How to Make Wavy Hair With a Flat Iron: The Jaw-Dropping Look

How to Make Wavy Hair With a Flat Iron: The Jaw-Dropping Look
How to Make Wavy Hair With a Flat Iron: The Jaw-Dropping Look
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Everyone falls in love with those flattering full and bouncy curls. These things don’t look like ringlets but will give a stunning look. Sometimes it takes a lot of practice to create those beach waves with flat iron long hair. But when you follow the right technique, you can rest assured that it can give practical waves.

How to Make Wavy Hair With a Flat Iron: The Jaw-Dropping Look
How to Make Wavy Hair With a Flat Iron: The Jaw-Dropping Look

So if you are wondering about how to make wavy hair with a flat iron, remember that you will have to start making the waves in the hair straight away with the flat iron. For that, place the iron vertically with the cable facing up. Then start taking the lock of the hair. Turn the iron to 180 degrees so that the Waves will look more natural. Go with gradually sliding the straightener down but make sure about Keeping It upright.

So what’s the exact way for getting all these Perfect curls anyway?

If you have been struggling a lot for the perfection of the technique, it’s time to consider certain Pro tips for the curling of the hair. You can do that easily with the flat iron.

So let’s discuss the different ways to curl your hair with a straightener.

Step 1

First of all, you will have to start with the small section of the hair. Make sure about clamping it down with a straightener towards the top of the head section.

Step 2

Just go ahead with pulling the straightener down the hair shaft. But when you get the part of the hair where you will love to curl, to begin, just stop and start proceeding to the next step. For that, you will have to move seamlessly from Step 2 to step 3 while moving the straightener continuously.

Step 3

This is a technique that may take a little practice. Make sure to keep the straightener 180 degrees right away from the face. Also, make sure about pulling Down The Straight Through the rest of the hair. Make sure about repeating for every section of the hair. Once you see that the entire hair gets curled, you have to use your fingers for massaging the root. It will help in breaking the curl and giving you a beachy look.

Now the steps that we have mentioned above are how you can get the perfect beachy waves hair with flat iron. However, if you want to curl the hair with a flat iron in a precise way, you will have to follow an in-depth procedure.

In-depth procedure for making wavy hair with a flat iron

When you’re curious to know about how to make wavy hair with a flat iron, it’s worth noting that sometimes you’ll have to consider some extra steps. The steps, when followed precisely, can deliver the exact results.

Part 1

Setting the hair

Step 1

Cleaning and drying the hair

  • Start with cleaning and drying the hair. Make sure that you are making your hair completely dry and clean. Ensure that the hair isn’t wet because wet hair won’t allow curling at all. You can get the accomplishment of the look only when you have perfectly dry hair.
  • It’s worth noting that wet hair won’t be allowing the shape to come out perfectly. So when your blow-dry, make sure about using mousse. This is the material that will make them the extra volume to get the particular look.

Step 2

Thin flat iron for the hair look

  • Start using the thin flat iron for the hair look. Besides, note that the straightener should be the one with the one or two inches width from the plate. That said, such a setup can ensure handling the hair easily. Besides, it should also have rounded edges.
  • In case you do not pick a structure that has surrounded edges, there will be the problem that you can’t get the smooth curl. The flat style iron also isn’t good enough for doing the curls precisely. Sometimes it turns out to be harder for holding and wrapping.
  • If you have a straightener that is not appropriate for your hair, always make sure about investing in a good quality flat iron. The best shape will be working fast and will cause the least damage to your hair. Regulate the heat of the iron and make sure to keep the minimum temperature needed for the hair.
  • If your hair is thin and fine, it’s worth sticking to the lower end of the dial around 300 degrees. 300 to 380 degrees fits normal hair. Again you can keep it around 350 or 400 degrees if your hair is vulnerable to becoming coarse.

Step 3

Heat protectant

  • Application of the heat protectant gives the additional touchup. Always make sure about applying the heat protectant or the thermal spray that will ensure working in the protective barrier between the hair and the iron.
  • Now just spray over the hair and remember that you don’t have to comb. In case you have thick hair, make sure that spraying it on every section before you start shaping it again. If you spray it on the top of the hair, sometimes it happens that there won’t is any chances of heating the bottom layers.
  • Also, make sure they’re curling your tangles perfectly. Before applying the heat, make sure to hold the section tightly to get the desired look.

Step 4

Partition of the hair into the sections

  • You can get a better look by curling the hair instead of making it messy. Always make sure about starting right from the bottom of the scalp. Besides, pay attention to the ears and neck. Make sure that they do not come in contact with the scalp.
  • Slide down as much of the hair as you can work with. Moreover, start maintaining precision from the first layer that you pick. The good rule that you should follow here is to always consider one or two-inch sections at a time.
  • Keep the rest of the hair pinned up for the later stage. That said, once you see that the layering is done appropriately, you will have to unclip the hair. Then just go ahead with another layer. Again pay attention to clipping up the part that you think isn’t appropriate for curling now.

Part 2

The utilization of the Different techniques

Step 1

Alternate flicks and curls

  • Flicks and curls are completely different things. When you are using the flat iron for the flicks, you will have to adjust the iron to move Halfway down the length of the hair.
  • Make sure about clamping the iron close and then turn it back on in the half turn. Always you will have to create the U-shape with the hair and the iron. The faster you’re moving the iron; the less pronounced the flick will be.
  • In case you like the big soft flicks, it is good enough for slowing down the iron. You will have to just go on with starting close to the scalp. Now pay attention to clamping the iron close and also turn it on the right in the half turn.
  • Always make sure about running the iron slowly down the hair shaft toward the end. Make sure that movement is good enough to give you an appropriate look. The faster you move the iron, the gentle your wave will be.

Step 2

Making the Curls quite pronounced

  • When you’re questioning how to curl your hair with a flat iron, remember to always pay attention to making the Curls quite pronounced. Do that by turning the straightener to the full form rather than keeping it in half. You can just go ahead with rotating the hair straightener in the half Turn.
  • If you want a complete curl, you will have to pay attention to rotating the straightener in the full form. Besides, consider turning the hair right over itself. In the entire process, you will have to keep finding out what the hair tends to do between the half and the whole turn.
  • Sometimes you will be noticing that the half-turn is more than enough. But in case it isn’t satisfying, it’s worth going with the full turn.

Step 3

Experimenting with turning the straightener under and over

  • Whenever you’re rotating with the flat iron, be it the half rotation or the full rotation, you will sometimes find it hard to decide whether to turn under and around or over and around.
  • Now the thing that you must note is that either of the techniques isn’t wrong. Always pay attention to be consistent with the kind of process that you are following. Do not go ahead with alternating the direction. Sometimes it proves to be a good move. But it won’t be the case for every individual. That said, you will have to consider the consistency in the pattern.

Part 3

Curling the hair

Step 1

The hairspray

  • Pay attention to putting on some hairspray. This step will make sure about holding the curl in place.
  • Always be sure that you are using a spray that isn’t bad for your hair. Besides, never opt for using too much of it because it will make your hair crunchy.

Step 2

Finishing curling look

  • Grab the section of the hair that you want for the volume. The largest sections always result in a bouncy loose curl.
  • Go with precisely also mixing it up it. The technique will be giving you great volume and delicate curls.

Step 3

Clamp tightly

  • Make use of the techniques that have been mentioned above. Now, remember to clamp tightly while keeping the hair on the straightener plate.
  • You will have to curl the hair that will give you an appropriate look according to your choice.

Step 4

Finishing up for the looser curls

  • Finishing up for the looser curls and getting the instant desired look makes sure that waving hair with flat iron isn’t that tough. But remember to gently run the fingers through the hair. This method will add to the volume and will give a natural look.
  • If you want more hold, it’s worth putting light Mist or hairspray all over the curls. But make sure that it gets the sleek and fine look of the hair.

Trying out the different looks

Beachy waves are one of the best options where you won’t have to worry about going away or towards your face. That said, it proves to be the easier version of the flat iron waves long hair.

But, there are some other looks as recommendations by the top stylists. For beachy waves to be slightly more defined, the twirl-and-pull method is the most suitable. Go ahead with holding your flat iron at an angle. Proceed with inserting an inch-wide section of hair between the clamps. Now just turn the iron away from your face that can ensure the creation of the first bend.

Simple Beach C-Waves

Get the blissful look with the Simple Beach C-Waves by following simple steps.

Section off the front, separate inch-wide per piece of hair.

Start from the root, make a “C” shape. Do that with the rounded curve facing the outside. Depending on several waves according to your preferences, drag the flat iron a little longer or shorter.

Repeat this motion but follow the same in the opposite direction to create an “S.”

Continue going with this method down the length of the hair. Make sure to stay consistent until you reach the ends.

Use fingers to shake the hair. Also, use the texture or sea salt spray.

Beachy Pin Curls

This is yet another stylish look that can be incredibly flawless.

Take a small vertical section, use fingers to twist the strand from roots to ends.

Now, take precision in wrapping the twisted section into a pin curl.

In the process, pay attention to applying a good amount of tension, press down on the pin curl. For that, use the flat iron for four seconds.

Be consistent and repeat until you complete the entire hair.

Consider taking the medium control texturizing spray. It can go with the creation of the undone, beachy waves.

Getting the Flat Iron to work For creation Bouncy Curls

Bouncy curls have a close relation to the lift and volume. Volume Spray can be the best friend in this method.

It’s worth starting one inch away from the root. Make sure about holding the iron vertically. But, in the process, keep it slightly tilted away from the face. Do not become inconsistent from pressing down.

Just go with twisting the iron a half and turn away from touching the face.

In the process, pay attention to applying proper tension and hold the ends as you glide the iron halfway.

Pay attention to twisting the iron another half. Besides, be sure to turn away from the face. But, also glide the rest of the way with the application of the light tension.

Repeat this process, be consistent with the amount of tension you’re applying. Just follow the process twice per strand. This method is something that can be the best fit for extra bounce. Besides, you can also consider using the larger sections for a looser look.

Using a Flat Iron For Polished Waves

The polished curls can bear the incredible look at times.

  • For that, you will have to just go ahead with the creation of a 1-inch vertical section and start bringing the iron to the root.
  • Make sure about smoothening the hair down or get more volume and go outwards. The angle should be such that it fits the iron half turn away from the face. Besides, just go with gently pulling down for around an inch and a half.
  • Make sure about taking the time to make the first wave. Also, go ahead with making the elongated C. Always pay attention to making the round edge on the inner side closer to the face. Moreover, be consistent and then repeat the steps for the length of the hair.
  • Also, you can go ahead with finishing with the help of the rounded ends that will deliver the polished look. In the process, always make sure about using the large-toothed comb or the fingers to make sure about the perfect look.
  • You can consider applying the light hold hair spray or serum that can add to the Shine.


Is it possible to wave the hair with a flat iron?

The idea of creating the waves or the Curls with the flat iron seems unbelievable. But the truth is that you can easily do it by following the set of steps.

How to do beach waves with straightener short hair?

The steps you need to follow for this are the same as mentioned above. It’s just that you’ll have to take extra care while clamping the hair.

How to make S waves with a flat iron?

Start by creating an S-shaped bend in hair with the help of the fingers. Once you get the curve shape is in place, grab flat iron. go ahead with carefully tapping over the curve. Continue with the bending in the opposite direction. That said, the method yields the full S-shape.

How can I make the hair look Wavy with a curling iron?

Make sure about combing out the curls. Once you see that you have curled up all the hair, you have to make it appear loose and wet. For that, you can use the wide-toothed comb over the curls. Make sure about shaping it into the sections, loosen up the Curls with the help of the comb. You can also use the fingertips for gently loosening up the curl.

What is the best way to make the hair develop curls using a flat iron?

Always make sure about waving the hair vertically as you are using the iron. Also, place the one-inch section of the hair on the flat iron. Now start from the areas near the scalp. Always make sure to keep the iron in the vertical position. Go on curling it while you make sure about gliding the flat iron downwards the hair. Continue doing that until you reaching the end of the lock.

How to curl hair with a straightener (for beginners)?

Beginners can go with curling hair with a hair straightener brush. This is one of the finest methods Instead of turning the straightener 180°. They can consider doing a 360° and then pulling the straightener downwards. Wrapping the chunk of hair around one plate and slowly pulling the straightener down gives an incredible look.

How to make soft waves with a flat iron?

For this look, one has to clamp flat iron down on the hair. Then, there’s a need to turn it up a half of a turn. Then proceed with clamping it on the next bit of hair. Turn it down a half of a turn as the technique will give flat waves. Repeating this process down the length of hair develops the finest soft waves.

Final words

Following the above mentioned methods is the ultimate answer to how to make wavy hair with a flat iron. Do follow them and get the stunningly beautiful look. You can try these looks even for parties or daily life. Share your tips, too, in the comments below! We will love to hear.

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