Does Hair Dye Kill Lice? – Learn Why it isn’t Safe

Does Hair Dye Kill Lice? - Learn Why it isn't Safe
Does Hair Dye Kill Lice? - Learn Why it isn't Safe
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Head lice can be a dreadful Nightmare for most people. Besides, the worst part is that children attending preschool and elementary school are always vulnerable to the highest risk of infestation due to head lice. Now the question is, does hair dye kill lice? The simple answer, in this case, is that there are no scientific studies regarding the ability of the dye to kill lice. But the anecdotal evidence suggests that some of them are also successful in eliminating them. However, it’s worth noting that the hair dyes don’t kill the nits in any circumstance.

Does Hair Dye Kill Lice? - Learn Why it isn't Safe
Does Hair Dye Kill Lice? – Learn Why it isn’t Safe

These parasitic insects thrive in the hair and can be enough to degrade the body’s overall nutrition. Lice can cause problems to the scalp of people. These sesame-sized seeds insects range in color from brown to also translucent white. These insects thrive on the head because they require human blood for surviving. Sometimes they take around 30 days to grow up. Besides, they also lay their eggs they referred to as the nits.

The way the hair dyes work

There are different types of hair dye you can find in the market. That said, permanent hair dyes can kill the lice to a huge extent.

The ammonia content in the permanent hair dye works in the form of alkaline and corrosive Chemicals. That said, it emits gas to kill the head lice. This is one of the major reasons that why some people consider hair dyes effective for killing lice.

When you’re searching for answers to does dying your hair kill lice, remember the permanent hair dye solutions come inclusive of the hydrogen peroxide that affects.

Nits are there in the hard shell for protection in this casing. The chemicals in the hair dyes cannot penetrate the shell or also detaching the natural glue. The glue holding the nits adheres to the shells of the hair. This is why hair dye turns out to be ineffective in eliminating the nits before they hatch.

The way the hair dyes may kill the lice

If you wish to know does hair dye kill lice, you will have to consider continuing the process every week.

  • Continue opting for the process until you see that lice, and then the nits go eliminated. Again you should consider combining the hair dye and bleach for the removal technique. Combing or using vinegar can also give good results.
  • Always pay attention to the fact that no research supports are saying that vinegar can kill head lice. Besides, it also doesn’t affect terms of loosening the Glue that attaches nit to the head.
  • Again the anecdotal evidence also is indicative that the vinegar has the capability of killing the immature lice.

For using the hair dye in the lice removal treatment, you will have to follow certain methods.

The steps that ensure the removal of the lice from the head 

The stepwise method must be followed regularly. So here are the steps below.

  • Start with using vinegar. Make sure about applying on the entire scalp within 50 50 solutions of the vinegar and water. Make sure that it comes with 5% acidity. Also, work the vinegar mixture right down the hair shaft near the scalp. Apply it behind the ears and also at the tips of the neck. Make sure that leaving the solution on the scalp for around 15 minutes. In case you experience any kind of burning sensation is worth stopping there immediately. In the process, always make sure about wins in the vinegar and the water solution thoroughly with the help of the warm water.
  • Use of the lice combs ensures removal of the nits and the live lice from the head. In the process, always make sure about cleaning and soaking the lice comb in hot water that can show its effectiveness in removing the lice.
  • Keep it dipped in the solution unless you see that it is completely free of lice.
  • Now just go ahead with mixing the hair dye according to the package directions. Do that in the well-ventilated area. In the process, always make sure about optimally making the consistency with the help of the hair dye.
  • Also, pay attention to concentrate on the areas you have focused on to eradicate the lice. Apply it right at the base of the hair, behind and around the areas of the ear. Applying it at the base of the neck is a must.
  • Now just go ahead with thoroughly rinse out the hair dye. Also, comb the hair again with the help of the clean lice comb.
  • Using the hot hair dryer for drying the hair is a must because it can kill the leftover lice. If you are unable to remove every tiny bit, it’s worth getting the treatment once again because there may be an increased risk of lice formation. However, that doesn’t stop you from getting infested once again.

Ingredients in the hair dye that can help to get the results 

Can hair dye kill lice? It can as there are two major components of the hair dye that can be responsible for the destruction of the life span of the hair lice. These ingredients are as follows:

Hydrogen peroxide 

This is the chemical that forms the color of the hair. Besides, it also makes the hair lose the sulfur, thus making the texture rough and dry. You can notice that the hair shaft isn’t as smooth and soft as before. However, too much use of the hair dye with hydrogen peroxide can spoil the scalp.


This is yet another ingredient that is essential for lightening the hair. The pungent smell of Ammonia can be enough to drive away from the hair lice. The lice that are exposed to certain levels of ammonia start suffocating. That said, the louse doesn’t have the capability of withstanding the highly alkaline environment. With that, you can rest assured that these little organisms will go away due to the prolonged exposure to the dye ammonia. However, keep note that the toxic nature of the hair dye doesn’t make it recommended for children.

What about the effect of the hair dye on the nits?

The eggs that the lice lay are referred to as nits. Getting rid of the head lice is possible to a certain extent with the help of the hair dye. But sometimes, they do not find a reduction.

Always make sure about using the crucial methods for effective removal of the nits from the scalp too. Then the chemicals can have an impact on adult lice.

Sometimes some chemicals can also keep away the eggs. However, the note that the nits that are at least around three days old do not get affected because the neurological system is underdeveloped.

How to pick the Brand of Hair Dye Kills Head Lice?

Temporary hair colors, rinse-in-rinse-out colors, and semi-permanent tints do not contain hydrogen peroxide or ammonia. That said, these are the ones that cannot kill head lice. Rather, look for permanent color kits.

Hydrogen peroxide, the bleach, contains this chemical to get rid of the head lice. Check the product information and look for the ingredients ammonia and peroxide. Ask your local hair salon to confirm with the advice.

Head lice eggs (nits) have a structure with a hard, protective shell. Besides, these nits stay stuck to the hair shaft with a glue-like substance. Such a sticky nature makes them extremely difficult to remove. Shell impervious to the effects of hair dye proves to be still a problem. Hair dyes are effective for killing all adult lice. But, the problem is that the nits will be stubbornly clinging to your hair.

Head louse lifecycle lasts for between 38 and 45 days. On the other hand, Nits take from one week to 12 days for maturing and hatching. Once they hatch, head lice nymphs attach themselves to the scalp and start feeding on your blood. The adult head lice lay eggs again, and the cycle continues.

Giving an end to cycle …

The strategy will get rid of your head lice.

For that, on day one, dye your hair using a branded hair dye. Make sure it has ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and leave it on your hair for the recommended time.

With this method, you can also tackle any newly-hatched nymphs. For that, dye your hair gain on the seventh day. Complete it after the initial dye application.

Repeat the exercise. Continue dying again on the fourteenth day following the second application. That said, the method turns out to be the best to take care of any remaining nits and nymphs.

With this strategy, it becomes easy to break the cycle and get rid of the lice. But, the issue is that the dye is capable of damaging your hair.

Alternative to Kill Lice Eggs

Will hair dye kill lice? Yes, it can, to some extent, but it doesn’t work on the eggs. Address the nits in the hair to get rid of them permanently.

Hair color is effective in killing bugs. In most individuals, even after getting the treatment, the lice eggs will remain viable and stuck to the hair. Nits that have the tough exterior shell can find eradication with other chemicals.

Prescription lice treatment, home remedies, over-the-counter lice shampoo, or chlorine fails in keeping away nits. The best alternative you can try is physically removing the eggs from the hair via combing and handpicking. Use the strongest hair dye available because it can give you a better result than conventional ones.

Will Lice Treatment Ruin the Natural Hair Color?

Will dying your hair kill lice? Yes, it will but with a hair color change, of course. Over usage of the hair, dyes will cause a color change. Some people may also start becoming vulnerable to dried scalp and hair.

  • All-natural treatment protocol under the supervision of professional doctors won’t damage the hair.
  • At-home lice treatments like mayonnaise, Cetaphil, and conditioner give successful results. 
  • Lice shampoos, both prescription lice treatments and over-the-counter treatment kits like Nix, Pronto, A-200, and Rid, are effective to only a certain extent.
  • Natural oils like tea tree oil and anise oil can give better results to a certain extent. But, make sure of applying enough oil to suffocate the lice. That said, with the oil, it becomes easier to remove all nits.
  • Peppermint Repellent Spray, also the peppermint oil-based formula, keeps away these organisms. Peppermint scent is used to repel head lice naturally.

Highlight on the claims and variables regarding the hair dye 

When you have already dyed the head before, you know how strong that chemical can smell and the effect of the dye on the scalp. You have to consider certain claims and a variable when using the hair dye to kill the head lice.

Success stories show that people around the globe have used the chemicals and got the results. But, the problem is that these ingredients are strong enough with the composition of insecticides.

First of all, there are also different brands from which you can get the different products. The actual lice treatment means that it confirms benefiting with the effectiveness of the active ingredient. The different companies always come up with a composition that can give better results. Chemicals also have effects depending on the kind of treatment you are opting for. When using the actual insecticide-based treatments, the CDC always advises taking caution before using lice medicine.

Also, remember that the medicated shampoo that is designed for killing lice has the capability of killing only the live life. But the hair dyes will never penetrate the casing of the nits.

Highlight on the result 

The results all that you may notice are mixed. Some people see egg lice again start hatching within a few days of the application.

There have been many for whom hair dye just didn’t work. That said, till now, there I no definitive statistics for things like head lice and the nits.

Dye your hair, monitor your hair continually for the next 10-15 days, and only then can you understand whether it has worked or not. Also, consider experimenting with the products from different brands.

The FDA-cleared medical device works for the elimination of live lice bugs and their eggs (nits). It happens so due to the effects of dehydration and desiccation. You’ll have to consider the process for an hour. For better results, you’ll have to involve the 3-step lice treatment.

The reasons to not recommend hair dye to keep away the lice infestation

The following reasons confirm that you shouldn’t include hair dye to keep away the lice infestation:

  • Better treatments and home remedies than hair dye are already available.
  • Strong lice are vulnerable to mutating and surviving.
  • Multiple rounds of hair dye prove to be harmful to your child.
  • Hair dye isn’t wholly effective in killing lice. Besides, it doesn’t kill lice eggs.
  • Hair dye is costly, and repeated rounds of usage can make you waste money.

Safety precautions

Permanent dyes are responsible for undergoing chemical changes. That said, the natural hair color changes to a huge extent. Besides, hair dyes are responsible for irritation of your scalp and causing allergic reactions. You can also notice the side effects on the scalp, neck, and face with symptoms like itching, redness, burning, swelling, and hives or welts.

  • Side effects become more severe when you consider using hair dye or bleach products more frequently than intended. That said, the chemicals can also damage your hair, causing thinning or drying out if. When you apply hair dye or bleach more than once a month, the results may become disastrous.
  • When using hair dyes and bleach, use disposable gloves. It’s essential to protect hands and other areas of the body.
  • Don’t allow the product to run into your eyes, nose, or mouth. Avoid breathing in the fumes that the hair dyes emit. Besides, also consider dying your hair in a well-ventilated area.
  • The mandatory thing you should note is that Hair dye and hair bleach aren’t fit for use in children in the form of the lice-removal treatment. Children’s hair with a finer texture than adult hair becomes vulnerable to damage. Susceptibility to chemical reactions affecting the hair, eyes, scalp, and airways is common.

Other lice treatments that you can rely upon 

If you’re wondering can you get lice if you dye your hair, remember that in most cases, you’ll see the return of the infestation in no time.

  • Medicated shampoos and stearyl alcohol

At-home lice treatments can treat lice to a certain extent. You can use the medicated shampoos and stearyl alcohol. Home lice treatments require manual removal of lice and nits. Remove them with a fine-toothed lice comb.

  • Over-the-counter kits

Lice elimination Over-the-counter kits, such as Nix, use varying types of insecticides. It’s worth noting that such ingredients aren’t appropriate for small children, babies, toddlers, and pregnant or breastfeeding women.

  • Olive oil or mayonnaise

Olive oil or mayonnaise coating the scalp may suffocate lice. This anecdotal remedy requires leaving these substances on the hair for 24 to 48 hours. But with the application, always make sure to wear a shower cap.

  • Coconut oil

Coconut oil, scientifically not proven to be effective but proves to be best natural and nontoxic. For effectiveness, go with using it after treating hair with a vinegar solution.

  • Essential oils

Essential oils, such as lavender, peppermint, or rosemary, repel lice. Essential oils diluted with a carrier oil can give results in the form of a smothering treatment.

At-home treatments like Nix and combing often don’t work. So, it’s worth talking to a doctor about prescription medications.

In-clinic and at home lice removal 

You can get in touch with the expert lice doctors who will be there to keep away the infestations from your head without spoiling your hair health. The natural and toxic-free products used in the method also turn out to be good enough for keeping your hair completely lice-free.


What kills lice eggs?

Heat kills the lice eggs as they are not resistant to heat. Besides, Essential Oils kill lice eggs naturally. Mayonnaise can be a good treatment for the lice eggs as well.

How to remove lice from hair permanently?

Wash and dry the hair and then comb with the nit comb for removal of the lice. An alternate solution is to mix three olive oil tablespoons with a teaspoon of tea tree oil. Just apply the oil solution to your scalp and hair. Leave it for 30 minutes. Then just shampoo your hair.

Does hair bleach kill lice?

The strong chemicals can often kill both lice and nymphs. That said, the chemicals do so by drying them out. But, it doesn’t have the capability of killing any lice eggs that are in the hair. Again, according to some people, the dye can kill some adult lice.

Does ammonia-free hair dye kill lice?

Temporary hair colors, like rinse-in-rinse-out colors and semi-permanent tints, are devoid of hydrogen peroxide or ammonia. That said, these aren’t the solutions to kill head lice. Permanent color kits like Hydrogen peroxide the bleach can bring in new hair colors. Your hair starts attaining the blonde shade spectrum that contains the ammonia chemical.

Does bleach kill lice on hair brushes?

Yes, household bleach is effective for killing lice on hairbrushes. A cheaper and safer alternative is to immerse brushes, combs, and hair ornaments in boiling water. Besides, also soak them in the household dish soap. Keep them there for up to an hour. This is the best method to get rid of nits.


You’ve got the straight answer to the query does hair dye kill lice. Hair dye and bleach don’t have any scientific base to prove that they can kill lice. Anecdotal evidence indicates that these elements prove to be effective. But, the ability to kill lice eggs, referred to as nits, is too little. Alternate lice removal treatments are better to give the results than causing additional health problems.

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