Coconut Oil for Lips – Best Natural Treatment for Chapped, Dry Lips

Coconut Oil for Lips
Coconut Oil for Lips
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Coconut oil for lips

Coconut oil, either in solid or liquid form, works as a perfect element for lips. Coconut oil, when applied in a small amount, can give enough nourishment. People usually use coconut oil for lips several times a day.

However, before going to bed, using it is the best. Dabbing coconut oil for lips ensures enough nourishment and the addition of moisture.

In this article, you will come to know about the benefits of coconut oil for lips.


Coconut oil has elements- lauric acid (41.8%), myristic acid (16.7%), palmitic acid (8.6%), caprylic acid (6.8%), monosaturated fats (6%), polyunsaturated fats (2%).

7 Benefits of Coconut Oil for Lips

Coconut oil is readily available and works as an amazing solution to give naturally soft lips. The treat

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Lips
Benefits of Coconut Oil for Lips

1. Chapped cracked lips

Coconut oil for lips is a nongreasy element for keeping the lips healthy and supple. Besides, it is also good for the newborn chapped lips.

2. Natural coloring agent

Coconut oil works as a natural coloring agent and holds the lightning effect. So you can apply it ready to give a glowing appearance to your lips. For this reason, it finds use in lip gloss making.

3. Natural extract

The oil for treating baby chapped lips turns out of a natural extract. That said, it isn’t associated with allergic reactions. The natural product is favorable for long-term usage.

The local application stops bleeding and eradicates the chapped lips. Coconut oil helps in healing the bleeding and cracked lips. It also helps in relieving pain associated with cracked lips.

4. Hydrated lips

With regular application of coconut oil, you can get a fuller and healthier appearance. With it, you can keep your lips hydrated for a long time.

5. Works as emollient

Coconut oil, the emollient, works as a non-cosmetic moisturizer. It can keep the skin moist by trapping in moisture.

You can apply it immediately after washing your face. Besides, leaving it overnight can give amazing results. This will help in restricting moisture loss.

6. Disinfecting and antimicrobial effect

With coconut oil, you can get the disinfecting and antimicrobial effect. That said, you will get a germ-free composition. There won’t be chances of germs moving through the cracked skin.

Besides working as a formula to moisturize lips, coconut oil for lips can also keep away dark lips.

7. Anti-inflammatory nature

Coconut oil, the anti-inflammatory product, helps in reducing swelling. Besides, some also use them as a part of the wrinkle treatment formula.

The surrounding of the lip areas will also remain smoother and radiant. You can use the oil in combination with other ingredients at night to keep away dry, chapped lips.

Why using coconut oil for chapped lips?

Why using coconut oil for chapped lips?
Why using coconut oil for chapped lips?

Coconut oil, the great natural oil, works as a protective layer. It helps prevent loss of moisture.

The fatty acids in it lock in moisture for a long time. This makes it extremely beneficial for the lips. The liquid layer of oil makes it better.

The application can ensure giving a healthy result. It can help eradicate the dryness of the lips. A great source of vitamin a, coconut oil helps in intense moisturization.

Besides moisturization, vitamin A is the element for protecting lips from free radical damage. It also holds the antioxidant properties for making the formula better.

Rich in minerals, coconut oil can ensure keeping away roughness. Lauric acid in it becomes the right element for treating inflammation. The medium-chain fatty acid ensures preventing moisture loss. It’s a well-known fact that lips don’t have oil glands.

It’s worth considering the application of coconut oil to the lip for proper hydration. People who lack time for lip care and issues due to vitamin deficiency should consider this formula.

How to use coconut oil for lips?

How to use coconut oil for lips?
How to use coconut oil for lips?

Take a small amount of coconut oil and directly apply it to the lips. Start repeating it every day several times. Do apply it like a regular lip balm. However, always remember doing that before going to bed. In this way, you can get a permanently soft and supple lip.

1. As petroleum jelly and coconut oil

You can take that teaspoon of petroleum jelly and melt it. Then you can add a teaspoon of coconut oil to the melted petroleum jelly. Mix them together transfer the mixture into the right container. You will have to refrigerate it for around 20 or 30 minutes.

It becomes solid. Then you can use it several times a day. Effective sealing material petroleum jelly ensures locking the moisture to the lips for a long time .combination with coconut oil helps in rejuvenating the dry and dull lips.

2. Shea butter and coconut oil

You can take a tablespoon of shea butter melted and then add 2 tbsp of coconut oil. Mixing together and storing it in a clean, dry container will prepare it.

You can refrigerate it to make it solid. Then you can apply it to your skin. Shea butter, the ultimate nourishing element, gets easily absorbed by the lips.

Enriched with skin moisturizing fatty acid, the element is good for locking in moisture. Fatty acids in shea butter also make it a great emollient. It gives not only moisturization but also mixer lips not develop cracks anymore.

3. Coconut oil with aloe vera

You can take two tablespoons of virgin coconut oil and add fresh aloe vera. Mix them together blend them from making the creamy mixture .

when kept in an airtight container and refrigerated; it can give good moisturization. It can also help in reducing inflammation. Loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, it works as the best formula.

You can choose to add olive oil, beeswax, avocado oil, or raw honey for the maximum moisture. Besides, you can also add other ingredients.

Why are lips becoming dry after using coconut oil?

Coconut oil is quite popular as a natural moisturizer. But soon after application, you can see that the lips turn dry. The oil acts as the protective layer around your lips. Once it starts penetrating into the surrounding lip skin, it appears dry.

This phenomenon happens because it gets absorbed soon and makes the lip drier. It soon starts collecting the dead skin of your lips.

The best DIY lip balm

With coconut oil for lips, you can create a natural lip balm. This composition has an irresistible coconut scent. It becomes incredibly hydrating, budget-friendly. You can make your preferred shade.

All you require is organic cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, a small container, lipstick for the color, essential oils, and liquid vanilla. Make sure that the container is clean and dry.

Fill the container with the appropriate amount of coconut oil. Melt a small amount of lipstick. Put it on the top of the coconut oil. Start adding the essential oils in the right proportion. Microwave them once they melt. You can evenly spread the color.

Store it in the cold dark refrigerator. Once it hardens, you can use it immediately. You can use it as a lip balm for adding a glossy shine. It will perfectly make the lips subtle.

Use less amount of chemicals. Do not add harmful substances to it. To avoid melting, you should store it in a good place.


Is applying coconut oil to your lips good?

Using coconut oil means the best formula for wrinkle treatment.

It can help treat chapped lips. Does coconut oil darken lips?

Nococonut oil isn’t responsible for darkening lips. You can get soft pink lips. Besides, it also holds calming and moisturizing properties. 

Is coconut oil good for lips?

You can apply coconut oil to lips throughout the day. Thus, it helps moisture retention and restores chapped lips.

What happens if you put coconut oil on your lips?

With coconut oil, you can keep the lips soft and nourished. Virgin coconut oil replenishes the skin of the lips.

Which oil makes lips pink?

Almond oil can make the lips naturally supple and pink. Almond and coconut lip balm can give incredibly moisturized and pink lips. 

Final words

Coconut oil for lips turns out to be the best formula for supple skin. So, use coconut oil for a range of benefits. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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