees Celsius. The catalyst also speeds up the different steps of the reaction. It comes with the involvement of benzene 4 Toluenesulfonyl chloride, uric acid as well as Nickel propylene glycol.

List of the Propylene Glycol free shampoos

You can get a valuable range of shampoos. It can work in the form of the perfect shampoos for keeping away the dry scalp, Psoriasis, and dermatitis.

They are as follows:

  • Pharmaceutical specialties Free and clear shampoo

Pharmaceuticals specialties shampoo can give the range of the benefits. It is good enough for the range of the dandruff treatment. It works in the form of non-medicated mild shampoo. The Propylene glycol free shampoo and conditioner can keep up with the services of the scalp and sensitive skin.

  • Maple holistic hydrate shampoo

This is a skin condition shampoo that has a huge impact on soothing and moisturizing the scalp and hair. It has selected ingredients for decreasing soreness. The meditation on the scalp can be the most favorable. You can try out this low-dose Propylene glycol free shampoo. It can work in the form of shampoo to keep away potential allergic reactions.

  • Nurture My Body everyday shampoo

This is the fragrance-free shampoo that works with a gentle touch on all types of dry, irritated scalp. The absence of the allergens like the polyphenols glycol turns out to be the most remarkable part. It works with anti-inflammatory, moisturizing properties. There won’t be the chances of usual hard surfactant. It can be the best toxic-free shampoo leading to the reduction of the harshness. It can turn out to be the best for the dry scalp treatment as well.

  • Sebclair shampoo

For sensitive scalp sufferers, this is the best anti-dandruff shampoo. It can be enough for relieving scalp irritation. The Propylene glycol free shampoo works in the form of an incredible formula for keeping away the harshness. It can work in the form of an effective cleanser with anti-inflammatory properties. The no allergy shampoo that is devoid of Essential oil is good enough for fighting dandruff.

  • Dead sea spa magik mineral shampoo

The shampoo works in the form of a combination of shampoo that has zinc pyrithione, salicylic acid. This is a shampoo that can work for the exfoliation of the skin and keeps away the dandruff buildup. It works in the form of a combination shampoo. It can be a no allergic shampoo. The shampoo is devoid of allergen and is highly recommended for everyday use. Even the propylene glycol free shampoo for men gives the list of the benefits.

From the list of propylene glycol free shampoo, you can get an idea about the shampoos that can give them long-term benefits.

The working pattern of Propylene Glycol

Propylene glycol works in the form of a humectant and can be strong to attract water. This happens due to the molecular hydroxyl group. It has the property of locking in the water molecules. It works to help the moisturizing of the scalp and the hair follicles. But in everyone, it doesn’t turn out to be that beneficial for contracting the harsh ingredients like the alcohols and the surfactant.

Some shampoos come with a combination of the humectant that involves propylene glycol. However, it is dependent on the concentration of the surfactant and the drying. The elements associated with propylene glycol helps in moisturizing the scalp and the hair follicles. But the everyday use can result in an adverse effect.

It can also come down to the environmental impact. The well-tolerated ingredient works even at high concentrations. But some people also face respiratory irritation. Besides, it can be enough to irritate the scalp. Though it is a low toxicity ingredient, it can bring dermatitis to certain individuals. Some people turn out to be quite susceptible to the ingredient and show the signs of Eczema. The alternative to propylene glycol works wonders. There are several natural Humectants that can work as the best alternative to propylene glycol.

Hyaluronic acid

This is something that is found throughout the human body. It plays a role in numerous physiological roles. Besides, it is good enough for working with cell adhesion and tissue repair. The alternative to propylene glycol is better with a large molecule in it.


Glycerine is yet another element that is similar to propylene glycol. The molecular structure is also quite similar. The triglycerides in the plants and animals lead to the manufacturing of glycerine. This is a well-tolerated ingredient and can work as an amazing ingredient. The substitute works as the best alternative to the propylene glycol-free everyday shampoos.

Signs that given an understanding that you have the polypropylene glycol allergy

Propylene glycol allergy list suggests that you will see that the skin will feel itchy, burning, and irritation. The skin starts feeling dry and flaky. Development of the red rash on the hairline and the neck is common. The skin starts feeling swollen. You can see that the symptoms start appearing after one or two days you come in contact with the allergen. If symptoms show up, you must seek medical attention.

The health practitioner will give you the right remedy for keeping away the swelling or the burning of the skin. Seeing a doctor is the best when you contact for dermatitis-based symptoms. Once you get one of such symptoms, you can consider the shampoo that will be better for you. Some common Propylene Glycol like Methyl Glycol, 12 Propanediol, Propane 1 2 Diols, 12 Dihydroxy Propane, 2 Hydroxypropyls, and Trimethyl Glycol are some of the common elements. Considering the propylene glycol rash treatment is a vital part of the treatment procedures for keeping away the irritations.


Why is propylene glycol bad for hair?

FDA-approved propylene glycol, when used in minimal concentrations, is good enough. Propylene Glycol isn’t fit for evaporating easily and causes plenty of issues.

What propylene glycol does to the hair follicle?

Humectants like propylene glycol are responsible for strongly attracting water. This happens due to molecular –hydroxyl groups. ‘Locking in’ water molecules help moisturize the scalp and hair follicles.

Is propylene glycol good for hair?

Propylene glycol turns out to be a highly effective humectant. The ingredient is fit for absorbing and retaining moisture. Absorption of excess water reduces bacteria growth and gives benefits. But, it proves to be an irritant for certain scalp types.

Why is propylene glycol bad for the skin?

Propylene glycol is one of the major causes of redness or irritation. The ingredient works in the form of the penetration-enhancing humectant.

What are the side effects of propylene glycol?

Propylene glycol in some individuals has been a cause for seizures and severe neurological symptoms. Besides, it can also cause nausea, vertigo, and strange sensations.

Final words

Although there are many benefits the there are some people who experience allergic symptoms due to propylene glycol. So it’s worth considering the Propylene glycol free shampoo that is free from this element. Nurture My Body everyday shampoo is the best one according to our reviewers. The past buyers have also shared lots of the positive opinions. Shampoos, conditioners, and additional styling products devoid of polypropylene glycol are the best for keeping away irritability and numerous issues.

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