Does Wearing a Headset Cause Hair Loss? – Check Out the Metrics

Does Wearing a Headset Cause Hair Loss? - Check Out the Metrics
Does Wearing a Headset Cause Hair Loss? - Check Out the Metrics
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Music lovers and gaming enthusiasts always have the habit of wearing headphones for extended hours. Consequently, they are least bothered whether it causes hair to fall out or not. The popular question among people is now, does wearing a headset cause hair loss?

The simple answer is that when the headphones are putting on headphones for several hours every day, you cannot avoid traction alopecia. Wearing headphones that give you the opportunity of adjusting them for comfort level is good for breathability. However, when you are adjusting it, then maybe there are chances of rubbing on the scalp. Such an irritating rubbing can cause traction alopecia, which’s popularly known as hair loss.

Does Wearing a Headset Cause Hair Loss? - Check Out the Metrics
Does Wearing a Headset Cause Hair Loss? – Check Out the Metrics

The reason why headphones cause the hair loss

Can wearing a headset cause hair loss? The hair loss happens with the headphones because of the typical headphone design. The headphone is designed in the form of earphones joined by the band placed over the head. That’s where the problem begins. The band that is connecting the pair of earphones is very firm on the scalp. So the headphones stay in place while you are just moving around. Wearing the headphones in the form of the band can be the hotspot for excessive rubbing and sweating. Many people have usually heard that headphones cause hair loss, and so they immediately dismiss the notion. Some again assume that the head loss is all due to just nutrition and genetic disorders. But they do not pay attention to how the headphone can cause hair loss.

Headphones that come with a tight fit

Does wearing headphones make you bald? You will go through the reviews section of the headphones on multiple shopping sites, and you will come to know how the one giving the tight fit is the problem. Such headphones become worrisome over time.

No padding

When you are purchasing cheap headphones with no padding to prevent the parts from coming into contact with the ears, then definitely it will be causing hair loss. Consequently, peoples who are having the cheaper headphones are also vulnerable to headaches. Moreover, the researchers have started by now that wearing headphones that are not adjustable may cause hair loss. Wearing the headphone with no padding having the headphones for fun is a great idea. But when you have the headphone without any padding, it will make you vulnerable to hair loss.

The heavy headphones

When you’re questioning does wearing a headset cause hair loss, remember that weight is a factor that you shouldn’t overlook. The weight of the headphones is something not able remember that the bad headphones that are heavier are yet another factor why people are always blaming the headphones for causing the hair loss problem. Heaviness is severe when you have cheap headphones. The ones that come with the built-in microphone add to the strain on the head. It happens that the bulky headphones can also be the hot spot for causing hair loss when you are wearing them for several hours a day. All you will have to consider is maintaining a gap in wearing headphones when you are playing games and producing music.

Traction alopecia and wearing headphones

Does wearing a headset cause baldness? Yes, they do! People who have heard a lot regarding the traction of alopecia usually try relating headphones to it. Traction alopecia refers to the baldness that happens due to friction to the hair follicles. That said, the hair starts falling out due to pulling On The Hair roots. And in this regard, when you are wearing the headphones for several hours of the day, traction alopecia is bound to happen.

Avoidance of hair loss from headphones

Can wearing headset cause hair loss? The headphones can be the reason behind causing the pulling and rubbing On The Hair follicles. Now the question is how you can keep away their chances of traction alopecia due to headphones? There are certain ways by which you can avoid this hair loss with headphones.

“NO” to hair pulling

Prevent hair loss from headphones and always use a headphone band in the form of a barrier towards pulling the hair to avoid weakening the hair follicle. You can also get the scope for reducing the amount of friction on the scalp from the headphones that are put on for a long time. 

The “breathability” factor

Tightly fit headphones can be the reason behind profuse sweating. So, always leave scope for breathability. Ensure that the headphone is fit while not allowing excessive sweat to collect on the scalp. Sweat can be the reason behind greasiness as well as the place for germs to thrive. So, always consider the breathability when you’re purchasing headphones.


Headphone manufacturers usually often market non-adjustable headphones in the form of self-adjusting. Many headphones are indeed there that are self-adjusting. But not all of them are self-adjusting, and these are the ones that give rise to bald spot from headphones. Certain headphones will be the resulting in friction. The elastic band or the flexible cushions sitting on the head firmly can be responsible for causing hair loss. Always make sure that you can go through the technical specifications, verify them, and only then you purchase the headphones. Whenever you’re looking for headphones, always be aware of the headband quality, adjustability scale, material composition, design aspect. Usually, most modern headphones come with an advanced level of adjustments to the system.

Tie a ponytail

Can wearing headphones cause hair loss? The headphones can be the major reason for increasing the hair loss problem, and so you should always make sure that your hair isn’t unkempt. Always make sure what time the hair in the ponytail. With a ponytail, you can rest assured that the headphones won’t be snagging your hair. Instead, it will be gliding over your hair.

Consequently, there won’t be the chances of pulling, so there won’t be the chances of hair loss. Besides, once you put the headphones on, ensure that they should never keep moving around too much. Also, see to that it isn’t too loose. Avoidance of the tension of the headphones on the head is a must. In extreme cases, always make sure that you are putting some gap between the hours of the day that you are wearing the headphone.

Always make sure about cleaning the headphones

Headphones are the hotspot of the bacterias to thrive, and so you require to clean them regularly. Always make sure about taking some antiseptic wet wipe and thoroughly cleaning, especially the inner portions. This cleaning procedure can ensure that there won’t be germs thriving in the band and going directly to the scalp. Cleaning the headphones will reduce the chances of hair loss and make sure that there won’t be other fungi or bacterial infections in the surrounding parts. Traction alopecia headphones are turning out to be a major issue among music and gaming lovers. No doubt, you shouldn’t ignore the signs.

Opting for extra cushioning

Extra cushioned headphones can also be way decreasing the scopes of hair loss. Besides everything else, you will have to follow the normal hair care regimen like brushing the hair every time, not tying the hair too tightly, opting for the protective styles that do not cause hair loss. In addition to that, also use the correct kind of shampoo and conditioner and reduce the chemical use on the hair.

Limit wearing headphones

Always make sure to limit the amount of time that you are wearing the headset. You can’t wear it for extended periods of the day. Make sure about taking it off and letting your hair breathe. Pay attention to wearing the headset in different positions. Sometimes, the putting of the headband forward or backward doesn’t lead to technically resting the scalp.

Though there are many other factors that you will have to consider when purchasing headphones, it’s worth noting the adjustability for the audio professionals. Besides the audio quality, pay attention to the comfort and make sure that when you are using it on a humid day, you are wiping off the Sweat as much as possible. Always pay attention to using the headphones with the adjustable headband. These headphones are very comfortable, and the headband always adjusts, barely touching the hair. The minimized friction on the scalp with the headphones ensures keeping you away from the chances of traction alopecia.

How the lightweight headphones ensure lesser chances of traction alopecia?

Do gaming headsets cause hair loss? Similar to normal headphones, even gaming headphones are responsible for causing hair loss. In severe cases, it leads to traction alopecia. Lightweight headphones are the ones that can reduce friction. The weight of the headphones always plays as the mandatory factor. The headphones with high-powered drivers always turn out to be quite heavier. A lightweight and breathable setup ensure that you’ll get the scope of easily adjusting the headphone without taking a lot of time in adjusting them. Besides, it will always be maintaining some gap from the scalp. Even if you are necessarily looking for headphones with tons of power, then it’s worth choosing lightweight headphones.


Can I wear a cap and headphones for the avoidance of hair loss?

Yes, you can do that because wearing the cap will restrict the pulling of the hair. Use the comfortable cap and never close the band too tight to protect your hair.

Is it a bad idea to wear a headset all day long?

Headphones are the reasons behind causing cosmetic issues, so it’s not good to wear the headphone throughout the day. Besides, the additives in rubber and plastic make your scalp vulnerable to dermatitis.

How long it’s good to put a gap in wearing headphones?

You can wear the headphones for extended periods. But make sure that you are removing it in between for allowing your scalp to breathe. Also, make sure about adjusting your hair and adjusting the headphone band for making sure that they won’t be a collection of sweat. Do not exceed 60 minutes at a stretch. Besides, take off remove the headphones every 30 minutes to allow breathability.

Final words

You’ve got the answer to the query does wearing a headset cause hair loss. Plenty of consumers have always reported about how headphones can be the reason for the traction of alopecia. So, always ensure that you’re allowing breathability to keep away the chances of hair loss. Also, invest in buying quality headphones that won’t make your scalp and hair feel irritated.

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