How to Look Feminine with short Hair and Glasses? – follow the tips!

How to Look Feminine with short Hair and Glasses? - follow the tips!
How to Look Feminine with short Hair and Glasses? - follow the tips!
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Every girl has the right to choose her style. Short hair with glasses can give a dramatically stylish look, and no one can practically deny it. You can get tons of styles to choose from, and the short hair with the eyeglass frames can be impressive enough. Now the question is how to look feminine with short hair and glasses?

To achieve this balance, women with short hair and glasses should always consider the frame’s shape, size, and color. Besides, it’s also worth picking the color and length of the hair. The perfect combination of the pixie bob in the shade of blonde can give a dramatic look. Besides choosing the long bangs, go with the choice of the sunglasses frame that can also be amazing. Also, you should highlight your cheekbones that can make you look super stylish.

Well, it’s worth getting an idea regarding even how to dress feminine with short hair.

How to Look Feminine with short Hair and Glasses? - follow the tips!
How to Look Feminine with short Hair and Glasses? – follow the tips!

The short hair feminine looks you can try

The short hair looks for women aren’t limited to a single style. You can try the range of the styles based on your likes and dislikes as well.

1. Short blonde bob along with the long side bags

If you want the achievement of the balance, it’s worth picking this style. Women with short hair and glasses can pick this style. One of the short hair with glasses styles will suit the length of the hair. The combination of the perfect pixie bob with the perfect shade of blonde can give a stylish look.

2. Short cut for the round face along with glasses

When you’re questioning how to look feminine with short hair, remember the style can be best for a round face. The nice short hairstyle ideas are already there for the women with round faces and eyeglasses. Besides, you can consider the messy pixie style with the deep side par when you have a short while.

3. Rectangular frames with the short haircut

Rectangular glasses prove to be wide enough, which means you can try out the best haircut with them. When you have the textured pixie, the look proves to be the best. Besides, the unstructured bobs or the longer bobs can be the best ones. Bangs of all kinds prove to be the best choice for women. It is good enough for the avoidance of the clean geometric haircut. The look proves to be one of the best hairstyles for glasses wearers.

4. Glasses and grey hair

How to make short hair look feminine? Short hairstyles look incredibly beautiful on any individual, and glasses can never be a boring style code for women. The goal here is to create the right texture and volume while also adding life and vibrancy to the complete look.

5. Short fine and thin hair along with the stylish glasses

You can try out the short hairstyle for the fine hair as well adding the glass can be good enough for the varying from the pixie cut to the bobs or of the short shags. Besides, you can also go with curling the hair with layers or also at the root volume. I can give you an incredible look at the very next moment.

6. Short thick hair with glasses

How to look more feminine with short hair? Bobs turn out to be the best for the short haircut. It also looks good with thick hair and glass, especially when you have the perfect straight locks; it can give you a perfect look.

7. Bob haircut with glass

The variations of the bob haircut are worth trying. Besides, you can get the perfect look with the hairstyle. When you have the glasses with you, choose the type of bob that will best fit you. Also, go for the hairstyling under the expertise of a good hairstylist. The stylist will find out the right fringe and layer it accordingly.

8. Oval face with the short hair and glass

Most of the women who want short hair cut is worried about whether the look will be a feminine one or not. So, when you’re questioning how to look feminine with short hair and glasses, remember that short haircuts can be strikingly beautiful for even the oval face. It can make your face look more visible. Besides, you can go with the feminine comb-over or spiking the front of the hair.

9. Big eyeglass frames along with the short hair

Who said that short hair doesn’t look good on women? Short hair with big eyeglasses can give you a dramatic look like never before. That daring women look that you can get with it turns out to be flattering. Moreover, you can just choose the right sunglass frame that can complement your frame. With that style, pay attention to the frame size because the frame size will be varying according to the angular face shape.

10. Shaved haircut along with the glass

How to look girly with a pixie cut? Most women are afraid of trying short hairstyles because sometimes it ends up making them look like men. No, you shouldn’t be worried about that. It’s worth noting that a haircut cannot be gender-biased ever. You can also try out the undercut or the under-shaped haircut that can give the perfect accent. Make sure about adding the different colors and materials. Also, you can choose the popular haircut with the glass and the undercut side.

11. Round eyeglasses with short hair

Round eyeglasses can make sure about the creation of the exclusive style. You can get a stunning, smart look with straight hair with layers. But it’s not recommended to go with too short hair. This is because the very short pixie haircut can be enough the revealing the forehead. While you’re styling with a pixie haircut with glasses, make sure about keeping full bangs or also the multi-layer haircut in the perfect way.

12. Plus size women with short hair with glasses

In that case, you make sure about avoiding the extremely short haircut because the double chin or the chubby cheeks do not look good with extremely short hair. Rather you can go with the long pixie hair. Now when you’re curious about how to feel feminine with short hair, note that proper makeup can be the savior. Simple yet elegant makeup with flattering dresses can be suitable for the desired look.

13. Bob glasses with the short curly hair

Short curly hair can also be dramatic enough when you have angle shape eyeglasses. You can pick the cat eyes or was a rectangular frame type of the glasses. This style will be perfect enough to complement your face.

14. Glasses with the sporting short hair

How to make a pixie cut look feminine? If you want the sporting extra short hair and glasses to make you look fabulous simultaneously, it’s worth trying this cut. Moreover, it is good enough because it can take care of the hairline as well .the big eyeglasses will be preferable for complementing this look.

15. Bangs with short hair and glasses

You don’t have to ever stop experimenting with the fringes. You can try it out with a varying length of the bang and then pick the glasses that will be the most comfortable for you to carry the style with you. So, when you’re asking how to look feminine with a pixie cut, pay attention to getting the side bang straight across the fringe or cut in bangs.

16. Bang with the short hair and glasses

Doesn’t that sound to be an extremely beautiful idea for you? The long bangs with glasses can make sure about giving the variety of the styling options. How to look girly with short hair? You can also just go ahead with laying it to one side or also clamping it all. Just letting it loose can also give a right look. Often, no matter the type of look you want, you can choose the haircut that looks good.

17. The short haircut for senior citizen women with the glasses

The hot outlook with the short hairstyles never becomes too limited toward age. Even when you are in your 60s, you can just try out the hot sunglasses and choose one of the beautiful hair styling options. You can get that are rounded bob or the short textured pixie haircut. Overall, pixie short hairstyles for over 60 with glasses turn out to be an extremely beautiful idea. You can also try out the different hair color hair designs as well as a styling option.

18. Glasses for the grey hair with the shortcut

When you are older than 50, and you think that you are just going out of style, you try the short haircut with the glasses. You never know how beautiful short hairstyles for grey hair and glasses can look on you. Asymmetrical bob or also the elegant stacked bob is something that can give you an incredible outlook.

19. Youthful short haircut for the glasses

Even when you are in your 50s, you can try out short hair. Bob hairstyles for over 50 with glasses can be a great idea to make you look more youthful. Messy pixie hair doesn’t go out of style. But, remember to add a beautiful sunglass. You can try this look like one of the best short hairstyles for thick grey hair and glasses look.

20. Wavy asymmetrical hairstyle along with the glasses

You can get various ideas regarding short hair with glasses that can be completely pleasing. Why not try this incredible look? The flawless look you can attain with this haircut can make you look stunning.

How to make short hair more feminine?

There’s a common misconception among most women that a short haircut can make them look more masculine. But that’s not true! You can take the assistance of a hairstylist and a hairdresser who can help you in the mission of getting the right look. Besides, there are clothing hacks that you need to follow. Follow the next section.

How to dress girly with a pixie cut?

When you’re questioning how to look feminine with short hair and glasses, remember that the dressing sense matters a lot. Clothes like a shirt with a skirt, peplum tops, frock style shirt, and maxi prove to be excellently flattering for short hair. High-neck shirts with tight jeans can be a great addition as well. Besides, wear some fancy earrings with it, and get a clutch. That said, the overall pleasant look you can get proves to be flattering.

Besides, you can also try another amazing style to look feminine with a pixie cut. The name of this style is boyfriend style, but with high heels. Sounds pretty fascinating idea, right? Well, there is something sexy about it. For the accessories part, you can pick the statement necklace. Also, an earring will be the center of attention, without hair in the middle.

How to look feminine with short hair and glasses- the tips

Certain tips that you follow can give a dramatic feminine look. 

1. Focus on face

Hair shouldn’t dominate your overall appearance! A pixie cut doesn’t make you spend a good few hours blow-drying and curling. A quick ruffle in the morning will be enough for the style. Amazing makeup look or pampering your skin can make you look absolutely flawless. Feature on your face and accentuating it can be an amazing idea. Besides, make sure to get the bold eye look. With that, you can draw attention to your facial features. 

2. Feel proud 

Your hairdo should be the one that keeps you happy. When you’re happy with the short hair, you must be confident enough to show off. Regardless of how much makeup you wear or how amazing your clothes are, you have to hold the confidence to go with it. 

Some women struggle with a pixie cut due to the concept that the cut makes them look manly. And that’s what is causing them to lose confidence. But it shouldn’t be so. Keep it there for the whole world to see. Start feeling sexy, fabulous, and cute with your pixie cut. Femininity is all about confidence!

3. Feminine statement piece

At first, you may feel like a boy in all outfits you wear. It’s not good to always be in that lazy day of jeans and a t-shirt. But, at the same time, remember, you can feel like a gorgeous girl with an amazing hairdo with a statement piece of clothing. Even a feminine accessory or bag can add to the gorgeous look. Besides, pick a bold, chunky necklace. Be ready to feel feisty yet feminine.

4. Be more confident and stop worrying about your hair

Flaunting that gorgeous crop is the mark of confidence. You don’t have to entertain everyone staring at your hair, and you feel awkward. Stay elegant and classy, and that’s it! No one can make you feel bad with that. Besides, it’s worth trying on a new dress with your pixie cut. Most importantly, feel comfortable about your new hair! 

A short crop with a messy hair look can be an amazing idea for a woman. 

5. What to look for and what not

Get the look with straight lines, crisp angles, clean palettes. But, make sure to avoid looking floppy, sloppy, and dirty.

The blazer is a piece that has become inspirational among women. Structured silhouettes with a nipped-in waist look stunning, but boyfriend cuts are a bit more difficult. Go cropped, and it won’t make you feel awkward.

Also, go for structure, nipped waists, cropped lengths. Oversized/boyfriend silhouettes are the right choice. Pay attention to balancing by belting your waist and getting the extremely well-fitted or feminine opposing piece.

Balance and slightly rumpled perfection prove to be an amazing idea. Shift dresses prove to be the staple in the closet. For getting this look, just belt the waist. Make sure to shorten the length, and wear the skinniest, sexiest stilettos. 

Side panels and shorter lengths with avoiding uninteresting fabrics/patterns/colors can be a great idea. 

A perfectly fitted black v-neck tee with the trousers can be flattering. A balance between highlighting feminine features alongside sporting androgynous duds can be the best idea.

A high-waisted fit that can highlight the feminine figure definition is a great choice. For that, make sure to avoid baggy, ill-fitting cuts. 


What haircut looks best with glasses?

Women Glasses Wearers can try the Pixie Cut, Wavy Lob, Medium Bob with Full Bangs, to similar other styles. Pixie Cut in particular, and Bob with See-through Bangs, makes one look flattering.

Do chubby faces look good with short hair?

The common misconception is that short hair isn’t suitable for women with round faces. But that’s not true, and even the asymmetric side-parted hairstyles look good on chubby faces. It’s worth trying the angled bobs/lobs and styles with volume.

Does short hair make you look older?

To make yourself look younger, do not opt for a short, spiky cut. Rather, try the bangs that look smooth and sexy.
  • How can I see myself with short hair?

Stand in front of the mirror to spot the side of your face. After that, hold the pencil horizontally under your chin as well as a ruler under your ear vertically. Now go with measuring the distance from your ear to the pencil. When you notice that it is less than 2.25 inches, short hair will look great on you.

  • Can I still look feminine with short hair?

Having short hair means that you will have to work with is your face. Use makeup to accentuate your features and highlight the features you admire. Besides, also opt for the right clothing and the dramatic eye look.

Final words

When it comes to selecting the right haircut, you don’t have to forget the face shape. The short haircut can be perfect and ensure giving you an incredibly feminine look. Just make sure that you take on your make-up. If there are ways for hiding your broad forehead, do that! You don’t have to always go with the extremely fluffy and the messy pixie. Just look for styling options that can match your face. Besides, everyone has their own opinions on what looks good. Do follow some tips when you’re questioning how to look feminine with short hair and glasses; remember that the best thing you can do is consult a professional and follow your desires. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to styling your short hair. Be confident, and you’re ready to go!

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