Clean and Clear Skincare Routine- Say Goodbye to Pimples!

Clean and Clear Skincare Routine- Say Goodbye to Pimples!
Clean and Clear Skincare Routine- Say Goodbye to Pimples!
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Regardless of the type of skin, you should establish a skincare routine. Sticking to it ensure giving you real improvements. Being consistent brings enormous benefits to problematic skin.

Shifting to the all-clean and clear skincare routine ensures that even the blemish-prone skin will get improvement. Attention to the elimination of the irritating and potentially toxic chemicals gives loads of benefits. Do not involve synthetic fragrances and preservatives.

Clean and Clear Skincare Routine- Say Goodbye to Pimples!
Clean and Clear Skincare Routine- Say Goodbye to Pimples!

So what falls under the clean and clear skincare routine?

The clean and clear skincare routine can be concise. The first step is always considering a good cleansing routine in the morning. Also, repeat at night. Avoid the overwashing.

In this article, you will come to know about the detailed clean and clear skincare routine that you should maintain. So let’s get started with the discussion.

Clean and clear skincare routine – the short and simple seven steps

You don’t have to take hours to develop this routine.


The cleansing can ensure diminishing the excess oil while also helping keep the bacteria. Away cleanse using a cleanser of salicylic acid. One of the best clean and clear products for oily skin is fit for breakout-prone skin. It can ensure giving relaxation and soothing effect.

You can also utilize a cleanser loaded specifically with salicylic acid. Remember cleansing the face morning and night. In case you have oily skin, you should involve it mandatorily. Sometimes the face wipe can also give the enhanced results. The non-comedogenic organic coconut oil is good. Neutrogena oil-free salicylic acid facial cleanser is excellent for maximum skin types.


Toners with essence ensure becoming a part of the cleansing and treatment step. It can also help in good exfoliation. The treatment ingredients that involve detoxifying malachite are good. The glycolic and the fruit acids can ensure clearing the pores while also refining texture.

Sometimes lactic acid and the pre and probiotics give the enhanced result. Always consider cleansing apple cider vinegar. A certain amount of antioxidants, vitamin C, and gluconolactone can give good results. Thayers alcohol-free facial toner, the clean and clear acne treatment formula is laden with essential nutrients to benefit your skin.


Exfoliating means the removal of the top dead layers of the skin. It can also keep away the oil, makeup, and debris. It can keep away the excess of the clogged pores. The part of the skincare routine is very important. Besides, overcoming the chances of troubled skin can help soften the appearance of the dark spot and fine lines. It can ensure better absorption into the skin.

Utilizing the physical and chemical exfoliation options is there. Clean and clear face wash review suggests that combined approach turns out to be ideal. Sometimes the alpha and beta hydroxy acids are good for the high-end result. Alpha hydroxy acid includes lactic, malic, and citric acid. Again the beta hydroxy acid is salicylic acid. All of them are good enough for chemical exfoliation. You can also utilize the other chemical exfoliant that is available in the enzymes of the fruit. Physical exfoliants are available in the form of grain and granules.

You can wash it with the help of a rough washcloth. Doing it several times a week can give good results. However, the routine is dependent on the type of skin that you have. You can also consider taking an overnight peel. The powerful chemical exfoliant will give you then it results in some time. Paula’s Choice 2% BHA liquid exfoliant is loaded with salicylic acid.


The detoxification and the skin calming face masks are good enough. You can utilize them several times a week or only once. The best part is that the mask will be setting on the skin. It can give active ingredients to work on the skin.

The treatment with charcoal turns out to be great for troubled skin. It can work to keep away the impurities from the skin. It can also lessen the appearance of the pores. Detox and soothing formulas prove to be the best for the skin. Avani dead mask & detoxifier deep cleansing gives the needed results.

Vitamin C serum

Vitamin C works in the form of the antioxidant for targeting the skin and also exfoliating. It is great for any skin type and ensures supporting the blemish-fighting skin routine.

You can use it in the morning or night. The wake-up and cleansing formula is good for long-term benefits. Boost lab vitamin C serum can brighten the skin to a huge extent.


Combating skin problems is a lot easier than moisturizing.  Sometimes it’s understandable that grease-laden moisturizers can cause more breakouts. Again, over dryness can create problems in the long run. You can consider keeping a balance between oil production and keeping away from irritation. If you have acne-prone skin, make use of the proper clean and clear moisturizer. You can get certain moisturizers naturally infused antioxidants.

The phytonutrients and other cooling compounds are good. You can use facial creams and facial oil to balance the skin. The blend can also work for treating the acne breakout for refining it. The mineral SPF formula is good enough with the moisture-laden capacity. Neutrogena oil-free acne facial moisturizer is one of the best formulae for giving a range of skin benefits.

Spot treatment

The spot treatment formula is good for giving you the restriction against the obtrusive blemish. You can get the hydrochloride kind of stickers. You can place them on the spot for some time and then go to sleep. Dabbing the turbocharged blend of magnesium, zinc, and essential oil can give the result overnight. Mighty patch micro point for blemishes is proving to be a market winner in the grade of the finest spot treatment formula.

The perfect routine for the acne-prone skin

If you have ten pimples or less than that, you will have to look for an acne plan. Here are the steps.

Step 1

  • Cleansing with the acne control foaming face wash

It can be the best for cleansing the skin of acne. It can ensure the prevention of future breakout. You should always look for the formula with the maximum strength of the salicylic acid. It works in the form of the acne-fighting formula and then keeps away from the breakout.

Step 2

  • Treatment with the acne spot treatment

You can utilize the acne spot treatment that works in the form of breakthrough technology. It can work by penetrating the pores. You can also apply the thin layer on the pimples to keep away the problematic breakouts.

Step 3

  • Moisturizing with the hydrating gel moisturizer

Hydrating gel moisturizer can keep your skin healthy and supple. The ultra-lightweight formula is usually non-greasy. You don’t have to worry about water content in them. So they won’t be responsible for clogging your pores.

Additional tips and tricks for the maintenance of the clean and clear skin routine

Remember, besides involving the routine as mentioned above, you must follow certain tips.

Never escape washing face

Never escape washing your face before bed. You can wash it for around 30 or 45 seconds. The right size amount of the face wash is good enough for giving the relevant results.

Don’t forget the moisturizer

Never skip the moisturizer. Remember that moisturizer is the most important entity that can never make your acne worse. If you leave it supporting that it won’t cause acne, remember that the reverse may happen due to dryness.

Taking of cotton face mask

The COVID 19 situation has made it mandatory to consider the face mask. The face mask is a real thing for keeping away the germs due to rubbing. It’s worth considering the Cotton face mask. The breathable Mask made of natural fibers keeps away the irritation. You can also consider linen and cotton ones.

Wash your cleanser properly

The left-out cleansers can be enough for trapping more dirt and oil. Make sure about rinsing it off with water. You must wash using lukewarm water. The cold water is responsible for clogging your pores. Make sure that your skin is no more feeling slippery.

Be gentle on the skin

Scrubbing too hard may cause redness and roughness to your skin. If you don’t want to be susceptible to the breakout, make sure that you rub it gently with your hands.

Never skip the morning wash

The morning wash is very important. The hair styling products get absorbed into the skin from the pillow. This is the reason that makes your skin clogged.

Stop touching your face randomly

Most of the time, you are touching your face. It’s common when you have to put your chin on your hand. Doing that constantly may increase the chances of blemishes. Always make sure that your face is not collecting more bacteria and germs.

Exfoliate properly

This is a trick that will be working the best for your advanced skincare. Always use the product with alpha hydroxy and lactic acid. It can also give you a radiant look.

Consider utilizing the cleansing brush

The cleansing brush can ensure better cleansing. It can give a thorough touch to your skin. You can notice the change in just a week.

Never Overwash

Some people think that over washing the skin makes it tidier. But, the reality is that it causes harshness. Make sure that you wash the skin appropriately. Remember that you consider the proper amount of the substance. Also, try an astringent that can give the needed results.

First, wash and then exfoliate

Whenever you’re washing, make sure that you are first giving the mild wash to the skin for cleansing. Then you can go ahead with slightly exfoliating onto the face. Sometimes it’s worth considering the double duty exfoliator. The Ultra-gentle product will be cleansing and treating your skin properly. The 1% salicylic acid gives an enhanced result.

Changing the pillowcase

Make sure that you change the pillowcase at the appropriate intervals. Sleeping on the pillowcase without changing it leads to a collection of dirt on your skin.

Wash your makeup brushes regularly

Always make sure that you are washing your makeup brush. If you use the unclean makeup brush kit, it may add to the accumulation of bacteria. It can further increase the chances of the breakout. Remember at all circumstances that the dirty brush can be responsible for the expensive skincare routine to go to waste.

Always maintain consistency with your treatment

Even if you have great skin, make sure that you are following the routine regularly. When you adjust the time between the day for having a skincare routine, it will keep away the further blemish.

Keep oil-absorbing sheets in the bag

Sometimes it happens that you are sweating excessively outside. At such time, you can consider keeping the oil absorbing sheets or the wipes that can keep away the dust collecting on your skin. The pat dry face formula is good enough for keeping away the unclean materials.

Final words

The clean and clear skincare routine that we have mentioned above is fit for all skin types. However, before starting, you must always consider going with a patch test. In case you notice irritations with the routine, do consider speaking to a dermatologist. In general, following the plan can give advanced results. Follow the same and let us know about the changes that you observe in the comments below.

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