Does Damaged Hair Grow Back Healthy? – The Precise Response

Does Damaged Hair Grow Back Healthy? - The Precise Response
Does Damaged Hair Grow Back Healthy? - The Precise Response
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It’s undeniable that we are always very careful regarding our hair. However, the situation becomes tedious when we start noticing that the hair is damaging. One of the biggest questions does damaged hair grow back healthy. The answer to it is that damaged hair never finds complete recovery, especially when it has been undergoing processing or styling over the years.

It will never come with actual true health. In case you’re damaging your hair by over-processing, overheating, or over coloring, then the hair quality will degrade. Over time, the harsh chemicals can be the worst enemy of the hair, and sometimes they make you vulnerable to also suffering from medical conditions. However, you can go ahead with stimulating hair growth by massaging the scalp. It turns out to be a good way to promote healthy hair.

Does Damaged Hair Grow Back Healthy? - The Precise Response
Does Damaged Hair Grow Back Healthy? – The Precise Response

Does broken hair grow back?

For those who have the common question, “does broken hair grow back” it’s good to remember that the damaged hair or the broken hair never finds the complete recovery. If you have continued styling it of the sitting over the years, you cannot expect it to grow back the natural way. The recovery of truly healthy hair can only be possible when you let it grow out without further damaging it. At this stage, you must note that the hair will still be broken. That said, no matter what you do, it is never going to grow back the same way.

So when your query is “will damaged hair grow back healthy,” remember that the root of the hair is still in the scalp. This is what will be determining hair growth. Remember that everything starting from the color, shape, to thickness, has relation to the live part of the hair and not the dead part. You can make the dead part vulnerable to burning, breaking, or cutting, and it won’t affect hair growth. There are factors like genetics and general health alongside the scalp’s health that will be affecting hair growth.

What usually makes the hair damaged?

Dying, straightening, bleaching, or blowing out the hair regularly can be the major cause of the damage. Over time these processes are responsible for drying out the hair and making it vulnerable to fleeting and breaking. Once you see that the hair is damaged, one should always consider deep conditioning to make sure about growing back healthy and strong hair. Sometimes it becomes essential to consider conditioning treatments under the supervision of experts to promote back the growth of natural things.

How should one consider repairing the damaged hair?

There are different steps one needs to follow for repairing a damaged hair. However, the treatment varies from one conditioner to the other conditioner hair treatment.

You should use the color treatments in moderation. Make sure to handle the hair gently. Also, allow air-dry instead of using too much heat. Brush the hair in time but make sure that it is dry. Limit the use of the shampoo to only once or twice a week or so. Moreover, make sure about avoidance of restrictive hairstyles over-processing hair.

You must make sure about adding the conditioner every time you’re shampooing the hair. Besides, deep conditioner treatments are important every week. Make sure about using only the oil or serum right after processing the hair. Also, get access to the homemade hair mask. Make use of the heat protectant while also using the UV protectant.

What about the method to growing out damaged hair?

In that case, you will have to use the natural hair product to make sure about massaging the scalp. Also, eat healthy foods and get a regular haircut. Make sure about cleaning the brushes regularly and don’t use the damaged home.

The methods by which you can recover the damaged hair

Several methods are already there that can guarantee partial recovery. So, let’s get ahead with the discussion.

Make use of the harsh treatments in moderation

Make sure the hair treatment that you are using are not made of harsh chemicals. Whenever you are ready to restore the hair, make sure about abandoning harsh hair treatments and opt for the natural treatment. Always ensure avoidance of a chemical hair dye, bleaching, and chemical straightening. Stay away from the relaxers Brazilian blowout or permanent blowouts.

Make sure to handle the hair gently

Whenever you need to wash or dry it, wash your hair by handling it properly. After washing the hair:

  1. Massage the scalp with the fingers.
  2. Pull the shampoo through the hair to make sure that you rinse the shampoo properly.
  3. Dry the hair with the use of a microfiber towel or t-shirt.
  4. Make sure about avoidance of the bath towel for drying the hair because it is the one that will be leading to more breakage.

Make sure about shampooing not more than once or twice the week initially

Understandably, with time the overproduction of the sebum becomes intolerable. But in case you are concerned regarding the roots, make sure about shampooing at a particular interval.

Let the hair get the air dry instead of using the heat directly

Grow out damaged hair by making sure about putting away the styling products or combing the hair before it is air dry. If you are in urgent need of using the styling tools, use them on the lowest setting. You cannot restore the damaged hair completely, but the damage reduces when you stay away from nonessential hair styling tools.

Always make sure about brushing the hair only when it is dry

The plastic bristle brush turns out to be damaging to the hair. That said, ensure about using the alternatives that can keep away the tangles. Using the wide-tooth comb is a better solution. Also, make sure about the avoidance of restrictive hairstyles. Some hairstyles can be the major cause of the damage to the hair. Hair extensions and weaves can be the cause of more damage.

Make sure conditioning the hair

Growing out damaged hair is easy with the low level to deep conditioning. Conditioning the hair every time you are shampooing can take care of the hair. But don’t use too much conditioner for that. If you want the extra glossy finish make sure that you rinse with the coldest water that your hair can stand.

Do the deep conditioning treatment once a week

Growing damaged hair is essential with the involvement of deep conditioning. You can get the kit from the store or start it with household items like almond oil, coconut oil, or olive oil. Ensure that you are not deep conditioning more than once a week because it would otherwise cause immense greasiness to the hair. You can also opt for the homemade mask.

  • For dull hair, use honey and one egg white.
  • For frizzy hair, it is good enough to consider blended banana and avocado.
  • For dry hair, you can opt for a tablespoon of yogurt or milk.
  • For the combination, hair makes use of the combination of any of the ingredients as mentioned above.

Add to the regimen the use of the finishing oil or serum

You can consider the oils like argan oil, jojoba oil, egg oil, or Moroccan oil. Massaging the scalp with these oils can be good enough for visible results. The scalp is responsible for the good circulation of the blood. That said, oil massages turn out to be quite helpful for the long-term results. For that, you can mix the jojoba oil, almond oil with olive oil. Also, massaging the tea tree oil, lavender oil, or cedarwood oil with the hair can give good results to the natural hair.

Make sure about using the sulfate-free shampoo and getting the silicone-free conditioner

Take care of your hair with the specifically chosen products only. Never develop the bad habit of changing the products. The chances of the damage increase when using the different products as each of them has different chemical composition. Sulfate and silicone have a damaging effect on hair. So, refrain from involving them in the hair care regimen.

No matter what, pay attention to eating healthy

Eating healthy food is good enough for hair health. Besides, make sure that the food you’re eating is loaded with omega 3 fatty acids, protein, and iron. Also, stay hydrated for most of the time that can take care of your hair. Avoidance of smoking cigarettes is a must.

Pay attention to protecting the hair from the outer elements

Sometimes the pool chemicals can be responsible for causing the damaged hair. Make sure that you are protecting your hair from air pollution or water pollution. Also, make sure that your braids or any other protective style are not getting exposed to too many harsh elements.

Regular trimming is also a must

When you go to the hairstylist and trim your old and worn-out hair, the hair gets rid of the split ends. Naturally, the rest of the hair develops a cleaner look and starts growing in a more natural way.

How about trying the targeted treatment?

How to make your hair healthy again? That is a serious question, isn’t it? That said, it’s essential to involve the serum-based treatment for the ones who want to go ahead with the kick start of their healthy hair growth. The formula that comes with active ingredients like hyaluronic acid, clover flower extract, Chinese skullcap extract, super peptide acetyl 3 tetrapeptide gives the fuller and the thicker hair.

Final words

We’ve given the relevant idea regarding the query “does damaged hair grow back healthy?”. If you think you’re facing issues due to the damaged hair, it’s worth considering the tips mentioned above as soon as possible. That said, you can rest assured that there won’t be many problems in the long run. But, if you notice that the issues are increasing, it’s worth speaking to a healthcare expert who can ensure giving you the right steps to ensure the speedy recovery of the damaged hair.

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