Coconut Oil Before Bleaching Hair- A legit Solution Against Damage?

Coconut Oil Before Bleaching Hair- A legit Solution Against Damage?
Coconut Oil Before Bleaching Hair- A legit Solution Against Damage?
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Whenever you are tired of damaged bleached hair, you will be curious to learn more about coconut oil. The verified technique of applying coconut oil before bleaching hair gives numerous results. So if you’re curious to know how coconut oil before bleaching Hair will help you, you must note some points. Remember that an hour before the bleach, you can rub the coconut oil for the added protection. It can give the enhanced results when you use the intense and restorative hair mask. A deep conditioner after bleaching gives the perfect management of hair health.

Coconut Oil Before Bleaching Hair- A legit Solution Against Damage?
Coconut Oil Before Bleaching Hair- A legit Solution Against Damage?

The purpose of coconut oil application before the bleaching process

If your question is, “what is the purpose of applying the coconut oil before bleaching the hair?” remember that the coconut oil works in the form of an equation that can give the good bleaching process. When you are bleaching the hair, there are chances of stripping some of the protein.

These proteins are the ones that keep away the dullness of the hair. It can also ensure nourishment of the strands from Inside Out. The coconut oil is good for the limitation of protein loss during the bleaching process. Whenever you’re making the light hair, you will get a smoother and healthier hair strand. There is a reason why you should always consider applying coconut oil to the strands before bleaching the hair.

The strands can absorb the oil while minimizing the damage. Even if you are undergoing the bleaching professionally, speak to the colorist regarding treatment with the coconut oil. The advice may say that you should undergo the treatment process some days before the appointment for the bleaching.

Highlight on the process of using the coconut oil before bleaching

There are certain points associated with the application of coconut oil before bleaching.

What will you be needing?

You will require coconut oil. Opt for virgin raw coconut oil. The higher amounts of the nutrients in it get absorbed easily into the hair shaft. You can try Viva Naturals Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, giving a range of benefits to the hair.

Then you will need the hair clips that will separate the hair into different sections. Make sure about using the plastic shower cap. It will be useful for leaving coconut oil in the hair overnight.

Clarifying shampoo is the good one for the removal of the oil application.

Process of applying the coconut oil to the hair

The first stage is to go with the involvement of applying the coconut oil to the hair. For that, you will have to follow these steps.

Step 1

  • Liquefying the coconut oil

Coconut oil after bleaching hair will be available in solid form. Sometimes so you must liquefy the oil before using it. You can scoop the amount of coconut oil into the hand. Rub it properly between the palm unless you see that it is melting. Then you can also place the specific quantity in the heatproof bowl. Pay attention to heating it in the microwave. Do this several intervals so that it doesn’t heat up too much.

Step 2

  • Sectioning of the hair

The number of sections is completely dependent on the thickness and the volume of the hair. In case you have the fine strands with less volume, you will have to opt for the fewer number of the section. Again people who have thicker hair can have more sections to cover the hair with coconut oil evenly.

Step 3

  • Application of the coconut oil

For that, you will need to apply it from the root to the tip. Always make sure about special attention to the tips of the hair. This is so because the tips are vulnerable to more damage during the bleaching process. Pay attention to never using an excessive amount of coconut oil. Always use the amount that is needed for every particular section.

Step 4

  • Allowing coconut oil to absorb

If you have fine hair, you will need to leave the coconut oil for 7 hours. Again, if you have thick hair and the strands are vulnerable to damage, you will have to leave it for a higher period. In some cases, it is also worth keeping the coconut oil for bleached hair there for a longer period or so. Make sure about using the shower cap over the hair before you’re going to sleep. It will ensure that the coconut oil will set and keep preventing the oil from getting to all the other parts of the body or the pillowcases.

How to remove the coconut oil from hair?

Some people will be usually recommended bleaching over coconut oil. But this won’t be working out in all kinds of hair. If you want the bleach to work out properly, you will need the proper way of washing the coconut oil out of the hair. So here is the method.

  • Step 1

When it comes to the cleaning process, you will have to sufficiently wet the hair. Now just rinse out as much of the coconut oil as you can.

  • Step 2

The utilization of the clarifying shampoo can give good results. You can use the clarifying shampoo in the hair where you have already use coconut oil. Remember to never use too much of the shampoo because it might dry out the hair. Now wash out the shampoo from the hair.

  • Step 3

Repeat the process whenever necessary. Always examine the hair completely to see that there isn’t any flaw in the process. In case the hair becomes too greasy, it will spoil the hair. You must wash a significant amount of oil. You will have to repeat the process. Pay attention to never using too much shampoo on the hair because it can keep away the protective elements.

The method for utilization of the coconut oil on bleached hair

The coconut oil can do wonders if and when you are using it on bleached hair. Quality oil like COCO & CO. Organic Pure Extra Virgin coconut oil before bleaching can be the best for the hair. The below-mentioned section will let you know the method that you should use.

Step 1

Application of the liquefied coconut oil to the hair

Apply coconut oil right after you have bleached it. If you have oily hair, pay attention to never applying the coconut oil for damaged bleached hair too close to the scalp. Pay attention to using it apply it all way down the hair shaft.

Step 2

Leave the oil there for the required period

If you see that the hair has dried out or is vulnerable to bleaching damage, put a mask on and let it stay there the whole night. Leave the coconut oil on the hair for around three or four hours. It can make sure it’s giving the best result. 

In the removal of the coconut, hair turns out to be fragile at some point. So you have to be very careful regarding the removal of the coconut oil. In case you see that the clarifying shampoos is too harsh, and then opt for a conditioner instead. You can opt for Artnaturals Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner Set.

Go with applying the conditioner to the strand and washing it out with the appropriate amount. Also, pay attention that the coconut oil should go away with the wash. If you think that the hair is becoming quite damaged due to bleaching, you will have to repeat the treatment once every week. Do that until you see that the hair is becoming completely healthy or not otherwise. You can go ahead with applying coconut oil to the hair for around ten days or according to your convenience.

Is it the right idea to consider using coconut oil before bleaching the hair?

When you have already decided to bleach the hair, you should always consider certain aspects. Bleaching the hair is responsible for the addition of a significant amount of stress. The process, even under the supervision of an experienced hairstylist, makes your hair vulnerable to damage.

Majestic Pure Fractionated Coconut Oil is a good choice according to many customers. If you like changing the hair color repeatedly, sometimes it can cause a significant amount of damage to the hair. Bleaching the hair also means applying lots of Chemicals.

The exact shade of the blonde that you are getting after bleaching is often dependent on numerous factors. So for the maintenance of the natural tones or any other tone, you will have to consider coconut oil before bleaching. It can make sure about prevention of the most of the damage to the hair. You can also get the possible number of benefits.

So which coconut oil can be right for my hair?

Different kind of coconut oil is there for the protection of the hair from the bleaching side effect. You can pick the one that comes as virgin coconut oil. Such coconut oil product comes in a lot of the version. All of them are not good enough for the scalp. The way the oil is made also determines the kind of extra ingredients that it has. Based on that, it can bring significant changes to the hair.

For the best results, opt for natural and organic coconut oil. Coconut oil will be available in the jar. Unrefined Viva Naturals Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil can be the best oil to protect the hair. Besides the solid form, you can also find them in the liquid and bottled form.  But that may not be the purest form of organic coconut oil. Again, go through the ingredients that are involved in the refining process. Also, pay attention to the final quality of the product.

So, whenever you are applying it to the hair, such as solidified oil will be coming out in the form of a cream or a chunky paste. Treating the coconut oil on the hair will make sure about doing the job perfectly.

List of the benefits of using coconut oil on bleached hair

The incorporation of coconut oil into the hair care routine is a must. Besides, it also comes with distinct advantages. When you are using it in the bleaching hair process, beautiful hair will make you look a lot more confident due to the reduced damage.

  • Hair becomes more hydrated

Whenever you apply coconut oil, you can rest assured that it will work as a natural way to restore the nutrients. Applying the layer of coconut oil on the hair gives the right level of hydration. Besides, it also becomes a way for bringing in the natural shine of the hair. You can also involve the coconut oil treatment at least once a week. In case your hair becomes severely damaged or dry, you can also use it more than that.

  • Enhanced growth

Should I put coconut oil on my bleached hair? Definitely, you should. Coconut oil is the best fit for hair growth. When you apply it to the roots, it can make sure about the deep absorption into the hair follicles. It can also feed the hair from Inside Out. The process will also ensure stimulation of the hair growth. It can make sure about the maintenance of a healthy scalp. The scalp will be free from dandruff. For the best results, you can also consider applying coconut oil to the entire length of the hair. This method can make it easy to get the results faster.

  • Less hair loss

When you apply the right amount of coconut oil, combing it can also keep away the hair fall. You can consider coconut oil for empowering the roots of the hair. The entire hair will feel healthy and will be not encouraging the fallout. You can use coconut oil every week that can have a tremendous health impact on the hair.

  • The long-lasting color

If you are coloring the hair regularly, you will see that the process involving coconut oil application can keep away the damage. When you replace the conditioner with coconut oil, you can rest assured about retaining the hair color.

The working pattern of bleach and the way it damages the hair

The hair going blonde or light from the bleaching is due to the decreased amount of melanin. The melanin pigment in the hair brings the appropriate color. When you bleach the hair and break the melanin by oxidation, the melanin starts losing color and makes the hair look brighter.

Whenever it comes to bleaching the hair, the chemicals involve hydrogen peroxide. Together it is responsible for the creation of an alkaline mixture that keeps changing the hair ph. It is also responsible for lifting the cuticle hairs and opening them up. The mixture then passes on the cuticle and starts invading into the cortex of the hair. From there, it goes ahead with breaking the melanin and also renders it colorless.

First of all, the black and the brown pigment go away. Then it starts affecting the red and yellow. Yellow pigments also have the least reaction from the bleach. Keratin, which is the protein in the hair, is yellowish. The hair chemicals will start lightening the hair until you’re washing it away.

You can also opt to do it at home. But opting for professional therapy is better. The colorist has good knowledge regarding the attainment of the right shade. Sometimes bleach can be enough for the destruction of the hair cuticle and cortex. The hair becomes brittle, dry, and rough. Over it falls under the bleaching damage.

The impact of the coconut oil for shaving the hair from bleach damage

The coconut oil has smaller molecules that ensure the nourishment of the hair from the inside out. The coconut oil is good enough for working by filling up the hollowed-out shaft. That said, you can get the attainment of rich and thick hair. The coconut oil ensures giving protection to the hair from additional damage. The coconut oil is good enough for closing the hair follicles by taking care of the shaft. It can add to the Shine and also protein from within.

The vitamins in the coconut oil like Vitamin E and K give the essential nourishment. They are fat-soluble vitamins and find storage in the body. Vitamin E also works in the form of an antioxidant that ensures protection of the hair when it comes to vicious free radicals.


If you notice the unusual change right after applying the coconut oil on the bleached hair, it’s good enough to ask the hairdresser for alternatives. Usually, the determination, whether to try it or not, can give good results. Opting for natural coconut oil before bleach bath can give you the enhanced results. So if your question is, should I put coconut oil on my bleached hair? Remember that applying unrefined coconut oil to hair gives good results.

Remember to leave it there for the required period. If it is dried out or damaged by bleaching, it’s worth leaving the mask on for the first night. After that, you can gently remove the coconut oil because, at this point, your hair may be rather fragile. Is coconut oil good for bleached hair? Once again, we can confidently say that coconut oil has the best properties that can protect the hair. During the bleaching process, it can take care of many problems.

Use of the coconut oil is beneficial for fixing problems associated with bleaching. Source of lauric acid make sure about having a higher affinity for the property of the coconut oil before bleaching. If you have curly or dry hair, you can use coconut oil for 24 hours. Do that before you are opting for the bleach. But also keep it there for 24 hours at a stretch.

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