Does gel cause hair loss?- break the myths to learn the facts

Does gel cause hair loss?- break the myths to learn the facts
Does gel cause hair loss?- break the myths to learn the facts
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People have been using hair gel for many years to get the desired look. But according to some, the gel is responsible for causing hair loss. In this article, we will come to know the facts surrounding the matte “does gel cause hair loss?” The hair gel on its own is responsible for causing hair loss. But it works in the form of the contributing factor for hair loss. Chemicals in the gel can be responsible for scalp irritation. It can be enough for clogging the hair follicles. Overall it may lead to weakened hair and breakage. Such circumstances lead to potential hair loss.

Does gel cause hair loss?- break the myths to learn the facts
Does gel cause hair loss?- break the myths to learn the facts

Chemicals that you must note when picking the hair gel

Hair gel comes with Chemicals that can be potentially harmful to the hair. They can contribute to the loss of hair. For maintaining healthy and shiny hair, avoid certain Chemicals. They as follows:


Sulfate is the normal ingredient in shampoo, but it is not good enough for health and beauty products. It works in the form of a foaming agent. But it turns out to be very drying on the hair as well as scalp. It is responsible for stripping away the natural oils. Sometimes it can be the cause reaction in individuals. But you can pick the Sulfate-free hair gels that are good enough for the scalp.

Drying alcohol

Drying alcohol like isopropyl alcohol can be enough for degrading hair and scalp quality. Certain alcohols in hair products aren’t that harmful. In this regard, we can say that isopropyl alcohol turns out to be rubbing alcohol. It can present certain issues when applied to the scalp. It turns out to be the harsh ingredient responsible for drying the surface while turning it into a dry and itchy scalp. It is responsible for causing brittleness and weak hair strand. The ingredient in the head scalp is unfit for regular use.

Propylene glycol

When added to hair products, this is an ingredient, can prevent water and moisture from escaping hair strands. Besides, it is responsible for giving a sleek and glossy appearance to the hair. But you will notice certain issues with it. Ingredients can be responsible for irritating the skin. At times it can make the hair feel dehydrated.

Polyethylene glycol

This is a common ingredient that finds use as an emulsifier in the hair product. The hair gel with polyethylene glycol hydrates the skin. But it is not at all fit for the scalp. It can penetrate the hair shaft and then strip off the moisture. This can make the hair dry, lifeless, and dull. Sometimes it can pose significant damage to the hair.

Can the hair gel be responsible for the hair loss?

For the people worried about knowing “does gel cause hair loss”, remember that it turns out to be a misconception that the gel causes hair loss. Rather you should look for the ingredients that we have stated above. The utilization of the harsh chemical can be detrimental to hair health. When you use it excessively, it can be detrimental to hair growth. Alcohol turns out to be the drying agent that finds use as an ingredient. Certain alcohol is not also suitable for the hair scalp. When used frequently, it can lead to an intense amount of dandruff.

Isopropyl alcohol

Isopropyl alcohol also works as the contributing factor to dandruff and hair loss. Besides the dryness of the scalp, poor diet and stress can be enough for plucking off your hair. The alcohol can be enough for causing redness and scalp irritation. Drying alcohols lead to scalp irritation. The isopropyl alcohol can be enough for triggering the allergic reaction. Always test the reaction with the utilization of a small amount and then only continue if it is suitable for the hair.

Dry hair is responsible for the breakage. It can bring in adverse reactions to the hair gel. The strong chemicals in the hair gel can make the hair dry and brittle. The gel is responsible for clogging the hair follicles. Remember that the extremely delicate hair follicles are susceptible to product buildup. Hair gel is the number one product that can cause build-up.

Certain ingredients in the gel can also be responsible for clogging the hair follicles. It can cause discomfort and eventual hair loss. Clogged hair follicles are responsible for affecting hair growth. Whenever the clogged hair follicles are left unclean, there may be chances of the new hair follicles clogging.


Excess sebum leads to the clogging of the already clogged hair follicles. It can, over time, irritate the scalp by the production of excess oil.

Alcohol is responsible for changing the ph of the hair. Remember that the drying and the harsh alcohols are responsible for altering the natural ph content of the hair. It can keep away the balance from the hair. Sometimes it leads to the abnormality in the hairstyle. Certain oils can cause dryness of the hair strands leading to weakened hair follicles. Always make sure that the hair follicles aren’t susceptible to the damage.

Highlight on the bad alcohol

Certain alcohols like Benzyl alcohol, ethyl alcohol, propanol alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, and ethanol alcohol can be enough for drying the moisture from the hair. The dehydration of the hair can cause bad impacts on the hair.

Silicon in the hair gel

Silicone turns out to be an ingredient that is common in hair products. There are plenty of good benefits of silicone, but it also comes with significant demerits. Silicone in the hair gel can be enough for attracting more dust and dirt. The clogged hair follicles will then start affecting the hair growth rate in the long run. It can prevent the hair follicles from getting the required amount of moisture. The ingredients like oxane and cone can spoil hair growth.

How is the hair gel and wax responsible for affecting the hair?

The gel comes normally packaged in the form of the term or spray can. The measure is for the prevention of the formula undergoing bacterial growth. There is a huge amount of alcohol use. The concentration of the alcohol doesn’t turn out to be at all good for the hair scalp. It can dehydrate and irritated skin. It can make the hair dull and dry. Prolonged utilization of such gel can lead to irritation of the scalp. Recent developments and ongoing innovations are leading to the decreased utilization of alcohol.

Certain demonstrations also make sure that the extreme density of the gel can come with the characteristic viscosity. It can adhere to the scalp while preventing moisture from the scalp. This can lead to the disappearance of the hair follicles leading to hair loss. But compared to the gel, the wax turns out to be the softer and the malleable substance. It can be good enough for fixing the hair.

Hair wax turns out to be an expensive beauty product, but the composition is of less harmful ingredients. Whatever the case may be, always make sure that ingredients aren’t responsible for dryness or dandruff.

Alternatives to fixing hair against the utilization of the hair gel

The best way to take care of your hair is to utilize natural ingredients and avoid the chemical product. But if you still need to style it, make sure that you look for an alternative to the gel and the wax. Alcohol-free hair wax and gel available in the market are good enough for throwing less impact on the hair. Overuse of even these products can be responsible for degrading hair quality.

A hairdryer can be responsible for inducing hair loss due to direct application. But it still turns out to be an aggressive way of styling the hair. Always make sure about avoidance of the damage caused to the hair by the hair gel and wax.

In case you are not stopping to use the fixing product sometimes, it is time to try hair care remedies. You can utilize natural hair ingredients that will maintain the volume while reducing the loss of the hair. It can stimulate the constant growth of the hair. Instead, it is a natural product with innovative active ingredients for making the perfect solution for protecting the hair fiber. The answer to the question “is gel bad for thinning hair” is that, people who are already vulnerable to thinning hair, must consider optimized use of the hair gel. Too much use of the gel can increase the chances of clogging. Consequently, it may lead to increased hairline. It is possible to smoothen the cuticles by preventing the deterioration of the Keratin.

So what are the overall side effects of using the hair gel?

Hair gel Side Effects can range from affecting the brain and nervous system to spoiling the hair strands. Here are certain concerns associated with the hair. They are as follows:

  • Hair loss

A common question among the users of gel is “does hair gel stop hair growth?” Hair loss is one of the major side effects of hair gels. The gel is responsible for dehydrating the hair while weakening the hair strands. The Chemicals of the hair gel are responsible for clogging the hair follicles, causing them to fall out. It can also lead to an increased hairline.

  • Discoloration

The discoloration is one of the major reasons behind hair loss. When you utilize too much of the hair, it can extract the moisture from the hair.

  • Disturbed PH balance

If you’re curious to know about “does hair gel damage your hair”, remember that sometimes disturbed PH balance can also increase the dryness of the hair. Drying and dehydrating hair is a major concern. Certain types of Chemicals work out in the form of corrosive chemicals that are responsible for making the hairdryer. Certain chemicals make the hair rough and also reduce the lusterless stress.

  • Dandruff

Dandruff turns out to be the common problem associated with the utilization of hair gels. Utilization on the hair scalp can make it responsible for long-term hair loss. It can increase scalp problems and redness on the scalp. It can also give rise to certain problems like dry scalp, hair loss, and dandruff. These are some of the major consequences of hair issues.

  • Hair sebum

Production of the sebum is also responsible for the weakening of the scalp. Irregular production can also be responsible for long-term dandruff, seborrhoeic dermatitis, as well as inflammation in the scalp. It leads to other skin diseases that can be bad for hair health.

How to use the hair gel safely?

Hair gel is good enough for keeping the hair nice and tidy. But, you must follow certain tips.

Always pay attention to never buying the cheap and low-quality gel in the market. You don’t have to go behind the expensive ones but make sure that there is no alcohol content.

See to that there is only a minimum amount of healthy alcohol. Buy only the one that is free from drying and harsh alcohol.

When you’re applying the product on the hair, make sure you are utilizing only when necessary. Always keep a free day from the hair gel and spray the gel that will let the hair roots recover from the damage.

Whenever you are opting for the hair products like hair spray, make sure to wash them off before hitting the bed. When you are applying the hair sprays, always make sure to avoid touching the scalp. Gel and spray are responsible for blocking the pores. Besides, they don’t turn out to be an effective solution.

How should you remove the hair gel for a clean and healthy scalp?

If you are too worried about the hair scalp, you must remember to clean it properly. The proper cleaning method is useful for the sake of hair and scalp treatment. Remember not to do shampoo every day. The shampoo is responsible for stripping the scalp of natural oils. It can also lead to increased sebum production. It is worth utilizing gentle shampoo for keeping away hair issues. Always pay attention to applying the smaller amount to the shampoo and then rub it on the palms together.

Apply it directly to the scalp. Remember to use the fingertips for gentle distribution of the shampoo. Now massage the formula into the scalp. Always pay attention to the areas where the hair build-up is forming for removal of the product build-up. Always pay attention to eradicate it out from the scalp and down to the hair strands. Remember not to rub it too vigorously because it can be responsible for breaking the strands.


Does hair gel cause baldness? It is dependent on how you are applying the gels. In case it directly comes in contact with the scalp, the hair follicles become weak. It will lead to suffering from hair loss or alopecia. Hair gel is responsible for causing problems like build-up over a period.

So, the inference for the question “does gel cause hair loss” is that people usually complain that the hair gel causes hair loss. But this is more a myth than just a Theory. Hair gel is one of the perfect hair styling products. Always attention to the ingredients to make sure that it doesn’t affect your hair. Instead of using the gel regularly, you can sometimes opt for a product made of natural ingredients like coconut oil. Stay tuned with us to learn more about the hair care regimen. We have incredible ideas to make your hair better every passing day.

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