How to Straighten Your Hair With Volume | Time-saving tip

How to Straighten Your Hair With Volume | Time-saving tip
How to Straighten Your Hair With Volume | Time-saving tip
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Everyone loves flaunting with beautiful straight hair. At the same time, there’s the importance of volumizing it. It’s essential for the creation of a smooth finish to the hair. The combined formula Straightened hair with volume is good enough for straightening your hair perfectly. That said, you can enjoy the range of their benefits without sacrificing volume.

So if you are wondering how to get the straightened hair with volume, it’s worth noting that you can use the roof lift spray or treat it with some other solutions. Pulling the iron upwards and away instead of putting it straight down can add volume.

In this article, you will get concise details regarding how to add volume to straightened hair.

How to Straighten Your Hair With Volume | Time-saving tip
How to Straighten Your Hair With Volume | Time-saving tip

Straightened hair with volume- the popular methods

Straightening of the hair ensures the creation of a smooth and tangle-free finish for giving it a unique look. Besides, you can also use the correct products before and after straightening to make sure about giving the fullness in the look. Let’s get started with a discussion regarding the methods available.

Use of the heat protectant

You can use the hot tools on the hair that can be good for straightening. At the same time, you can keep in mind that it is intensely damaging, especially for fine hair. The hair becomes vulnerable to breakage, responsible for causing the hair shaft to go under pressure.

There will be chances of breakage or splitting. For Straightened hair with volume, a perfect tool shaper can make sure of protection from high temperatures. It can also give you smooth and more manageable hair for increasing the volume. You can consider the volume foam like ARROJO Volume Foam that is good enough to protect against heat.

Shaping the hair appropriately

Never pull the hair down towards the scalp. It can be detrimental to the hair look. Always pay attention to straightening the hair upwards and outwards. Do that instead for maintenance of the natural volume and movement. You can also pick the root lift spray from MATRIX Total Results root lift spray for increasing volume. Root boost is a must for dampening the hair before straightening to avoid undoing the root lift.

You can avoid tugging the hair close to the root. When you know how to straighten hair with volume, you can shorten the time for the entire regimen. At every point, pay attention to the hair formula after straightening. Once you see that hair become straightened sometimes, it may appear flat enough.

At such a point, you should use the teasing brush TANGLE TEEZER the Original that will be good enough for backcombing the root of the hair. Besides, it can also add to the volume and the height. You have to just keep on waiting till you see that the hair looks cool and fluffy. But pay attention to never making it vulnerable to breakage.

Do not allow overheats to run on your hair. You can also choose volumizing products like the volume powder for the addition of the texture. The Powder solutions like Slick Gorilla Hair Styling Texturizing Powder can mattify the hair. So if you want the shiny finish, you shouldn’t use the Powder.

Now you can set the straightened hair in place with the use of lightweight hairspray. BIOLAGE Styling Complete Control Hairspray can also ensure better movement. The stronghold of the hairspray can make sure about giving the fullness to the look. The method is the best for volume straightened hair.

Next day volumizing

If you want the straightened hair to last for a longer time, you can use the instant volumizing Mist. Biotin Hair Thickening Spray can be good enough for the maintenance of the Shine. Hair sometimes starts falling flat and limping. At such a point, you will have to use volumizing products like Sexy hair Big Blow Dry Volumizing Gel that can make sure about the appropriate movement of the hair.

How to straighten the hair with volume-step by step discussion

The straight hair with volume turns out to be very pretty. It’s a must for adding volume. In this section, you will come to know about the method you should follow.

Method 1

Method for the dry hair

  • Step 1

Application of the heat protectant

Go ahead with the application of the heat protectant to the hair. It can issue or preventing damage and can keep away dry and brittle hair.

  • Step 2

Pulling the top half of the hair into the bun

This method can give an incredible look. In case you have thick hair, just work with other sections.

  • Step 3

Heat styling

Go ahead with the smaller section of the hair. See to that is closer to the hairline. For that, you will have to take one or two-inch of the section of the hair. Now go ahead with clamping the iron over it. Do it as close as it is possible to the scalp. But make sure that it doesn’t burn it.

  • Step 4

Pulling the iron upwards and away instead of just pulling the iron downwards

Pulling the iron upwards and away instead of just pulling the iron down gives the Straightened hair with volume. Pay attention to pulling it upwards. Do that for a few inches or the centimeters. At that point, you reach Halfway across the hair. Make sure about pulling the iron away from the hair. This method can maintain the volume over a long time. In case your hair becomes too hot for touching, you can make sure about using a hairbrush like Wet Brush Original Detangler Hair Brush that can handle it appropriately.

  • Step 5

Finishing the straightening with the rest of the bottom layer in a similar way

Once you complete the step mentioned above, you can go to the next layer, where you can just use the quick spray for flexible styling. It can also allow the proper movement and floor.

  • Step 6

Continuation of the straightening with the rest of the hair

Do that with the addition of the layers and also the smallest fraction. This method can make your hair look thicker.

  • Step 7

Finishing with running a hand through the hair

Running the hands through the hair makes sure about giving a volumized look. It can also attain the final lift that is much needed for the finishing look. You can set it using hairspray.

Method 2

Starting with the Wet hair

  • Step 1

You have to spray the hair with heat protectant spray like Pantene Heat Protectant Spray with Jojoba Oil for keeping away heat damage. It can also keep away the dry and frizzy look of the hair.

  • Step 2

Just put the top part of the hair into the loose bun. Then, you can make the hair better by working on the sections. You will have to work with steps. You have just gone ahead with styling it in the smaller sections and then place around the brush under it. Pay attention to coming it closer to the root. You can also turn on the hairdryer and place it right above the brush.

  • Step 3

Now go ahead with pulling the round brush slowly towards the end of the hair. Pay attention to coming it closer to the root. You can also turn on the hairdryer and place it right above the brush.

  • Step 4

Now go ahead with pulling the round brush like SUPRENT Round Brush with Natural Boar Bristles slowly towards the end of the hair. In the process, make sure you’re keeping the hairdryer directly over the brush all the time.

  • Step 5

Never allow the pulling of the hair completely while making the hair smooth. You will have to roll the brush back towards the scalp. It can give a styled-up look.

  • Step 6

Just put the hairdryer away, and then you will have to wait until the hair is cooling. Now in case, your hair is fine, you will have to give the quick space with the help of the lightweight hairspray.

  • Step 7

Continuation of the straightening for the rest of the layer is a must. This can give you a fuller look in no time.

  • Step 8

You have to run the paddle brush like KOZIS Natural Wooden Paddle Brush to the hair. Then you can go ahead with hair straightening at home. You will have to keep combing with the brush. After you do that, use the hair straightener through their hair and under the brush. Doing so will make sure to help you attain the look in no time.

  • Step 9

You will have to comb with the hair. For that, you can also complement using the volumizing hairspray like BOLDIFY Hair Thickening Spray. Run the brush or the fingers through the hair. It can make sure about the creation of the extra volume.

The few tips to follow while volumizing the hair after straightening

Besides following the methods mentioned above, you will have to follow certain tips that can make sure about adding the volume. Are you searching for how to give hair volume after straightening? If yes, follow these tips.

  • Patting the hair downwards

Pay attention to patting the hair downwards. Gently use a microfiber material while you want to dry it. It will be helping promote sleek straight hair.

  • Roughly dry the hair

Make sure that you apply some good products that can give dryness to it. It can give you a sleek finished look with the addition of volume.

  • Use of the right hairbrush is a must

Always make sure about using the bristle and nylon mix kind of brush. 9-Row Cushion Nylon Bristle Styling Brushes can appropriately brush the hair over the plastic brushes.

  • Wait until the hair turns bone dry

Remember that hair must be dry. Always dry the hair properly because product build-up turns out to be bad for your hair.

  • Use of thermal protectants

Thermal protectants like Hair Food Coconut & Argan Oil Heat Protectant Spray Blend give good results. You can use the thermal protectant for the hair that can take adequate care of it. Make sure that it is resisting the humidity. With the regimen, always keep in mind that the argan oil moisturizes the hair and adds nutrition.

  • Monitoring the temperature of the hairstyling equipment is a must.

To protect the hair, pay attention to monitoring the temperature so that it doesn’t ruin the hair quality. The 450-degree setting is the specified one by the professionals and the professional keratin treatment. But you shouldn’t continue doing that if you notice the damage. You should choose the one that will be safe within 300 or 350 degrees.

  • Always pay attention to taking only one section at a time.

Whenever you are styling the hair, clip the hair right in the middle. Then you can keep tracking the progress. Splitting it, make sure that you can go ahead with the careful sectioning that won’t ruin your hair.

  • The addition of the finishing products for reducing the frizz and addition of the shine is a must.

For that, you can consider the nylon brush like 46615 Hyde Tools Nylon Wire Brushes. You can also consider the silicone-free formula like color-proof bio repair-8 Thickening Blow Dry Spray. Leave in conditioner like shea moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Leave-In Conditioner. That said, it can give additional health to your hair.

  • The use of flat iron with advanced technology is one of the best tips.

There are different kinds of straighteners that you can get in the present market. But not all of them are capable enough for taking care of your hair health. Make sure that the temperature it’s using is appropriate. Besides, you should always choose the one with advanced technology only.

  • Preparation of the hair is a must.

Whenever you wish to add the volume, make sure that you prepare the hair by drying it up. Remember lifting the roots even with some mousse. Nexxus Mousse plus Volumizing Foam is a material that can be good enough for the waves or the big curls. You can also use a small amount of the product and apply it to the wet hair right from the roots to the end.

  • Extra lift makes the hair look fuller.

You can use techniques that can give extra lift to the hair. Make the roots look volumized. For that, you have to see to apply with the small sections of the hair. You can also start with the upper-middle section and then go up to the locks. Follow this step rather than just using the harshly pulling down the hair. You will see that it gets straightened in a better fashion.

  • Always be gentle with your hair. Never pull your hair too hard.

Whenever you’re straightening the hair, make sure to be gentle. Being too harsh can be abnormal and damages the hair quickly. Sometimes the situation becomes so that even the heat protectant spray fails to bring back the look of your hair.

  • Everyone wishes to get shiny and luxurious hair. But, skip oils.

Oils sometimes don’t prove to be better for voluminous hair. Opt for the alternative to the oil. You can use the light texture finishing spray that is good enough with the straightener job.

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Final words

Hopefully, you have got the idea about how to give straight hair volume. The process isn’t a time taking one that makes it the best for everyday styling. Straightened hair with volume is achievable to give a long-lasting shine. So, follow the hair regimen mentioned above that can give the attainment of the desired look.

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