Are Chapped Lips a Sign of Dehydration? – The Alarming Symptoms!

Are Chapped Lips a Sign of Dehydration? – The Alarming Symptoms!
Are Chapped Lips a Sign of Dehydration? – The Alarming Symptoms!
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Chapped lips are quite common among the majority of the population. The reason behind the chapped lips is numerous. Some of the common factors include the weather, certain medications, and the type of skin.

The popular question among many is, “are chapped lips a sign of dehydration?” The fact is that when the body becomes dehydrated, the lips become prone to dryness. Drinking around eight glasses of water per day can keep the lips hydrated. Again the malnutrition like improper diet and nutrient deficiency disease can make the lips chapped. In this article, you will get insight into chapped lips and how you can treat them.

Are Chapped Lips a Sign of Dehydration? – The Alarming Symptoms!
Are Chapped Lips a Sign of Dehydration? – The Alarming Symptoms!

A highlight on the chapped lips- What is dry lips a sign of?

Chapped lips turn out to be the common condition that occurs in most people. Some people are more vulnerable to developing the severely chapped lips that are referred to as cheilitis. Infection with the cracked lips leads to the chapping of the lips right at the corners. Treatment of dry lips is simple. You can also consider the preventive measures that can heal it over time. If your lips are becoming constantly vulnerable to dryness and cracking, you must consider an appointment with the Dermatologist.

How to be sure that the dry lips are due to dehydration and not other causes?

Are you worried about why are my lips so dry even when i drink water? If yes, remember that dehydration ranges in different types from low dehydration, moderate dehydration to severe dehydration. In case you see the associated symptoms like dry mouth, fatigue, and thirst, it can be a sign of dehydration for sure. Sometimes you can also see irritability, dark urine, and painful joints besides just chapped lips. Dry lips and digestive problems can lead to disastrous impact. Severe dehydration will result in confusion, lethargy, cold hands and feet, lack of sweating, and similar other issues. If you are not in all these things, then maybe it can result in more dehydration if left unchecked.

The symptoms of the chapped lips

You can experience other symptoms like bleeding, cracking, dryness, flaking, scaling, swelling, and related issues. The symptoms are varied, but these are some of the primary issues.

A highlight on the reason behind chapped lips

Lips do not have the oil glands like the other parts of the skin. This lack of glands makes lips more vulnerable to drying out quickly. Lack of moisture can make the situation worse.

  • Lack of self-care adds up to the problem.
  • Little humidity in the air, especially in the winter months, is one of the most common reasons behind chapped lips.
  • Again when it is frequently exposed to the sun, you cannot stop it from drying out quickly.
  • Another common cause of chapped lips is frequent licking. The saliva from the tongue reduces the moisture from the lips, thus adding up to the dryness.
  • Some people usually question “Why are my lips always dry and peeling?” Everyone has chapped lips, but the ones who have dry skin are more vulnerable to problems. Certain medications can increase the risk of developing chapped lips.
  • Supplements like vitamin A, retinoids, chemotherapy, drugs, and Lithium are the reasons behind chapped lips.
  • People who are vulnerable to more dehydration and malnourishment are also at the risk of developing chapped lips. If you see that the combined effects of dehydration and malnutrition worsen, you should consider immediate medical attention.

How to go ahead with the treatment and the prevention of chapped lips?

The chapped lips find treatment right at home. In case your lips have enough moisture, there won’t be more problems.

•             Application of the lip balm throughout the day gives a good result.

             Drinking water is important.

•             Also, use a humidifier right at home.

•             Avoidance of the cold weather conditions and covering the mouth with a scarf can help reduce chapped lips.

•             Sun exposure is one of the major reasons behind chapped lips.

•             Make sure that you are taking adequate care of it. Also, apply the lip balm that contains the minimum SPF 15. Apply it before you’re going out. It can help in working as the screen sunscreen for minimizing the further drying effect.

Other issues associated with the chapped lips

Are chapped lips a sign of dehydration? Well, that’s obvious! But, besides just the dehydration, there are different reasons behind the chapped lips. Like we have mentioned above that dehydration is one of the major causes of chapped lips, there are some others that you should consider checking in on time.

Yeast infection

The fungal overgrowth in your mouth leads to the cracked lips. Sometimes licking it more increases the chances of the yeast growing. You can use the beeswax Bam that can help in controlling it.

Allergic reaction

Allergic reactions like lip plumping products, chili powder, and cinnamon add to the dryness.

Salty the spicy foods

Consuming salt and spicy foods daily leads to chapped lips. If you are constantly suffering from the drying of the lip skin, consider talking to the practitioner.

Vitamin deficiency

Vitamin B is essential for the proper functioning of the body. Dry lips vitamin deficiency is a common issue among people around the globe. When Vitamin B deficiency affects your body, you will be exposed to too much drying.

Extra vitamin A

The extra amount of vitamin A can lead to cracking on the corners of the mouth. It can also lead to dryness and peeling of the skin.

Are chapped lips the sign of severe dehydration?

Dehydration turns out to be the major cause of chapped lips. The skin on the lips is quite thinner, which is why it becomes more vulnerable to dryness.

Drinking around 8 or 10 glasses of water every day, even in the winters, can give a good amount of moisture. The water with the other beverages like green tea, lemonade, and herbal concoctions can be better.  Remember that you should consider alcoholic drinks and tea to heal your lips.

Sipping on enough fluids for the day can nourish from within. The extensive lip balms can keep away dehydration to a huge extent. There is never any clear indication about how much water you will need for staying hydrated. It is completely dependent on the type of skin.

So how am I supposed to take care of my tips?

For getting the surety that the lips are free from dryness, you should consider certain steps. They are as follows.

Never lick the lips

While usually, some people think that licking dry lips is good for keeping it hydrated,d but it is just the reverse. The skin on the lips is extremely thin, and this is the time when the saliva evaporates. It also takes a certain additional amount of natural moisturizer from the lips. Saliva also has powerful enzymes that perform the simple job of breaking down the food. These enzymes get broken down with the skin on the lips, thus making them more painful and chapped. You can consider a damp sheet instead.

Exfoliation using toothbrush

This point sounds weird, isn’t it? Make sure about taking a toothbrush that will be helping in the exfoliation of the skin on the lips. The regular or the electric toothbrush can prove to be the best. Pay attention to utilizing it in the circular motions. Do that for 30 seconds. It will remove the dead skin cells and make them fuller and smoother.

Stop smoking coffee, tea, alcohol.

Smoking, coffee, tea, alcohol are the worst things for the skin that can cause dehydration to a huge extend. These are also responsible for causing extensive dehydration, thus making the lips look worse.

Investment in the lip balm

For healing the cracks and the painful lips, you will require investing in good quality lip balm. With that, you can rest assured that it will work to prevent the loss of moisture. It can also ensure sealing the healing properties. You can choose petroleum jelly, aloe vera. These ingredients work to lock in the moisture.  Also, make sure that the balm includes the needed nutrients and vitamins. The cell regeneration will be amazing after using these products. It can keep away the cracked skin to a certain extent. The lip balm that comes with SPF can prevent chapped lips.  Sometimes the dehydration is a result of sun exposure.

Use alcohol-free lipstick

Usually, women love looking pretty, and they use lipstick. This makeup product turns out to be the worst thing for dehydrating the skin. See to that the lipsticks do not contain alcohol. You can consider the moisturizing lipsticks that can give resistance against loss of moisture. Besides, you can also opt for the aloe vera moisturizing agent-based lipsticks.

Using the humidifier

Spending a lot of the time in the dry air is responsible for removing the moisture from the skin. It turns out to be a common issue, especially in winter. When you drink enough water, it can keep the body hydrated. Also, use a humidifier that can ensure regaining the moisture back into the air.

Mouth breathing

Whenever you’re breathing with your mouth, the lips become vulnerable to chapping and dryness. If you’re vulnerable to allergies and tonsils, sinus polyp, and birth defects, the chances of problems are more. 

Can chapped lips be the sign of something very serious?

The chapped lips usually are a minor problem. But when the cold weather strikes, it can result in certain conditions like actinic cheilitis, angular cheilitis, Crohn’s disease, and thyroid problems that directly or indirectly link to the chapped lips. So in case you see that the symptoms go beyond the normal limit, you should immediately consider talking to the health care practitioner.

Final words

By now, you’ve got the answer to the common question “Are chapped lips a sign of dehydration?” For the overall maintenance of the hydration levels of the body, always consume enough healthy fluids. Besides, consider a nutritious diet besides opting for external products. But it’s always good to talk with the medical practitioner in case the symptoms seem beyond normal. If you’ve found out additional methods, do let us know in the comments below.

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