Mini twists on natural hair – the protective yet stylish look

Mini twists on natural hair - the protective yet stylish look
Mini twists on natural hair - the protective yet stylish look
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Summer becomes a perfect time for experimenting with lots of creative hairstyles. That said, the Mini twist is turning out to be an incredible one. Mini twists on natural hair always give the final scopes of giving a break from the conventional styling options. The mini twists give a beautiful look while giving a protective style. You don’t have to any more fall for the expensive hair extensions. Trying the inexpensive mini twists turns out to be the best. You will come to know about the ultimate guide to the mini twists on natural hair. Besides, we will specify how to do these mini twists, maintain them, and style them.

Mini twists on natural hair - the protective yet stylish look
Mini twists on natural hair – the protective yet stylish look

Let’s get started with the discussion.

What are the mini twists on natural hair?

The Mini twists are the protective styles for natural hair. This is something that can give natural hair a break from daily manipulation. There are plenty of benefits of trying these Mini twists. They are fit for the different hair textures and sizes. You can also style them according to your way.

The pros and cons of the Mini twists on natural hair

In case you are wondering whether or not to get this Mini twist, you must go through the pros and cons.


  • It is easy to install as compared to Mini braids or the box braids that utilize the extensions.
  • The mini twists natural hair will take a shorter time. It takes around one to four hours for the installation. On the other hand, The Others require 12 hours at a stretch.
  • The Mini twist turns out to be an easy removal technique. This is something that can give the top benefit to the people who love changing their hairstyle frequently. Besides, it is easier to remove compared to the many braids. Mini twists take less than 30 minutes for the removal. However, it is dependent on the volume of the hair.
  • Versatile styling makes the mini twists one of the most incredible styles. You can wear them in different ways. The styling options are also available in the form of the twist in the bun, perm rod curls, Bantu knots, half up half down, or also wearing them by pulling back with the side of the center part.


  • That nape of the neck hair unravels very easily when you try the mini twists on natural hair!
  • Tangling at the nape of the neck hair is common.
  • Hair look fuzzy when baby-fine hairs tend to come out
  • You will frequently need re-twisting the front and back sections
  • Takedown proves to be time-consuming when you have to de-shed fine hair.
  • Fine hair becomes prone to breakage. Very small sections based twists increase the risk of breakage.
  • Shrinkage turns out to be the enemy for most women. Mini twists reveal the true length of the natural hair. However, this turns how to be the best protective solution.

Settling of the natural hair while creating mini twists

You can go with the settling of the natural hair. Do that by holding the end. Make sure to settle it by trying the binding method. It comes with the involvement of using the hairstyles along the length of the hair. The hair gets stretched out for the longitude of the hair tangles. Tangling turns out to be quite a common problem from keeping the twist for a longer time.

So it is always advisable to never keep the mini twists for more than 4 or 6 weeks. Being careless about that can damage the hair. Besides, avoidance of the extensive tangles can work for the removal of them. The mini twist with natural hair brings in some stress.

This is not a common problem in case you care for them every day with water. Besides, a hair washing schedule for everyone is different. Some people wash the hair weekly, while some others wash it bi-weekly or monthly. Based on the decision about the frequency of the hair wash, you can rest assured that the frizz will be reducing. Moisturizing the scalp adequately is a must. It will keep the hair moisturized while reducing frizz. In the next section, you will come to know about how to do mini twists.

The technique for doing the Mini twist on the natural hair

Styling the hair in the form of a mini twist is easy. You don’t have to always consider going to the hairstylist. There are certain points you must note before starting with the method.

Things that you must keep ready

Consider taking a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. This is the most recommended one for the washing of natural hair. Consider the leave-in conditioner for detangling and moisturizing. An anti-frizz hair towel is good for the natural hair twist. You can try out mini twists with extensions. Natural shea butter is good for styling and holding. Detangling brush will help in reducing the tangles. A sectioning comb for parting the hair is a must. Strong sectioning clips for structuring and holding the hair are essential. Silky Satin bonnet for production of the twists and reducing the frizz is necessary.

The steps to follow

In this section, you will come to know about the step-by-step instructions that you need to follow.

  1. Start with the fresh wash of the hair. Consideration of the bands that won’t be disturbing the twist for the few weeks is a must. You can start with washing the head first. It turns out to be a great idea for the Pre-poo. Do for around 30 minutes at a stretch. Do that for washing the hairs.
  2. After doing that, wash the hair with a sulfate-free shampoo. Now rinse off the shampoo and apply the moisturizing conditioner. You can finish it by giving a dry blow to the hair with the anti-frizz terminal.
  3. Moisturizing of the hair is a must. This is the time when you will have to apply the generous amount of the conditioners. It can work for moisturizing the help from the end up to the roots up. It will also be ensuring the perfect regime for better protection. Twisting every section becomes easier.
  4. The creation of the mini twist is the step. For this, you will have to start with sectioning the hair. Do that in the four or six sections, or depending on how small you what the mini twist to be. Go with the partitioning of the hair. Take around one or two inches sections. Do that with the help of the comb. You can also do that using the fingers. Now just apply a little bit of the twisting butter. Apply it to the section of the follicles and the section of the hair that you want to get wasted.
  5. After isolating the section, apply a good amount of hair butter. This can make sure of smoothening your hair. It will keep away the dull and frizzy hair. Do that in the two separate pieces. Begin with twisting of the hair.
  6. Do that over each in the direction that the handle curls. Subsection the hair and part it into 2 clusters. In the process, start twisting from the roots to ends. In the process, remember applying a twist-pull motion. The method will make sure that the mini twists do not unravel at the roots. Pay attention to properly finger coiling your ends or twirling them. Always go with the twisting in a downward motion. Twisting in an upward or horizontal motion doesn’t give the expected result.
  7. Now twirl the end of the hair around the finger. This will give the formation of the small curl locking in the twist. Right after doing this, you can see the Mini strand twisted hair. When your twisting never hesitates from spraying the water on the hair or addition more product. In case you find the stiffness or stickiness.
  8. Remember to go ahead with the addition of the hair growth oil. Do that to the scalp every one or two nights. This will encourage growth. Always make sure of using the fingertips for gently massaging the oil. Do that for around five or ten minutes at a stretch. Then you can leave the twist for air dry. Sit under a hooded dryer. This is something that will help in growing faster. You can style the mini twist in a versatile way. You can utilize plenty of hair accessories. Do them in the updo, or you can also wear them pinned in different ways. However, never forget to leave those edges with the favorite edge control.

Following the perfect tips

For taking care of the new twist, remember always wearing a cap at night. This is something that can keep away the tangles. Remember that the hair starts to Tangle right after you keep them beyond four weeks. Conditioning the hair appropriately can give better results. Do that around three or four times a week. This is something that can help them keep the hair moisturized and free from tangles. Besides, your hair will be awesome, long, and strong.

How to go ahead with the removal of the twist?

For making the removal process easier, you will have to dip the fingers in the oil and apply it to the mini twists. This will help you in speeding up untwisting your hair. You can use the castor moisturizer and the detangling materials that can help in the removal of the knots and build-up from the hair. Always remember parting the hair into the four sections. Then go with applying the right product. Add it to every section before detangling the hair. Do that from the tip to the roots.

Is it possible to get Mini twists on short natural hair?

Considering the mini twists on short natural hair is a nice idea. It’s never going to reveal the true length of the natural hair. But there is a solution to it as well. You can go ahead with stretching the natural hair. Do that by holding the end while using the blow dryer. It can help in the elimination of the constricted twist. You can consider the banding method. 

What are Mini twists with Marley hair?

Mini twists with Marley hair will be adding spice to the Marley twist with the braided side apart. A flat twist bun is good enough and will be making your hair look refreshed. Utilize the Marley twist for getting a whole new look in the form of the new twist. Shoulder-length twists are the ones that can show your beautiful face with beautiful hair.

How to wash the mini twist?

So, are you looking for answers to “how to wash mini twists?” There are several methods that you can try to wash it. Here’s a highlight.

  • Washing it in the shower

You will have to add some water to the twist. Then clean the scalp with the help of the diluted shampoo. Always remember rinsing the shampoo from the twist. After that, you have to cover the twist with the conditioner. Rinse out the conditioner. Clean it with a towel to absorb the excess water.

  • Dry-washing the twist

In that, you will have to dampen the cloth with the help of warm water and shampoo. Use the cloth for wiping down the scalp in between the twist. Now just go ahead with spraying an astringent over the scalp. In case you see that the twist is getting oily, leave the head to dry.

Final words

Mini twists are setting trends among the braid-loving population. You can try these Mini twists on natural hair that can give an incredible look. Stay updated with us to learn more about the styles that can become an important part of the haircare regime.

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