Does Pomade Cause Hair Loss – the Facts you Should Know Before Using it

Does Pomade Cause Hair Loss
Does Pomade Cause Hair Loss
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Hair is a precious part of everyone’s body. There comes a common question “does pomade cause hair loss”? To be very honest, pomade doesn’t cause hair loss. But the improper care of the scalp does create a range of problems. Pomade turns out to be the thick residue on the scalp.

If not washed properly, it leads to the combination of the residue along with natural oils. The result can be disastrous for hair health. It clogs the pores and causes hair follicle miniaturization. In this article, you will get more answers to the question “does pomade cause hair loss.”

Before we begin with a further discussion regarding does pomade causes hair loss, let’s discuss “what is pomade.” Pomade refers to the popular men’s hairstyling product. Generally made from oil or wax, sometimes, pomade turns out to be a water-based solution.

It is different from hair gel. It doesn’t work for just stiffening the hair and holding it in a specific style. Rather, the pomade is an old-school hairstyling product. It can give a shiny look and also keep the hair well in place. You can get different versions of pomade availability in the market. All of these also come with different strengths. So you can pick it according to your preferences.

Does pomade damage hair?”- This is a common question, and some people believe that pomade makes the headline more visible. No studies reveal that pomade gel or wax can cause hair loss. You can have long service with the application of pomade on hair. However, there are more factors associated with it. Hair loss occurs due to several reasons. The common hair loss in men is due to pattern baldness. It happens due to genetic and hormonal factors. 

The facts associated with “do pomade cause hair loss”?

do pomade cause hair loss
do pomade cause hair loss

• Styling with the pomade can make the effects of male pattern baldness easier to see. Using pomade makes your hair stick back and exposes the hairline. 

• Pomade generally gives an oily and wet look to the hair. So it takes multiple strands of the hair in one place. This can make the hair look thinner. It can also lead to thinning on the scalp and crown. 

• Sometimes, pomade is responsible for accidentally pulling your hair when styling it with a brush. It becomes difficult to wash out the pomade. It gives extra tension to the hair, and so it can increase the chances of shedding.

• Pomade is a heavy oil-based product. It sometimes poses a detrimental effect on the hair follicles if the cleansing technique is not proper. The substances including oil, petroleum, and works can clog the hair follicle. The result will be that over time your head will become dormant. This leads to hair loss.

• Usually, people believe that pomade cause the hair to dry out. They feel that it can create breakage, and this phenomenon results in the hair falling out. But it’s good to remember that different types of pomade have different compositions. So considering the components becomes essential components. The composition of the harmful ingredients doesn’t result in nourishing the hair.

Highlight on the two major types of the pomade 

If you’re curious to know that “does pomade cause hair loss,” you must consider the two different types of pomade and their impacts. 

types of the pomade 
types of the pomade 

Petroleum-based pomade 

Petroleum-based pomade is made more with natural ingredients. But it doesn’t mean that it is safe for health care. Petroleum pomades combine with organic ingredients like coconut oil starts clogging the pores. It can cause the hair follicles to go dormant. Eventually, the hair follicles die.

In case you don’t clean them properly, oil-based pomades turn out to be notorious. It becomes difficult to cleanout. You will have to follow certain strategies for taking adequate care of the hair. Petroleum pomade build-up leads to allergic reactions. It can cause dandruff and acne. The other skin issues associated with that can also lead to permanent hair loss.

Water-based pomade 

Usually, people are afraid of high chemical-based pomade. Water-based pomade makes use of a natural moisturizer. They also come with a combination of natural oils.

Sometimes scary-sounding synthetic ingredients help in the achievement of the texture and performance that you want. For this, people opt for pomade as a styling product.

It is good to remember that adequate performance is not always possible with all-natural ingredients. But if you get the non-comedogenic product, it can be safe for the skin and hair.

Generally, the problem is not much with the water-based pomade. Water base pomade does not usually damage the hair. The breakup by adding water becomes a very good strategy for taking care of your hair without washing it every day. However, if you are vulnerable to perspiring a lot, it can greatly impact your hair health.

General highlights regarding the pomade application on hair 

  • What pomade does to the hair?

Hair pomade turns out to be a waxy substance that people use as a hair styling product. Depending on whether it is petroleum-based on water-based, the pomade lasts longer than any other hair styling product. It gives more shine but less holds. It can give the flexibility for reshaping the head throughout the day.

  • Is it applicable to use pomade every day? 

You can gradually add pomade to the hair for perfection. However, remember that the scalp is not always prepared for having anything else than the shampoo and the conditioner.

You can also apply natural oils for taking care of the hair. Depending on the composition of the pomade, you can rest assured about their health. Whatever the case is, you should always remember to wash it out thoroughly with ordinary shampoo.

  • Is applying pomade a better option than gel?

Gel applied on the damp hair after the shower yield the best result. In case you have dry hair, or you want a flexible hold, you must choose pomade over the gel. The matte finish type of pomades is good for everyday wear. You can also apply it to dry hair to get the styling look.

  • Does leaving pomade overnight in the hair cause problems?

Leaving pomade in the hair overnight results in acne. It is responsible for the clogging of the pores. It can also trap dirt and grease, thus leading to the breakout of acne. If you think that just leaving it overnight will give you good results, then you are wrong.

  • Can the pomade make my hair soft?

The hairs start to look healthy when you apply pomade. That said, with pomade, you can get a more refined, natural styling look. This is similar to something that you will get with the hair wax or gel. The hair gets hold when you use the pomade. Moreover, pomade becomes the absolute solution for perfecting brittle hair.

  • Does pomade cause hair loss?- the reason why some people face hair issues 

There are several questions regarding the application of pomade on the hair. No research says that the application of it will be drastic for hair health. The reality is that the body needs time to adjust to the changing environment. Whenever you are applying a new product on any part of the body, it will take time to adjust to the body.

Application of the pomade makes the scalp and the hair become oily. People with normal to dry skin can get used to applying the pomade. But people with oily skin can face the problem. The outbreak of acne usually occurs in the period when the body starts adapting to the chemicals. Some barbers also claim that the pomade is responsible for drying out the scalp easily.

It can lead to dandruff, itching, and hair fall. But there is no scientific backup for the talk or the rumors regarding pomade causing hair loss. Every human body has a different mode of reacting differently to the same substance.

A similar phenomenon happens in the case of the application of pomade on the hair. It is a crystal clear fact that the hair fall is the sign of an allergic reaction. When you use the pomade reaction, it causes a specific chemical to trigger an allergic reaction making your hair fall out faster.

Method to wash out the pomade 

Washing out pomade turns out to be a little hectic for lazy people. However, this is the ultimate option that can keep you away from the fear of hair loss. You can consider taking it as 10 minutes routine for washing out pomade without causing additional issues. 

These are the methods by which you can clean the hair pomade. 

  • Olive oil and dishwashing liquid 

Apply and massage some amount of olive oil onto the hair as well as the scalp. Do that before the shower. The olive oil works for breaking down the tough barrier of buildup. During the shower, you have to make your hair wet.

Just apply for dishwashing show thoroughly with it. The product then cuts out the grease and will make it easier to wash the pomade with water. Petroleum is water repellent, and so you cannot simply make it work out by applying water. Olive oil, in this case, becomes the inexpensive option for returning the nourishment to the hair.

  • Special shampoo 

The shampoo is formulated for the removal of the buildup of the hair. It works for keeping away pomade. The shampoo will work with pomade oils and remove the grease. That said, you can make your scalp safe from the oil buildup.

The shampoo is specially formulated for keeping away the excess grease. The shampoo is favorable for long time health. You can remove toxins from the hair with it. Removing excess oil and cleansing the head thoroughly becomes easier.

You can keep away impurities from creating acne breakouts in the hair. The special shampoos will unclog the pores. It can result in the facilitation of the stimulation of the self and increased hair growth.

Does pomade damage hair?

The water-based pomade is never responsible for damaging the hair. It gives the styling look by adding water. So you can wash your hair every day to make it perfect. However, when a person applies a huge amount of pomade, it can cause an impact on the hair. To keep away issues, you should always make sure to wash them out properly.

You should never opt for the heavy oil base because it can have a detrimental effect on the hair follicles. The petroleum-based pomade, if not washed properly, can make your head hard and crunchy. You can opt for the medium to high shine pomades that will be widely available for a refined look. Look at the composition so that it does not cause additional self issues.

Does pomade make your hair grow?

Many usually have a question- does pomade make your hair grow? The clear-cut answer is that the pomade doesn’t make the hair grow. The clay pomade usually gives volume to the hair. An introduction to the hair expands the hair and gives the impression that your hair has got volume. It adds weight to the hair in the perfect way.

But it’s good to remember that this waxy substance isn’t responsible for hair growth. It can give the motion but less hold. With overall flexibility, it can make your hair look full of volume, smoother, and shinier. So the styling product works better, but it doesn’t become the growth-giving factor.

Does pomade cause dandruff?

Pomade is generally responsible for making the hair dry out soon. This leads to the development of a dried-out scalp—consequently, the chances of dandruff increase. 

The final query- does pomade cause hair loss?

The formula of pomade doesn’t give enough protection against dehydration. Besides, the petroleum oil or wax-based pomades will lead to the clogging of the follicles. When you don’t wash them out properly, they can have a detrimental impact on your hair.

Besides, you should always look after the hair and the style. Based on that, you should pick the pomade. There is no such styling product that can cause zero damage. So, if you want healthy growth and strength, then it’s worth considering the composition that will work better for hair health.

Why does pomade cause hair loss?

Hair products like pomade must not lead to hair loss. But, improper washing can lead to hair loss homemade. The waxy substance causes a thick residue on the scalp. If you don’t wash it off properly, it can have a detrimental impact on hair health. A combination of the residue along with natural oils is responsible for acne breakout. Moreover, clogging the pores leads to the softening of the follicles. The hair falls out quickly in such a case. 


Is pomade healthy for hair?

Pomade isn’t harmful to health. At the same time, it isn’t very healthy for hair health. There is no evidence of causing hair loss. 

Is it bad to put pomade in your hair every day?

You can apply the water-based pomade every day. It cannot cause damage to hair health. But before using petroleum-based pomade every day, you should remember to clean the hair better.

Does pomade slow hair growth?

Pomade doesn’t directly lead to hair loss or slower hair growth. But not taking enough care can have bad impacts in the long run. 

Final words

The pomade for hair is perfect for giving an enhanced look. So, you’ve got the answer to the question, “does pomade cause hair loss.” Regardless of the look you want, always keep in mind to use the pomade to an optimum level so that it doesn’t create drastic impacts like clogging the pores of the scalp. Only then can you get the long-term desired benefits.

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