Is Castile Soap Good for Hair? – Don’t Use it Before Learning the Facts!

Is Castile Soap Good for Hair? - Don’t Use it Before Learning the Facts!
Is Castile Soap Good for Hair? - Don’t Use it Before Learning the Facts!
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Have you been looking for a solution that will be the perfect shampoo alternative? If yes, it’s worth giving a try to castile soap. The question is castile soap good for hair. The simple answer is castile soap is natural and has few ingredients in it. Overall castile soap as shampoo works in the form of a non-toxic and oil-based soap that can clean and gently take care of your skin and hair.

It is extremely good for the sensitive scalp. What makes it even better is that castile soap is good for anyone suffering due to scalp issues. It can keep away the chances of dermatitis and Eczema. Besides, it can also work like a non-drying cleanser for hair.

Is Castile Soap Good for Hair? - Don’t Use it Before Learning the Facts!
Is Castile Soap Good for Hair? – Don’t Use it Before Learning the Facts!

These days, many people prefer this vegetable oil-based natural soap in the DIY recipe. It is effortless to use castile soap and will be helping in transitioning from shampoos. Castile soap for hair turns out to be quite alkaline and may disrupt the scalp ph when you do not use it properly. But you will have to just follow the steps for proper use. This article will get the proper Idea regarding Castile soap and methods of washing hair with castile soap.

Key aspects at a glance

TYPE OF INGREDIENT: Natural, vegetable oil-based, low-ingredient, cleansing soap.

MAIN BENEFITS: Minimal ingredients effectively clean the scalp with a low risk of sensitivity.

IS It FIT FOR ALL: People with sensitivity to chemicals or ingredients in traditional shampoos can use it. Beneficial for scalp issues, castile soap can treat issues such as dermatitis, psoriasis, and dandruff.

FREQUENCY OF USAGE: Varied, based on scalp condition and hair type.

DON’T USE WITH: Avoid using castile soap as a shampoo mixed in hard water. The potential chemical reactions will increase the chances of leftover residue and soap scum.

Why do people use castile soap?

Is castile soap good for hair? Castile soap is the multipurpose natural soap you will make from nuts, plants, and vegetable-derived oil. The origination was in Castile, Spain. Back then, people traditionally prepared castile soap shampoo for natural hair from olive oil. Castile soap contains the metal Hydroxide obtained from wood ash Iye.

This ingredient is fit for the production of soap molecules. Mixing castile soap with water, charges the atoms that help in dislodging dirt and grease. You can get many benefits when you switch from your commercial shampoo to natural castile soap.

Castile soap composition

Is castile soap good for your hair? Castile soaps are moisturizing natural soaps. They are devoid of animal fat or tallow. Olive oil is one of the major ingredients in Castile soap which makes it creamy. Originally, Castile soap is 100 percent olive oil composition.

Highlight on the list of benefits

Using Castile soap for hair has numerous benefits that are making it an incredible choice.

  • Keeps away skin irritations

Gentle castile soap for shampoo turns out to be natural with few ingredients in it. The non-toxic oil-based soap is good for the sensitive scalp. It can permanently give the cure to the problems like it eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis.

  • Non-irritating solution

Is castile soap good for hair growth? Unlike many other commercial shampoos, Castile soap does not contain Chemicals as well as harsh elements. So there wouldn’t be the chances of irritation of the skin. Consequently, there will be fewer chances of hair fall. The moisturizing properties due to olive oil make it fit for hair growth.

Moreover, it can also ensure the preservation of the natural oils of the scalp. It can also help in the maintenance of a healthy scalp. Overall, it is best to keep the hair follicles healthy while promoting a healthy hair growth rate. If you have been looking for a non-irritating and gentle cleanser that will not damage or dry out the hair, you can choose the Castile soap. However, diluting it before using it can give you better results.

  • Antibacterial properties

Castile soap benefits hair suggest Castile soap can kill the bacteria, so olive oil’s antibacterial properties with Iye can be a great solution for fighting off bacteria. So it can work as an effective solution and healing the wounds almost as well as the saline solution. Anti-aging olive oil that is rich in vitamin A and B can boost skin elasticity. It will also help in keeping the degeneration of the skin away. So you can feel like your skin is becoming younger.

  • Reduction of Inflammation and protection from the free radicals

Olive oil with oleocanthal proves to be one of the best compounds for its anti-inflammatory properties. Castile soap turns out to be effective for lowering the inflammation that causes hair and scalp issues. Loaded with Vitamin A castile soap proves to be potent enough with the natural antioxidants.

That said, castile soap benefits hair as the soap can work to eliminate the free radicals responsible for triggering hair cell degeneration, leading to several hair problems. Castile soap with superior antibacterial properties can keep your scalp free from germs.

What are the steps to follow for washing the hair with Castile soap?

Always follow certain methods when it comes to washing the hair with castile soap for hair growth.

  • Dilute the soap

How to dilute castile soap for shampoo? Castile soap is alkaline and is responsible for affecting the scalp ph. Always pay attention to using only a tiny amount of the soap while diluting it with purified water.

• For starting with it, you will have to follow the 1:2 ratio and mix a Castile soap tablespoon. Do that with four cups of purified water that is up to 100ml.

• Then, you can adjust the composition as per hair needs. Pay attention to not using too much of the Castile soap.

  • The Post wash acidic Rinse

Castile soap that is alkaline is fit for neutralizing the acidic content. That said, it can help in restoring the scalp pH. Wash hair with castile soap, and so you can also use lemon juice on the Apple Cider Vinegar rinse.

• All you have to do is just dilute one-fourth of the lemon juice or the 4 tsp of ACV. Do that with the two cups of water.

• Use the mixture in the form of the Post wash rinse for washing the scalp and hair. Also, keep it there for a few minutes and then rinse with water.

  • Scalp moisturizing solution

Moisturizing with the oil is a good idea.

• There is never a need to use the conditioner. Instead, you will be getting the perfect vegetable oil in the form of Castile soap for locking the moisture.

• You can get jojoba, avocado, argan, sweet almond, and Apricot oil. Mixing the Castile soap with the other ingredients can ensure becoming the customized natural shampoo.

Highlight on the DIY castile soap recipe that you can prepare for the healthy hair

Numerous recipes can be fit for healthy hair. Let’s start the discussion.

Lavender oil and castile soap shampoo

Almond oil has been well known for its emollient properties. So you can use it for keeping your scalp and hair moisturized. Besides, olive oil in castile soap oil is good enough to reduce stress due to the aromatherapeutic benefits. It can also reduce anxiety.

Ingredients needed:

A bar of the castile soap

20 to 30 drops of olive oil

Half the teaspoon of the sweet almond oil

2 cups of the purified water

• With the castile soap in the boiler, heat it until it melts. But make sure about letting it cool down.

• Mix four tablespoons of the castile soap(liquid) with the water.

• Go ahead with the addition of the oils for the solution. Mix them.

• Pour the soap into the bottle and use it instead of the shampoo.

Peppermint castile soap shampoo

Peppermint oil is good for the promotion of hair growth without irritating the scalp. It can also ensure the addition of refreshing minty. Fragrance tea tree oil with antimicrobial and antiseptic benefits can keep the scalp healthy.

Ingredients needed:

Four tablespoons of the liquid castile soap

The tea tree essential oil- 10 to 20 drops

The peppermint oil- 10 to 20 drops

200ml of purified water

• Dilute the castile soap. Do that with water and mix the oils.

• Make sure about transferring the solution to the bottle.

• Wash the hair with the solution.

Castile soap and clove oil anti-dandruff shampoo

Certain search states that the clove oil is effective against Malassezia and can also ensure the management of dandruff.

Ingredients needed:

4 tbsp liquid castile soap

200ml purified water

20 to 30 drops of the clove oil

• Dilute the castile soap with water.

• Go ahead with the addition of the oil and mix it.

• Now store it in the bottle and use it for washing the hair.

Transitioning to the natural texture soap from the commercial shampoos is a great idea. All the hair types, however, react differently. Initially, you will be feeling tensed because you cannot get the overnight results. However, you should use it on your hair in a normalized fashion to ensure that you get the benefits.

Castile soap and rosemary shampoo

Four ounces of water infused with rosemary, plantain, calendula flowers, and rose petals can give numerous benefits.

Ingredients needed:

1/4 teaspoon tamanu oil

10 drops tea tree oil

15 to 20 drops lavender essential oil

5 drops rosemary essential oil

• Grab a bottle and fill it with water.

• Infuse herbs into the water with heat.

• Add all the oils.

• After infusing the oils and herbs with the water, put the water into a bottle.

• Add the castile soap, and that’s your new homemade shampoo.

Extra sheen rosemary lemon shampoo

Rosemary soap and essential oil aromatherapy can ensure giving numerous benefits.

Ingredients needed:

Castile soap base bars- 6pcs

Dried rosemary leaves- three tablespoons

Rosemary essential oil- five drops

Sweet almond oil- two tablespoons

Lemon essential oil- 12 drops

• Melt soap base on a double boiler on low heat. Obtain the clear liquid.

• Add the essential oils, rosemary leaves, and sweet almond oil.

• Pour the mixture into silicone molds.

• Let liquid castile soap for hair set and harden.

• Clean your scalp and hair thoroughly using this bar.

• Rinse the hair.

• Massage with sweet almond oil.

Things to note before using the castile soap

Before you involve castile soap in your hair care regimen, you will have to note certain points.

• Remember that you cannot use this soap on your colored hair. The product will be stripping off the hair color.

• Do not combine the castile soap with hazardous compounds. You can choose apple cider vinegar and lemon juice that are acidic. When you mix them with the castile soap, then these acids and alkalis neutralize each other. That said, it wouldn’t be hazardous for your hair. But there may be the chances of leaving the residue and an oily layer on the hair.

• It is extremely important to remember to never use castile soap directly on the skin and hair. Sometimes it will be too strong, making a hair feel like straw. It’s better to choose the empty shampoo bottle for pouring one teaspoon of castile soap. Make sure about filling the rest of the bottle with filtered water.

• Many people will tend to balance out the ph of the alkaline. You can do so by rinsing the hair afterward with an acidic compound like apple cider vinegar. This is not the fit solution for everyone. People love castile soap for their hair. Also, some people will hate it. Is liquid castile soap good for hair? It is not a product for everyone because it responds differently to everyone’s hair.

It’s worth always choosing the patch test. Make sure about trying with the different areas of the hair, and only then can you involve it in your hair care regimen. Also, you should try experimenting by using the soap with different dilutions. Until you find the right dilution that can work for you, you shouldn’t start using it. In case you think that you have got the right results with experimentation, only then can you take the repeated rinse.

Highlight on the hair type considerations

Considering the hair type is a must while considering the castile soap.

• Experts agree that anyone with colored hair shouldn’t use that castile soap to replace the shampoo. However, you will have to consider the ph factor. The lower ph factor will be helping in the preservation of the hair color. And so we shouldn’t use a textile so because it has a high ph. But again, some people consider that it fit all hair types and textures.

• How to consider using text size soap for hair? If you want to consider castile soap for the hair, you will have to make sure about staying the most focused cleansing.

• When adding water to the castile soap, remember the castile soap will give the electrical attraction. Whenever you’re applying that soap on the hair, pays attention to focusing on the roots and the scalp rather than the length and the end of the hair. In other words, you will have to remember that you cannot pile it up on the top of the head and just go on with vigorously. You will have to be very gentle when your washing with it.

Castile soap proves to be amazing for its numerous benefits. But again, you will have to keep in mind certain metrics that can ensure it won’t cause a problem to your hair.

How to use castile soap as shampoo?- Castile soap shampoo recipe

Castile soap shampoo recipe ensures nourishing your hair appropriately while eradicating pollutants.

Ingredients needed

¼ cup of castile soap

½ cup of filtered or distilled water

40 drops of essential oils( lavender, tea tree, and rose oil)

½ a cup of carrier oil( olive, avocado, jojoba, almond, or argan oil)

  • Pour in the castile soap in a clean bottle precisely.
  • Add the distilled water. Mix well by shaking the bottle.
  • Add the essential oils and a carrier oil and shake the bottle to get the even blend.

Dr Bronner’s castile soap as shampoo

Bronner’s castile soap designed for body wash usage is a perfect shampoo. Soap work well as a body wash. Besides, you can also get Shampoo and Conditioner Dilution. For that, you can mix 2 to 3 drops of Dr. Bronner’s liquid castile soap. Do that with 1 cup of water.


Is castile soap safe for hair?

Castile soap is good and safe as long as you are following the measures. Avoid using castile soap on your have colored hair. Only after diluting it and using the right cleansing technique can you get the results.

Is pure castile soap good for hair?

It’s not recommended to use castile soap directly onto the skin or hair. Too strong castile soap leaves your hair feeling like straw.

Is castile soap good for curly hair?

Castile soap gives hair extra moisture, especially to curly hair. You can get the availability of a variety of shampoo bars, conditioners, and hair treatments.

Does castile soap damage hair?

Castile Soap as a shampoo may give you a disappointing experience even without color-treated hair. Stripping off moisture leads to deposits causing your hair to become dry and matted.

Is Dr Bronner’s Good For Hair?

Many people question has a common question Is Dr Bronner’s Soap good for hair. Dr Bronner’s soaps are the best for cleaning your hair and scalp amazingly well. Famous “18-in-1” castile soap offers a multitude of uses. You can use it to clean hands/face/body/hair, brush teeth, and clean dishes. The 18 in one shampoo reviews suggest that you can get the benefits.

Is castile soap good for natural black hair?

Castile soap, the natural soap, has fewer ingredients. Oil-based, non-toxic soap works for cleansing gently and proves to be extremely good for sensitive scalp. The soap can keep away the scalp issues like eczema and dermatitis) or those looking for a non-drying cleanser for hair.

Final words

You’ve got the answers to the query is castile soap good for hair. Castile soap is good for hair care. The natural, non-toxic solution will react differently to everyone’s hair. However, the experience is dependent on how you’re preparing the castile soap solution. So whenever you have hard water, then the castile soap recipe isn’t a good idea.

There may be chances of an ugly mess on your hair. But when you have filtered and distilled water, you can give it a try. Always pay attention to the water quality so that there wouldn’t be chances of hair damage. Compared to many other DIY hair care products, castile soap always requires careful use with adherence to specific conditions.

The curly hair community is embracing the use of castile soap regardless of hair type. Versatile use-based castile soap works fine for cleaning your hair and scalp effectively.

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