Are Dry Lips a Sign of Dehydration – when to Seek Help!

Are Dry Lips a Sign of Dehydration - when to Seek Help!
Are Dry Lips a Sign of Dehydration - when to Seek Help!
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Dry lips commonly referred to as chapped or the cracked lips happen due to various factors. Some of them are medications, weather, and excessive lip licking, to name a few. Now there is often confusion whether dry lips are the common condition due to dehydration or not.

Are Dry Lips a Sign of Dehydration - when to Seek Help!
Are Dry Lips a Sign of Dehydration – when to Seek Help!

So, are dry lips a sign of dehydration? It’s worth noting that dehydration is a reason behind dry lips but not the only reason.

Dehydration or malnutrition is one of the major causes of dry lips. Besides, symptoms like constipation and lightheadedness confirm the condition.

When your body becomes dehydrated, the lips become more vulnerable to dryness. You can replenish the water content by drinking around eight glasses of water every day. For combating this malnutrition, you will have to consider taking then proper diet and fighting the nutrient deficiency.

A severe form of the dry lips

Development of the severe form of the dry lips referred to as cheilitis is an alarming stage. The treatment is usually possible at home. Also, considering that preventive measures can give good results. But if the seriousness increases, it’s worth considering an appointment with a dermatologist.

Symptoms that will be common with the dry lips

The people experiencing dry lips will be susceptible to symptoms like flaking, dryness and scales, swelling. The cracks are also common. In some severe cases, people may also notice bleeding.

So what exactly causes these dry lips?

It’s a well-known fact that the lips are devoid of oil glands. That means it becomes more susceptible to drying and losing moisture.

The little humidity in the air, especially during the winter months, is one of the major reasons for causing chapped lips.

Heavy lip licking can make sure about stripping off the moisture from the lips leading to dryness.

Dehydration: the risk factor

Dry lips caused by hydration or malnutrition are a serious problem. The dehydration symptoms will come with constipation and lightheadedness, dry mouth with the decreased urine production, and headache. Once you notice all these symptoms evolving one by one alongside lip dryness, it’s time to consider talking to the health care practitioner. Besides, you may also notice low blood pressure, rapid breathing, or fevers are also the related symptoms. Rapid Heartbeat is also quite common in many people.

Malnutrition comes with symptoms similar to dehydration.

Decaying teeth, muscle weakness are common. You may also experience a bloated stomach. Malnutrition has a close relation to vitamin deficiency. That said, people who are also alcoholics are more susceptible to malnutrition.

The guide to treating and preventing the dry lips

When you are experiencing plenty of serious issues due to dry lips, it’s worth considering taking enough moisture-retaining substance.

You can go ahead with the application of the Lipbalm found throughout the day.

Utilisation of the humidifier is a must.

Considering drinking more water while avoiding the cold weather conditions is better.

Always consume more fluids as well as clean water.

Sun exposure is also one of the major reasons behind dry lips. In that case, you can consider applying the lip balm with SPF 15 minimum that can ensure moisturizing the lip.

So is it worth seeking medical treatment in all the cases?

You don’t have to consider medical help in all cases. If you see that the seriousness of dry lips is increasing and the symptoms are neverending, you should consider medical help. Moreover, when you face extreme dryness with the cracking, and it isn’t improving with self-care, seek help from a dermatologist. 

Are dry lips a symptom of anything? Yes, they are! Sometimes it’s all about the loss of moisture, while sometimes, it has the relation to the underlying health issues.

Besides the issues mentioned above, cheilitis is a condition that you shouldn’t ignore. The cracked skin right at the mouth corners with the cracks on the lips is common during the initial stages. You must consider medical help when the symptoms start worsening. Sometimes you will also see that your lips are becoming pink or red. The limp texture is very dreadful. Moreover, you may notice the development of the ulcers alongside the white plaques on the surface. All such symptoms prove to be very serious.

The concise formula for the treatment of the dry lips

When you are proactive in maintaining the lip moisture, you can get the range of the solutions.

Make sure about using the appropriate lip balm.

SPF protection-based compounds and a lip mask also make sure that it is free from weather damage.

In case you’re already experiencing the painful side impact, it’s worth considering the moisture barrier.

If it doesn’t heal with time, you can use the medicated lip mask while using the lip balm frequently.

You can use the medicated exfoliators for maintenance to keep away the dead skin to a certain extent. But make sure that your lips are not getting irritated.

It’s worth noting that the use of the Apricot Scrub, Sugar Scrub can sometimes lead to infection and damage. Do not entertain using a toothbrush because it can be very painful.

Determination of the exact cause

Determination of the root cause of dry lips is very important. Sometimes the compulsive lip licking can be the major reason but not always. Do dry lips mean you are dehydrated?- There’s a lot to it!

Often, the major cause behind dry lips is the varying amounts of moisture loss. General hydration is essential. But in case your body is abnormally facing dehydration, you cannot curb it instantly. Dry lips a major problem, and most of the time, moisture loss has a link to dehydration. Sometimes it happens so that too much of the sun or the wind is causing it. So, in that case, the cracked lips won’t be that serious for you.

But in case you are noticing the dry lips are coming up with the symptoms like red eyes, fever, and vomiting, it’s worth considering the medical help. Swollen lymph node, red skin on the hands and feet are very dreadful conditions. Besides, sometimes such conditions also have a link to vitamin B deficiency. Diarrhea is again the symptom of the underlying health condition. It is not always a typical symptom, but it’s worth considering the medical help of the professional.

The serious note regarding the relationship between dehydration and dry lips

Dehydration and dry lips have a close connection and so let’s break down the points.


Are dry lips a sign of fever? Yes, the two entities have a close relationship with each other.

If you see that a fever is weighing you down and making you feel thirsty, then this is a symptom of dehydration. When you’re questioning are cracked lips a sign of dehydration, remember the fever turns out to indicate that the body is trying to combat the infection. Sometimes water loss due to high temperatures is common. Moreover, sweat starts expelling the water and the toxins from the body. Make sure that the diets that you are taking have an abundance of fluids.

The abundance of the liquid lip licking

The lips can make the lips drain the moisture. Whenever you are over licking the lips, your lips are becoming susceptible to the latent heat of vaporization. That said, the habit will be making your lips more terrible. For normal regulation of the body temperature, always make sure you take the proper care of the lips in time. Also, spot the main problems. Alternatively, you can use lip balm to ensure that it is not causing too much moisture loss.

Environmental factors

Environmental factors like the cold, heat, or windy days are major reasons for draining the moisture. Also, large amounts of water regulate the body temperature. In case you’re seeing that your lips are becoming drier and cracked over time, it’s a serious indication of dehydration. Set of environmental factors like cold Breeze, too much sun exposure, dirt, and pollutants can make the condition worsen.

The episodes of diarrhea

Diarrhea can make the body too dehydrated to a huge extent. Moreover, it is responsible for dehydrating your skin. The frequent problems usually result from the food toxins are food allergies and, of course, certain food intolerance.

Increased urine output

Sometimes you will see that the urine output is increasing at the normal rate. This condition is the indication that your body is facing dehydration. Besides, there are also other symptoms like diabetes, staphylococcus, and amoebiasis. For replenishing the amount of the lost fluid, you will also have to consider drinking plenty of water.

Final words

By now, you’ve got the answer to your query are dry lips sign of dehydration. Dehydration doesn’t need to be too alarming in all cases. If the symptoms don’t relate to serious health conditions, you can cope with the situation by considering appropriate water content. You can consider taking plain water as well as fruit juice. Also, do follow to take the additional regimen to fix it. Let us know in the comments below regarding your opinions. We would love to hear from you.

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