Onion and Garlic for Hair Growth – Myth or Science?

Onion and Garlic for Hair Growth - Myth or Science?
Onion and Garlic for Hair Growth - Myth or Science?
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It’s a well-known fact that people keep crazily looking for options to favor hair growth. In this regard, onion and garlic for hair growth is no exception. According to some people mixing onion and garlic and applying them to the scalp can give quality growth. Now there are still questions regarding whether that’s just a myth or has scientific backing.

Onion and Garlic for Hair Growth - Myth or Science?
Onion and Garlic for Hair Growth – Myth or Science?

How do onion and garlic for hair growth give the prominent result?

Mixing the onion and garlic can help in strengthening the hair follicles while preventing loss of hair. That said, you can blend and strain around two onions along with 4 or 5 garlic cloves. Just extract the juice to apply to the hair. When you apply it to the hair, discarding the residual onion and garlic can give good results. But make sure about leaving it there for 10 minutes and wash them with the help of the shampoo.

In this article, you will learn how you can consider using onion and garlic for hair growth.

What makes garlic and onion favorable for hair growth?

The recipe, including garlic and onion, can give quality hair growth. But you need to know the essential ingredients that ensure giving quality benefits.

Garlic for hair

Garlic comes with essential nutrients like Vitamin C, sources for Selenium as well as copper. The nutrients are good enough for hair growth. Besides, the copper in garlic ensures proper hair growth, thickening, and boosting the natural hair color. Again, the Selenium in the garlic also ensures the stimulation of blood circulation.

Onion for hair

The onion that has the highest sulfur content can ensure prevention against thinning hair and breakage. Again antibacterial properties of onion make it good enough for keeping the scalp healthy.

If you’re wondering how to use onion and garlic for hair growth, you must follow the preparation steps. In the next section, you’ll get to know the most beneficial recipe alongside the steps to prepare it.

The recipe you consider for the application of  onion and garlic for hair

Preparation of the onion and garlic for hair growth solution isn’t that tedious.

  • Take seven cloves of Garlic, half a cup of carrier oil like olive oil, castor oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, or coconut oil. Most importantly, you will require one medium-sized onion.
  • Now the steps for preparing this solution are as follows-
  • Put the onion and garlic inside the Blender and blend until you get the smooth consistency.
  • Also, heat to the desired carrier oil and go ahead with the onion and garlic blend.
  • You will have to keep stirring the garlic and onions blend until you see that the mixture turns brown.
  • As soon as it acquires the color, just turn off the heat.
  • Once the mixture becomes cooled down, you will have to strain the blend of the onion and garlic for hair growth with the help of cheesecloth. Do not strain away from the infused oil while straining away the garlic onion blend.
  • Now take a tablespoon of it and gently massage it on the scalp. Do that for around 15-20 minutes. For the process, you can also consider using the fingertips on the scalp. Massage the areas of the scalp more vulnerable to thinning hair. You will have to coat the rest of the hair with oil.
  • As soon as you complete the massaging session, make sure covering the hair with the shower cap. Let it stay there for around 30 minutes.
  • Then you can wash and style the hair as usual for good results. You should consider doing that around two or three times a week.

The Other favorable methods of using this mixture

Besides the method mentioned above of using the onion and garlic for hair blend, you can follow some other methods. They are as follows:  

Rinsing with onion and garlic

Garlic and onion both have developed a good reputation for the prevention of hair loss. The ingredients can ensure the strengthening of the hair follicles while preventing loss. You can blend and strain around two onions and 4 to 5 garlic cloves. Extract the juice and go massaging on the scalp. The process is similar to the one mentioned above. That said, you will have to rinse the hair with the help of shampoo after letting it stay there for 30 minutes.

Garlic and honey mask

Selenium in the garlic is good enough for providing vitamin E to the hair. That said, it can ensure the prevention of breakage. Besides, it can also help in the regrowth of the hair. You can use honey in the mixture because it can help lock the moisture while conditioning the hair. Make sure about mixing around two cloves of the garlic while adding the 2 tbsp of the honey. Now prepare that mask and apply it to the hair. Make sure about leaving it there for about 20 minutes. Then wash it off with your conditioner or shampoo.

Massaging with the garlic and coconut oil

The two powerful ingredients make sure about giving the boost to the hair. It can also help in getting rid of dandruff. Eventually, you can get an improvement in overall hair growth. Make sure about crushing around five or six cloves of garlic. Then mix that paste with the warm coconut oil. Massage on the scalp and wash the hair with a mild shampoo after some time.

The individualized benefits of onion and garlic for the hair growth

Each of the two ingredients, onion and garlic, can give a range of benefits.

Benefits of onion

Using the onion juice turns out to be the sure-shot method for boosting hair growth. Besides, they can also ensure the promotion of Hair Regrowth. Now there are reasons what makes it is beneficial. In this section, you will come to know about the benefits of onion oil on hair growth.

  • Onion ensures improvement of hair growth by boosting the level of the antioxidant enzyme catalase. That said, the ingredient ensures decomposing of the hydrogen peroxide while optimizing the hair growth cycle.
  • The sulfur content of onions ensures minimization of hair thinning and breakage. With onion, you can get adequate nourishment to the hair follicles. Content of the sulfur can make sure about the regeneration of the hair follicles.
  • In the onion, you can get the antioxidants that can help reverse premature greying while also lessening the chances of graying.
  • The antibacterial properties of onion ensure making the scalp healthy and free from infection. Moreover, it can also ensure the promotion of unhindered hair growth properties.
  • Onion keeps away dandruff. The onion juice is good enough for the stimulation of the scalp while also improving the circulation of the blood. That said, it is good enough for the new growth of the follicles. It can make the follicles well nourished.

Benefits of garlic

Garlic has well-known ingredients that can help in kick-starting hair growth. Now it can give the range of the benefits on the hair loss.

  • Garlic can help fight hair loss because it has sulfur that works in the form of the nutritional components beneficial to the hair. The sulfur that is the structural part of proteins, including keratin, makes sure to take care of the hair.
  • It can keep away the chances of dandruff and also boost the entire hair’s health. Selenium in the garlic loaded with Vitamin E ensure the improvement of hair health. Garlic is good for increasing the ability to utilization vitamins.
  • Garlic proves to the critical step responsible for the regeneration of the cell membrane. Selenium in garlic is good enough for the improvement of elasticity as well.
  • Vitamin B and C in the garlic make sure about improving hair health. Garlic is packed with Vitamin C ensures protection of the hair from breakage. Garlic can also ensure boosting the collagen. Usually, the lack of vitamin B6 can be responsible for hair loss. In this regard, you should consider taking the vitamin C in garlic to boost the metabolism.
  • Minerals in the garlic are good enough for hair health. Minerals work in the form of the structural component in the hair. Again the copper is responsible for hair growth and ensures the prevention of defective hair growth. With manganese, you can also get the essential nutrients that will boost hair health.

Highlight on the garlic hair treatment 

You can simply take the sliced Clove of Garlic in the bowl. Mash it and apply it to the area of the scalp. Allow it to stay there for around 60 minutes. Then you can massage the area with olive oil. Make sure about sleeping with the cap over the hair and wash the hair regularly in the morning. Garlic comes with fewer Side Effects. But allergy is only limited till the allergic reaction.

Highlight on the onion hair treatment 

Onion hair treatment is good enough for the regrowth of hair. The Source of sulfur is extremely beneficial for healthy hair growth. Moreover, it can ensure the prevention of hair breakage while accelerating the regrowth of the hair. The sulfur boosts the collagen and ensures the boosted hair growth.

Is garlic good for hair?

Garlic comes with numerous nutritional benefits that can take care of the hair properly. High in minerals and vitamins like Vitamin B6, Selenium, manganese ensures healthy hair growth. Besides, the antifungal properties of garlic also make good for strong and flexible hair. It can fight off fungal infections in no time.

Is onion good for hair?

The mineral is one of the major Hair Building factors in onion. That said, onions can foster the improvement of the blood circulation in the hair. It can also ensure good hair follicle growth. Onion can give sufficient nourishment to the hair health. Moreover, the antibacterial properties can also keep away scalp infection. Thus there will be chances of less hair loss.

Final words

Onion and garlic for hair growth prove to be one of the best blends to give a range of benefits. If you are facing issues due to thinning hair, you must start applying it today. Just start with the patch test to give you an idea regarding whether or not it will be beneficial for hair growth.

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