How to Make Your Hair Fluffy? – The Quickest Steps

How to Make Your Hair Fluffy? - The Quickest Steps
How to Make Your Hair Fluffy? - The Quickest Steps
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The bigger, the better! That’s more than just a general rule. When you see that your hair is becoming volume challenged, you may start feeling the pain. People usually say that having fluffy hair is one of the most sought-after beautiful. But in reality, getting this volumized-looking hair isn’t that easy. Get to know about how to make your hair fluffy with the simplest tricks.

When someone asks How to make your hair fluffy, the general answer is a set of steps. BLOW-dry, hot rollers, volumizing hair care system, incorporating dry shampoo are popularly mentioned methods. But, you need to get a detailed idea regarding it. 

So, are you wishing to get to know how to make hair fluffy and bouncy? If yes, you must not miss this article.

How to Make Your Hair Fluffy? - The Quickest Steps
How to Make Your Hair Fluffy? – The Quickest Steps

How to make your hair fluffy- the sought after methods

In this section, you’ll get the details regarding the best ways to get the desired look.

Changing the part

Changes are a must for an attractive hair look. Creating one particular part means this is the area where the hair is likely to fall naturally. However, the problem is that most of the hair will lie the flattest. Making the part on the opposite side will create instant volume. If you feel that the head looks lopsided, you will have to do that only when the hair is wet. Also, you can consider the deep side part on the opposite side for building the height. Moreover, pay attention to lightly styling it up with hairspray.

Blow-dry the hair in an upside-down manner

The fluffy hair and volume always go hand in hand. So you should always see that the locks are looking lively. Tie the hair upside down to get the volume. It will also be helping in lifting the root from the scalp. It can work in developing the volume. All you have to do is simply flip the hair upside down. Then you just go with styling with the help of the boar bristle brush. The BLACK EGG Boar Bristle Hair Brush tool works the best for getting the desired fluffy hair.

Backbrushing the hair

Always remember that teasing has already got a bad reputation. Volumizing doesn’t always mean aggressively. Backcombing the hair with the help of a fine-tooth hair comb like Onedor Extra Length Handmade is one of the best answers for people asking how to make your hair fluffy.

You don’t have to end up creating the massive tangles because eventually, it will end up in a Nightmare. That said, pay attention to the creation of the soft volume by back brushing the root. For that, you can use a large paddle brush like KOZIS Natural Wooden Paddle Brush. It adopts a technique that can make sure about giving the desired look.

You can fine up the uppermost layer of the hair and then go ahead with back brushing its rest. Besides, work on it section by section. Always pay attention to holding each section away from the hair while brushing it. Do it in a downward motion. Do it at the roots in the three-stroke if you want the volume to last long.

Make sure about spraying the hairspray on the brushed back area. A spray like BIOLAGE Styling Complete Control Hairspray can do wonders. Once you complete it, make sure was letting down the rest of the hair while making it smooth.

Pick the hot rollers

For those who are curious about how to make your hair fluffy in the morning, it’s worth noting that this is one of the greatest ways to flip the strand. The Conair Compact Multi-Size hot rollers will work perfectly for giving the volume. It can also make sure about working steadily for the increased volume without using any other heat styling tool.

The hot roller is handy and is best for keeping away hair diseases. It can also help bring the short and fluffy hair in place. You can get the availability of hot rollers in a variety of sizes. The problem is that most people forget about the rollers. But you can rest assured that they work better than the curling iron and Flat iron.

All you will have to do is to choose the direction you want the Waves. Now, just roll away in the desired direction for getting the beautiful wave. Create more vintage for long-lasting volume. You can add hair mist like Soapbox Hydrate & Shine Coconut Milk Hair Mist to the areas of every section. You can also do that with the hairspray just before rolling. See to that the rollers cool completely before you take them out from the hair. Finally, you have just brush out the hair and shape the way that will give you the modern and soft look.

Volumizing hair care system

You can make your hair fluffy by the starting of the shower. Stylish hairstyles look favorable with this system. You can also swap the conditioner with the appropriate shampoo to create the volume-boosting hair care system. It can give a transformed look to your hair. The sulfate-free shampoos like Nexxus Color Assure Sulfate-Free Shampoo can also make sure about giving the long-lasting volume.

Root boosting

Remember that the root boosting products work as best friends. It can also work for the scaffolding of the hairstyle. The ingredients are best for better structuring and support while lifting the hair manually. The look will be good enough for making it volumized for the day.

Always opt for a product that is specifically designed for fine hair. With BOLDIFY Hair Thickening Spray, you can rest assured that it won’t be weighing down the hair. Apply it all over the hair and make sure about adding it more to the scalp. Always use the product on damp hair. The root boosters usually don’t work out on the dried hair. With that, you shouldn’t be afraid of layering the volume building products. You can also add mousse-like Nexxus Mousse Plus Volumizing Foam with blow-drying spray through the length.

Shampoo- the best friend

Remember that a good shampoo will always help you achieve the volume goals easily. It is one of the best-Sought products that can bring the hair the right shape. Besides, see that the conditioning ingredients are also proper. The volume building shampoo like Hairgenics Propidren Hair Growth Shampoo can make sure about never tripping the hair.

Besides, they are also color-safe. Go for the conditioner that will be good enough for giving extra nutrition to the hair. Make the dry shampoo like Moroccanoil Limited Edition Jumbo Dry Shampoo a part of the perfect hair care regimen. You can get the volume to look intact when you use dry shampoo.

It is the best one for the absorption of the required amount of oil while refreshing the strand. It can then pump up the volume to give the desired look of the hair. At some point, you’ll realize the hair feels dirty. That’s where the scalp’s natural oils start sabotaging your volume. It’s enough for weighing down your strands. A preventive approach that is coating the scalp with dry shampoo after blow-drying gives the desired volume. Volume-building dry shampoo creates more texture.

Crimping roots

Crimp roots, especially of the under-layers of your hair. The aim is to allow them to stand out from the scalp. Crimped hair, a comeback proves to be the fantastic way to roughen up the texture. Attain the quick soft, natural-looking volume. For attaining this look, you need to follow the regimen for a few minutes. The method of crimping with a crimper like Ckeyin Crimping Hair Crimper is better than using curling irons and flat irons. Plus, the top layer hides the crimping from detection.

The Bun

You can get beautiful voluminous hair with a bun. For that, sleep with developing a bun out of the damp hair. Leave it overnight and get volume and waves. Right after showering at night, go with pulling hair up. Then make it a high, loose bun. But, pay attention to do that while it’s still damp.

Just secure it with the soft elastic. With that, the hair becomes dry lifted off the scalp. This method gives instant volume with soft waves. Sleeping with a stretchy fabric headband wraps sections of damp hair. Securing with pins helps you attain the gorgeous Hollywood waves.

Adding Colour

Colour is beneficial for roughening up the hair cuticle. Get the best texture with this method. The bleach creates the body and roughens up the hair cuticle. Peekaboo highlights in the under-layers of hair, along with the addition of tone-on-tone color, can ensure boosting the volume. Do so without thoughts about re-growth.

Hair diffuser- the volume adder

A hair diffuser proves to be the simplest way to fluff curly hair. Hair tool attachment always gives bouncy and healthy curls. With a hair diffuser like Hairizone Universal Hair Diffuser, you can get a well-maintained drying time for minimizing heat usage.

Right hair-styling products

Last but not least, always make sure of using the right styling products. Get the Advanced Hairstyle Volume Mousse to boost hair. A bouncy and volumized look is also easy with the lightweight mousse. Such a formula like Keranique Thickening & Texturizing Mousse is the best one for enhancing and shaping your hair.

With the points mentioned above, you’ve got a concise idea regarding how to make your hair fluffy and soft.

The other points to remember

Fluff proves to be the middle ground between bedhead and a blowout. With fluff, you can mean the tamed and tempered but undone hair. A little manipulating is essential.

– Don’t ever go too much expensive for blow drying.

– When you’re doubtful about the look, use your fingers.

– don’t go with curling the ends.

  • Fine, straight hair:

The additional tip mentions that for fine, straight hair, you can add a generous amount of Mousse on damp hair. Fingers and a large-tooth comb distribute the product. Right after that, you can simply blow dry using the fingers. The hair will attain the wave. Brush the hair and then simply go with curling large subsections of hair. For that, opt for the curling iron. A Dry Texturizing Spray like BOLDIFY Hair Thickening Spray comes in handy to give you the desired look.

  • Curly hair:

If you’re wondering how to make your hair fluffy, remember to blow-dry with a dryer instead of your fingers. Pay attention to curling large subsections of hair. For that, you can use a large-tooth comb. Gradually go with breaking up some of the waves. For the attainment of the desired volume, add the Texturizing Spray like the BOLDIFY Hair Thickening Spray.

Mousse and no blow-dry is the ultimate formula here. You can use mousse to reshape and enhance the texture. Finally, go with tucking hair behind the ears. Also, make sure to air dry. After drying it, lightly brush hair. You can also opt for the curling iron to wrap hair loosely and get the enhanced texture.

Now, for those searching for how to get poofy hair, it’s worth mentioning that the method is a bit different. So, in the next section, let’s discuss it.

How to make hair poofy?

Most people hate the idea of having poofy hairstyles. Yet, some others like to little more body. Care for your hair can style for maximum poof. Here’s the detailed list of steps.

Cleaning Your Hair

Tweak the basic “poofing” process according to the hair’s natural oiliness, curliness, and other factors. Also, consider the way the hair behaves and tweak accordingly. For very thin hair, use hairspray or other product. For thicker hair, use less product and tease it. For oily hair, wash more 4-5 times per week.

The shampoo

Wash the hair using shampoo. Do that precisely to make your hair nice and clean. Take a pea-sized amount of shampoo and massage it to the scalp and hair follicles. Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Sulfate Free Shampoo Bumble and Bumble can give the needed volume. Rinse it off with lukewarm water. 3-4 times per week, shampooing works as the best regimen.

The conditioner

How to make your hair fluffy with volume? Well, apply conditioner as it makes the hair feeling smooth. This product can make the hair voluminous without tangling it. Use hair conditioner like Floyd’s 99 Refresh Hair Conditioner every time you shampoo. But, rinse out the conditioner thoroughly. See to that the hair doesn’t feel greasy.


Gently comb through hair to keep away tangles. Also, follow this step a couple of times. It can keep away the knots, tangles, and snarls.

Blow-dry and bun

Blow-dry your hair halfway, and then tie the hair in a bun. It can add a little volume naturally. Hairdryer takes additional care. Then tie the hair in a tight bun. When hair turns dry, remove it. Curl and some volume can make the hair look flattering.

Teasing and Styling

Back-comb or tease works as a reliable way of attaining volume. Comb up a portion from the middle and hold it straight. Take a comb and pull it down toward your scalp. For short hair, instead of back-combing, tease it. Short, frequent combing strokes tease it properly. For more volume on sides, tease hair. For even more volume, tease top hair and leave the front and sides. Keep teasing until you attain enough poofy look. Sometimes, it gives rise to frizzy and unsightly hair. But, you can still style to maintain the poofiness.

The hairspray

For those who are always curious about how to make hair fluffy and bouncy, it’s good to note that you can lift hair with your hands to apply hairspray. Strong-holding hairspray can do wonders. Just bring hair up, or grab with your hands. For thick hair, use less spray.

The final emphasis

Lay hair back over the poofy area and comb your bangs. Also, pay attention to the sides or other hairs. Too much-poofed hair in the middle means you need to comb your bangs back over the top. With that, you can rest assured that the hairs will rest over teased-out hair.

Men, too, are curious to know about how to make your hair fluffy male. Though the method is a bit different due to women’s different products, it is easy.

How to Add Volume to Hair (for Men)

The look holds a large impact on overall appearance for both men and women. If you have been searching for how to make your hair fluffy, you can follow certain methods to increase the volume.  

  • Method 1: Hair-Care Routine

Wash your hair to help it attain the most volume. A hair-washing regimen to maximize the volume of hair is a must. Remember that the Greasy or unwashed hair clumps together. With washing, you can avoid the hair from looking flat and deflated.

Rinse the hair at lukewarm or room temperature to remove water hair-care products. Avoid rinsing shampoo or conditioner with hot water. Hot water can ruin the hair follicles. Volumizing shampoo with a volumizing conditioner gives an incredible look. You can opt for the Brickell Men’s Daily Revitalizing shampoo and conditioner that is the best fit for men.

Clean and condition with thickening products to lift the hair. Pay attention to coating the hair follicle with a special polymer. A thickening product in place of former shampoo can work wonders.

  • Method 2: Styling Hair for Greater Volume

Light, volumizing mousse product wax the hair appropriately. You can also use a gel-based styling product. Brickell Men’s Styling Clay Pomade gives an amazing look. But, avoid using sprays, waxes, Heavy gels, and mousses. The use of thick consistency products can only make the hair look greasy looking. Mousse like Scruples Creme Parfait Volumizing Foam adds the high-volume.

Avoid gel that stiffens hair. Also, pay attention when the product makes the hair feel “crispy” or “crunchy.”

A moderate amount of volumizing styling products like mousses, waxes, gels, and sprays increase volume, their effects. In the process, apply the styling products to the tips. A dime-sized amount coats the hairs fully.

Avoid application of too much product on the roots. This step can avoid clumps of hair stuck. Make sure to use it 3 or 4 times to get the desired volume. Volumizing styling products that you apply to roots adversely affect the volume.

Use hands to style hair but avoid combing your hair. It’s worth considering hands over combs because the latter pull and tear hair at the roots.

Style the hair with the blow dryer. Blow-dry after using a volumizing styling product. But, in the process, pay attention to holding the blow dryer about 12 inches away from the scalp. Follow this method on damp or moist hair to uniformly coat your hair.

Style to maximize the volume of the hair. Try running hands sideways through your hair and see that you’re getting the desired look. If you still don’t get it, change the amount of product.

For naturally curly or wavy hair, break up the curls and waves. Separating each curl 2 to 4 times makes the appearance fuller. Also, apply the product on the top, front, back, and sides. Application of styling products while not becoming oversaturated with the products give desired look.

The section mentioned above precisely describes how to make your hair fluffy male. DO follow the steps and consider the appropriate products.

Final words

You’ve probably got the idea about how to make your hair fluffy while teasing your strands. Building volume for an overall thicker look proves to be a great technique. So, stop waiting to get the particular regimen when you already have the regimen as mentioned above. Once you get the one that can be the best fit for you, you don’t have to feel worried regarding the thinning hair appearance anymore. Do let us know in the comments below about the regimen that you think is the best one for you.

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