Does Hair Dye Expire? – Identifying the State of Expiry (Latest)

Does Hair Dye Expire?
Does Hair Dye Expire?
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Does hair dye expire?

According to certain manufacturers, and open hair dye isn’t vulnerable to expiration. But the question “does hair dye expire” comes with the hair dye that having a shelf life of around just three years. After that period does hair dye does not work effectively. If you’re curious to know, does hair dye expire after opening it, you must go through the article.

Hair dye product usually does not hold the expiration date on the package. Besides, another question that comes in the minds of the consumers is does hair dye expire if unopened? Usually, there are certain points that lead to huge confusion. So people stay worried regarding whether it is safe to use or not. After a certain period, the hair dye may not function properly. However, there is no evidence that the old hair dye is dangerous to use or not. The chemical can cause unwanted side effects to the hair on the scalp.

hair dye
hair dye

The signs that will tell the hair dye is getting expired

You mustn’t overlook the warning signs because they can save you in the needed time.

•             When dealing with the hair dye, you will have to consider whether the container is open or not. Once you open it, the dye becomes contaminated by bacteria and fungi. In this case, you will get a bad smell from it. Remember that this is the warning sign. Opened hair dye turns out safe only for their limited period. There are other things that you should watch out for.

•             In case something goes wrong with the package or the chemical, the chemical may be vulnerable to turning stale. Sometimes, the mixture may look perfectly fine, but it may not be fit for use. Certain scientific backings can be indicative of bad quality. The material starts bearing an unusual smell. It is different from the ammonia scent associated with the hair dye.

•             Most of the packages do not come with the information related to hair dye expiration code. If you see that liquid is separated, it is indicative of the rotten material. The cracked bottle or the leaking bottle is unfit for use. Staining around the bottle cap, damaged and dented packaging is a warning sign.

Container that has been open for a longer time

Does hair dye expire after opening it? Most of the hair dye comes packaged with two separate product bottles. You cannot skip the process of mixing the products. In case you have opened the containers but not mixed the ingredients, and it starts oxidizing, the chemical reaction oxidation can adversely affect the chemicals of the hair dye. The open product that is exposed to air, sunlight, and moisture will degrade in quality.

Humidity and oxidation are enough to spoil the ingredients. Manufacturers will keep recommending using the containers just within six weeks. After that, the entire solution turns out to be a darkening color on the hair.

Natural products usually don’t contain chemicals or preservatives. But the problem is that they will degrade rapidly when they are kept open.

Why it’s good not to use expired hair dye?

Why it's good not to use expired hair dye?
Why it’s good not to use expired hair dye?

The old hair dye may cause contamination of the hair follicles. Sometimes, the use of the opened package that has collected the moisture and air may be responsible for changing the texture of the hair. It can also be responsible for falling out or breaking the hair.

Application of the old hair dye on the hair may lead to adverse impacts on the darker hair. There may be chances of getting abnormal colors. Negative impacts from hair dyes are also common. The greenish discoloration is one such issue.

People claim that anecdotally the hair dye turns out to be hair cream. But there is no scientific evidence for supporting it. Suppose you have light blonde, grey or white hair. If you notice the green change, it turns out to be the result of oxidation. Metal like copper is a clear sign.  Copper is an important ingredient in hair dye.

  • Allergic reactions

The permanent hair dye is vulnerable to cause chemical changes in the hair. Most of it is associated with health risks and other problems. Some people end up experiencing symptoms from PPD, ammonia, resorcinol, hydrogen peroxide.

  • Changes in packaging over time

The packaging starts smelling well or looks dented. It becomes soggy over time. All such instances can be a sign that the air has got into the product. It happens to the small openings and oxidation. In case you see no change in the packaging, make sure to open the box to inspect it properly.

  • Colour roulette

Usually, green hair isn’t the only color concern you will have to feel about using the expired dye. There may be chances that you will be ending up with a serious problem with the color changes. This is something that shows that the dye turns out to be entirely ineffective. The tendency to produce a color that will be different from the shade on the box is a big issue.

Recognizing the signs that the head dye has expired or not

There are certain points that you should watch out for to stay on the safe side.

  • Noticeable swelling on the packaging

Swelling on the packaging means air has moved into the container. The dye container comes with a packaging state that is distorted.

  • Lid and the seal

While purchasing the hair dye, always check for the lid and the seal. The general concern is “does hair dye expire in the box?” When the dye is contained in the hard container, always check the cap or lid. The yellowish-orange color around the lid is a warning sign. Check the liquid color. See whether the water-like liquid has formed on the top of the dye or not. The presence of the transparent liquid with the chemical getting separated means that the dye has gone bad.

  • Frizz

The hair that passes the expiry date turns out to be dangerous. If it is not fit to use, it can cause serious damage to the hair. After repeated usage, it may lead to frizzy hair.

  • Burnt scalp

This is not a joke at all. The risk of burning the scalp is one of the worst parts when you consider using expired hair dye. It may lead the tender scalp to become vulnerable to infections. The burnt scalp is a major problem because it won’t allow further hair growth.

  • Allergic symptoms

You can start experiencing allergic symptoms after 72 hours of the application. Some of them include redness, burning, itching, swelling on the face, sensitivity, to name a few. Before using the hair dye, make sure that the chemicals do not cause susceptibility to infections. A good idea is to always start with a patch test.

You can also try the home hair dying solutions for the avoidance of the chemicals. Consider the organic tattoo coloring product henna that doesn’t cause adverse impacts. You can also choose the ingredients in the kitchen, like juices. You can feel the effect in the form of attainment of the light-colored hair.

You can consider for dying at home are lemon juice, carrot juice, chamomile tea, beet juice, and coffee.

What is the reason that some boxes don’t have the expiration date mentioned on them?

Some boxes of the hair dye don’t contain the expiration date. But in case there is number 12, then you will have to understand that the product will be lasting for 12 months. However, this idea doesn’t turn out to be quite helpful. You probably cannot remember the exact date when you’ve purchased. The hair dye companies do not feel the need to include a clear expiry date. Usually, it becomes problematic for the person to understand.

Is it a good idea to use hair even after it has expired?

Hair dye can pose a bad risk on the hair. Smooth and expert shampoo and conditioner can be effective for taking care of the hair. Even after the expiry, the conditioners and shampoos aren’t vulnerable to causing severe infection. But expired hair dye causes problems like green hair, uneven color, burning sensation on the scalp color that will be appearing to be faded.

The hair can become more frizzy. Hair loss is also a major issue. It’s good to note that the expired hair dye will be never be helping you achieve the desired look. It will be bringing the risk of causing a chemical reaction on the scalp.

The ways you should opt for extending the shelf life

Does hair dye expire? It won’t if you follow certain tips. For increasing the shelf life, noting some steps is a must.

  • For the unopened hair dye, you should carefully keep it in a cool and dry place.
  • Make sure that the box doesn’t come in contact with the wetness.
  • Also, make sure that it is not damaged packaging.
  • You should consider the option of placing the box in an airtight container.

What makes the hair dye get stale in the first place?

Certain points have a close association with the hair dye rotting. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Moisture and humidity are not always responsible for spoiling the hair dye directly. However, it can compromise the quality of the packaging. Moisture bubbles cause oxidation that is lower than air but also exist.
  2. Package damage is a serious issue. No matter what kind of piercing or tearing the package undergoes, it can cause the hair dye exposed to moisture.
  3. Direct sunlight is a tremendously problematic entity. In case you see that the product ingredients start separating, it may be a sign that the had dye had been exposed to direct sunlight. Besides, the direct sunlight contributes to the rotting of natural or organic ingredients. All the ingredients will not be good enough for the shelf life. They get ruined faster than the chemical dye.
  4. Exposure to microorganisms is common. Bacteria and other microorganisms in the dye interact with the chemicals. It can also lead the bacteria to react with ammonia to make it get ruined.


Does hair type expire after opening it?

The hair dye usually doesn’t expire within one or two years. However, professional coloring brands and cult products give the hair color that goes bad more quickly when exposed to the sun. The moisture, air, and sunlight can distort the strength of the peroxide. Now, if the concern is “when does hair dye expire”, then, it’s good to note that the quality starts reducing due to the disintegration of the color.

The oxidation process is a major issue. Keeping it in a cool and dry place will make sure that it is not vulnerable to direct sunlight. Remember that the semi-permanent hair color will be expiring at least after four years. So, if you’re worried about “can you reuse hair dye after opening it?” it’s good to note that it will be giving the desired results as long as it doesn’t get spoiled.

Does hair dye expire in the box?

Like every other dye, the boxed dyes expire after a couple of years. It is dependent on the conditions of the use. The hair dye will be going bad faster in case it is opened and exposed to the light and air. In case you’re wondering, “does hair dye expire after mixing”?, remember that mixing the things like the color developer and letting it stay like that can be a major issue.

Does hair dye expire if unopened lucky?

Even the strictly manufacturer product hair dyes will also be expiring even if it is unopened. But how long it will be remaining fit for use is dependent on how it was manufactured. Based on the data from the online community and raising your questions, you should pick the one that is fit for you.


So, you’ve got the necessary answers to “does hair dye expire”? In short, it can be said that the hair dye expires based on the manufacturing and storing conditions. Certain containers of the chemical may be vulnerable to separating or stopping reacting over time. The shelf life, if unopened, is around three years. On the other hand, the semi-permanent dye lasts only for one or two years.

The straight answer to “When does hair dye expire?” is that the unopened box is vulnerable to expiration after three years. Irrespective of the factors that contribute to expiration, you should always stick to following the careful steps. Check the packaging properly before using it. The damaged product can force the serious in fact that you can’t imagine.

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