How To Know If Your Hair Is Damaged – Don’t Ignore The Signs

How To Know If Your Hair Is Damaged - Don’t Ignore The Signs
How To Know If Your Hair Is Damaged - Don’t Ignore The Signs
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Everyone loves healthy hair for good reasons. But the problem is that lifestyle, as well as different other factors, can impact the hair significantly to make it unhealthy. That said, certain signs show up in the form of the signs of damaged hair.

So if your question is how to know if your hair is damaged, you must remember that taking a closer look at the ends shows that the hair is thin. This is a clear indication regarding the form of the damage. Moreover, there are signs like unnecessary roughness, dry scalp, tangled hair, overly dry hair, hair loss, and thinning.

Who doesn’t like the idea of getting a stunning hairstyle? People spend thousands of dollars to get gorgeous hair. But the main problem is that too many heat styling tools and chemical treatments can damage the hair. In this article, you will come to know the signs of damaged hair.

How To Know If Your Hair Is Damaged - Don’t Ignore The Signs
How To Know If Your Hair Is Damaged – Don’t Ignore The Signs

There is not a particular sign to point out that your hair is vulnerable to damage. So, let’s dive deep into the top and get started with the discussion.

How to tell if your hair is damaged?- the alarming signs

Have you been lately questioning yourself is my hair damaged? If yes, remember, there is a list of the signs to indicate the hair damage. Though not all of them are prominent, you can get a rough idea most of the time.

When you’re questioning how to know if your hair is damaged, remember split ends you can take the chunk of the hair and notice ends of the hair. If you see that the ends are cut out, this is the reference of the split ends. The split ends start appearing right after six or eight weeks of having the trim or haircut.

Moreover, if you have fuzzy hair, then there will be higher possibilities of noticing split ends. Again, you see that the end of the hair strands are still splitting less than a month and are becoming brittle. It shows that you have broken hair.

  • Bumpy strands of the hair

Whenever you’re running the fingers along the single strand of the hair, you can notice some changes. If it feels like your fingers can run smoothly, then it’s the normal condition. But if you notice the bumps along the strand, it is the clear-cut sign of the uneven texture. That said, you should be cautious that your hair is suffering damage and there are gaps in the protein cells. Salon-based treatment options can fix this problem. Besides, you should also consider a healthy diet.

  • Tangles

how to tell if your hair is damaged? Look for the tangles! The hair shaft, in general, is healthy, clean. But when you have a damaged hair, there may be the success of the rough cuticles getting worsened with time. Consequently, you may also notice knots.

You can take a brush for brushing the hair or simply try running your fingers through it. If you hit a few snags along the way, you must be careful that it’s unhealthy hair. Cuticles flat so that hairs can sit and slide against one another. But, during this condition, the cuticles ended up becoming raised, leading to dry hair.

  • Flyaways

Getting rowdy hair isn’t the end of everything. Typically, that is a clear sign that hair cannot retain moisture. Breakage, leading to the protruding of short hair fibers, is common.

  • Matting hair

one of the major signs of unhealthy hair is matting hair. In case you end up taking yourself more time than normal for detangling the hair, then there is a chance that your hair is damaged. Sometimes you may notice problems even after soaking wet with the slippery conditioner. The colors also start getting damaged in no time. The cuticle faces damage, thus making them harder for every stand to just slide past each other. The problems become serious when you are trying to detangle or comb.

  • Increased hair loss

Do you keep noticing that your head loss is increasing every day? If yes, then you must take the condition seriously. Normal hair loss ranges between 50 and 100 strands per day.

Moreover, whenever you’re washing the hair, it becomes normal to find that the strands fall out of place. But in case you see that there is too much hair on the shirt, pillow, or randomly on the floor when you are not even combing, it becomes a clear indication that your hair is damaged.

  • Fading of hair colors

Question yourself is my hair damaged, and you’ll get the instant answer! You shouldn’t ignore fading of hair colors. After a certain period, even the use of chemical colors doesn’t work. Both the natural and coloring agent color fades away. Noticing the fading of color a little faster than normal can be a bad indication. In addition to losing vibrancy, the hair also feels strawy that is the result of damaged hair.

  • Easily soaked hair

When your hair is rapidly soaking, remember that damage to the natural lipid layer is a sign of damage. It can also result in less flexible strands.

  • The high porosity of hair

When you’re questioning how to tell if your hair is fried, note that high porosity is a sign. Hair that proves to be quite porous has the cuticle layer damaged. The curls don’t start staying in the position for soaking up all the moisture outside. Moisture also starts accumulating in the hair shaft that can lead to swelling. As a result of this condition, your hair becomes brittle and dry. Moreover, you can use certain products that can help in restoring the hair to normal condition.

  • Dull appearance

How to tell if hair is dry? Well, look for the dull appearance. At some point, you can notice that your hair becomes limp, dull, and almost like straw. Such a condition turns out to be the clear-cut sign that the scalp and the strands are not getting healthy conditioning. Sometimes, there is a chance of overexposure to the scalp and the strand to the chemicals or pollution.

Women who have too much hair straightening procedure can notice limp hair immediately. Fighting such a condition is possible when you utilize the hot oil massage and stay away from the chemical products like the spray, serum, and gel. The problem, in this case, is that cuticles get broken. As a result of the damaged hair starts losing its brightness. Sometimes you can also notice that the hair shaft doesn’t grow at all.

Such problems are evident even after getting the profound conditioning. There won’t be any shine in the hair at all as the shine start losing. There’s a relation to the direct consequence of the incorrect styling or also heat styling. Sometimes your hair may also become vulnerable to looking sluggish due to chemical damage. Using an excess of the hair colors can also be bad enough for the hair.

  • Extreme dryness of the hair

Are you noticing that your hair is looking rough and matte almost all the time? If yes, there may be a chance that your hair is becoming damaged. Damaged hair usually lacks proteins, and this is the reason that leads to the hair looking like a dry and matte texture.

The hair styling products and the dyes are enough for opening up the hair cuticle. Moreover, when you repeatedly use that hair treatment product, it becomes hard to untangle hair. Cuticle starts becoming weak and exposed over time with the hair fall treatments. The damaged hair cuticle sticks to another cuticle right from the neighboring strand of the hair. Such a condition can make the hair worsened.

  • Unresponsiveness to the styling and hear treatment

When you have the damaged hair, you may notice that it is not responding properly to the styling effort. You may try oiling, conditioning the hair, and applying the serum. But you will notice that your hair is becoming more unruly than better. The blow dry will also give you crystal clear signs like leaving the hair frizzy and messy rather than becoming well set.

The worst part is that the damaged hair turns out to be difficult to style, and even the styling gel or the spray can’t bring back the beautiful look. The damage only becomes faster, and so it won’t give you any better results in the needed time.

  • Lack of elasticity

Before the hair finally snaps and breaks, you may see that it can lose elasticity to a huge extent. The damaged hair elasticity turns out to a much slower when compared to the healthy one. If you see that your hair becomes snapped easily, it confirms that your hair is damaged.

  • Popping & snapping

Wet, healthy hair extends effortlessly when you pull very softly. Besides, it’s completely normal to have elasticity. When the hair extends a little more, pops, and snaps, it’s a confirmed sign of the lack of protein in your hair. Again, if the hair falls when you’re trying to stretch it out straight away, curls seem too dry. That said the hair lack moisture.

  • Curls stop forming

Curls suddenly become thin, stringy, and limpy that indicates damaged hair. Factors such as disease, medications, diet, or hair products can be the reason behind the damage.

  • So, how can you keep away from such problems?

The simple way is to formulate the right hair care regimen to eradicate the damage.

Caring for unhealthy hair: the to-do list

The signs of damaged hair vary from one individual to the other. However, certain methods to control it are common.

Trim brittle ends

Noticing brittle, frayed, and split ends means you need a haircut. Trimming damaged ends remove unhealthy layers, thus allowing hair to continue growing effectively. No, you don’t need to go with a full haircut. Slight trim is enough to allow hair growth to stay consistent into its healthiest state.

Refrain from using hot styling devices

High-tension hairstyles lead to long-term hair damage. That’s known! Similarly, the usage of hot styling devices can bring serious issues. Refrain from over usage of curling irons, blow dryers. Too much use of the styling tools can increase the damage, dry, and fray hair cuticles. Towel dry your hair or let it dry naturally. Use the blow dryer on the lowest setting. Styling routine in check minimizes the effects of damage.

Avoidance of coloring your hair

Chemicals are bad for hair health, and treating your hair repeatedly worsens it. Stay away from bleach as well as chemical additives. Rather, you can opt for natural ingredients.

Hair regrowth treatment

Thinning, serious shedding, or overall hair loss are the indications to consider undertaking hair regrowth treatment. Restoring and revitalizing hair conditioners are basic characteristics of repairing hair. Besides, the treatments take care of the follicles of the scalp.

How to reduce the appearance of existing damage?

You can take up the strategies to reduce the appearance of existing damage and protect against future damage. For that, you will have to opt for oil with vitamin e treatment. Moisturized hair can seal those unsightly split ends.

The next time you go with styling the hair, use heat protection spray before styling.

Moreover, do follow to treat tresses every week. Nourishing and conditioning agents in masks, treatments, and conditioners can yield a perfectly polished style.

Above all, it’s best to consider hair cuts regularly that can eradicate the split ends. Now you may be curious to know about how to know if your hair is damaged from heat.

What are the heat damaged hair symptoms?

The heat damaged hair symptoms are slightly different from the other damage symptoms. That said, heat damaged hair symptoms come inclusive of excessive hair shedding, no more curls, or split ends. Besides, you may also notice strawy porous hair. The no shine or luster hair will give you the instant feeling of dryness. Lack of elasticity and too tangled hair is worsened sign. Over time, you may notice that the hair becomes hard to manage.

How to tell if your hair is dead?

When you start noticing the damage to the hair, you must start becoming cautious. Besides, remember the dead hair and damaged hair are two different things. Dead hair is the condition when hair follicles die. At such a point, hair growth stops completely. But, for confirming that your hair isn’t dead, you’ll have to check whether or not the hair follicles are still active. Look at the scalp and note the hairs on your scalp. They may be sparse, thin, short, or fuzzy. This relevance shows that your scalp is still alive and sprouting new hairs.

Final words

You have got a concise idea regarding how to know if your hair is damaged. Do be cautious to check the symptoms in time and opt for the needed measures. As soon as you notice that the hair feels dull and coarse to the touch, you should start involving the proven treatment strategies. Also, look out for split ends and breakage.

Usually, it becomes easy to curb the chances of damaged hair at your home with the involvement of the DIY regimen. But, if you fail to achieve the goal, it’s worth seeking professional help to restore the condition. Share your views regarding the damaged hair and the solutions against it. We will love to hear from you!

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