How to Tell if Your Hair is Fried – The Alarming Signs

How to Tell if Your Hair is Fried - The Alarming Signs
How to Tell if Your Hair is Fried - The Alarming Signs
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The situation becomes terrible in case you start noticing that your hair is becoming damaged. That said, the hair becomes fried at a certain stage, and recovering from it turns out to be tedious. So are you worried about how to tell if your hair is fried? Well, though it isn’t always easy to identify, yet you can get some tests.

You can just consider the simple strand test for the determination of the current strand. You will have to take the strand of the hair and then start pulling in the opposite direction. If you see that it is rather stretchy, you must remember that your hair is becoming fried. If you see that the strand eventually snaps and doesn’t go into the curly state, it is fried.

How to Tell if Your Hair is Fried - The Alarming Signs
How to Tell if Your Hair is Fried – The Alarming Signs

Other signs to consider

Besides the sign as mentioned above, some other conditions give the indication. Other signs will give you strict notice that your hair is fried. There are essential considerations of symptoms of fried hair. They are as follows:

Split ends

Wrap the small sections of the hair around the finger or a pen that can give the results. If you see small strands sticking out from the end of the hair, you must understand the split end is a fried hair indication. That said, it turns out to be the tell-tale sign of fried hair.

Breakage and tangles

Are you searching answers for how do you know if your hair is fried? If yes, remember, that the hair usually faces problems due to the weakening strands and then starts falling out from the place. That combing, brushing, or styling the locks will give you instant test results.

Heat damage

The heat styling tools, when used on a higher frequency, can hurt the hair. It starts becoming brittle, and then you will have the split ends consequently. This is yet another indication about fried hair.

Dulled shine

Usually, too much use of the pomade, gel of the spray can be the major reason behind the fried hair. You can consider a simple test. Apply the gel, pomade, or spray on the hair. If you see that the locks are still lacking lackluster, then it is one of the major signs of the product build-up and the fried hair.

Too many tangles

Are you worried about the query how to know if your hair is fried? Well, you need to look for the signs. In case your hair becomes fried, you will see that there are plenty of tangles that are forming in the hair. Besides, cheap and plastic brushes rather than nylon bristles can be disastrous to the hair and make your hair more fried.


If you are of the habit of constantly coloring your hair, then the hydrogen peroxide starts showing a bad impact on the hair. That said, hair turns out to be dry and damaged and can be vulnerable to becoming more fried.

Lack of moisture

How to tell if your hair is fried?Hair is usually supple and soft, not brittle or dry. If you start noticing that your hair is becoming brittle and pale, then there may be a chance that your hair is becoming fried. Whenever you have dry hair, you require considering repairing it as soon as possible. If you don’t opt for treatment in time, it starts becoming more dry and frizzy, making the hair bad enough.

Browning of the hair

Sometimes, you will see that your hair straightening naturally Brown and pale even after not using too many hair colors. The change of color is a straight indication of fried hair. If you are using too many heating tools, curling iron, chemical straightening like the Brazilian keratin treatment, your hair starts losing its luster. This is something that is the indication of the poor and fried hair.

So what is happening in my hair deep down?

There are consequently some bad changes happening in your hair. They are as follows.

The protective barrier that is also referred to as the hydrolytic film is disappearing. The hair techniques that you have used prove to be the stress factor. Such factors are no longer taking care of the protective shield.

The scales across the head shape start separating and falling off. Like the tiles on the roofing, the scales in the hair overlap Each Other down the shaft. Whenever your hair becomes fried, they start losing contact with one another and then fall off. That said, the condition starts with making the water evaporate, and the dry hair turns into a bad condition.

Keratin in hair undergoes destruction. Too much use of the Chemicals and the heat is vulnerable to damage. Moreover, the change of the keratin also faces issues due to this. That said, the hair becomes dull and then breaks off.

Lack of elasticity

Usually, the hair is elastic, especially when it is wet. But once your hair becomes fried, it starts losing its elasticity. For testing whether or not your hair is lacking elasticity, you can do a simple test. Stretch the strand whenever it is wet. If you see that the strand breaks with little or no stretching, then it indicates that your hair needs more moisture.

Again, if you see that it stretches a bit and then returns to a natural state, then the hair has the normal elasticity. If it stretches more than the usual and then breaks or feels like there’s a material between the fingers, your hair needs more protein.  So you must always keep a note regarding the elasticity of the hair that will make sure that you are free from fried hair.

High porosity

Porosity is an indication of fried hair. The hair absorbs some amount of Chemicals and moisture. Damaged hair is more porous compared to healthy hair. Involving chemical treatments like the chemical straightener and the coloring alongside the heat applications can be enough to cause the porosity in the hair. The prevention of such damage is possible by the less use of the Chemicals and heat styling products. You should also consider the protein treatments that will add to the strength. Hair deep conditioning is a must. Now, you don’t have to stay too much worried regarding the query how to know if your hair is damaged. You can get the simple tips that can help to fix this problem.

So what are now the simple options available for fixing the fried hair?

When you have ended up with fried hair, you definitely will require the solutions to fix them. They are as follows.

Option 1

The simple to the deep conditioner is a best friend for keeping away the fried hair. You can use the deep conditioner that comes with the essential ingredients for conditioning your hair. Besides, you can place the plastic cap on after just conditioning and then letting the steam do the main thing. The restorative hair mask, nourishing mask conditioners are the best ones. But at the same time, remember refraining from washing your hair every day. It can ensure the prevention of the stripping off of natural hair oil.

Option 2

The complicated but sure shot fix

You can get a recipe that will be good enough for taking care of your hair health. For that, you can consider mixing the two teaspoons rinse out conditioner, leave-in conditioner, and deep conditioner. Make the hair mask now from the ingredients. Apply this mask on clean and damp hair that will focus on conditioning the fried hair. Now you have to just wet the two large towels, wrap them up and then heat them in one towel in the microwave for around one or two minutes. Wrap the hair up in the hot towel while you are still heating the second towel in the microwave. Alternate wrapping the two towers around two or three times. This turns out to be the Ultra Deep conditioning treatment for repairing the right hair to some extent.

Option 3

Cut it off

It sometimes sounds crazy that trimming the hair can be an option against fried hair. But definitely, it will help a lot in repairing the fried hair. If you want to keep your hair in shape, remember to get that trim every three weeks. You have to just use some styling tools and trim off the split ends. It’s worth noting to stay away from the processing chemicals. Remember to stay away from bleaching, permanent color, dyeing, or any such kind of chemical treatment that can ruin your hair to a large extent.

Final words

You’ve got the relevant knowledge about how to tell if your hair is fried. There’s nothing serious about becoming too worried regarding fried hair. Friend hair is a common phenomenon. Keeping a notice about the issues in time is a must. With that, you can rest assured about staying away from further damage.

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